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lin "bomberlady" Sivvi

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A variant of Lin Sivvi. Control/value/combo deck just seeking to have fun; running the strongest rebels available. By reducing the total amount of rebels the deck is able to add in cards to build around its core. Some include:

Bomberman combo (each piece does hold value on its on. sometimes you need a chromatic sphere to turn 2 Lin Sivvi of an ancient tomb). Auriok gives you returning value on tormod's crypt, getting back skullclamp, or really slow value with star/sphere.

Helm/rest in peace combo. Though rest in peace may hurt you, the plan is always that it hurts the opponent's more. Since the deck can take awhile to win, I added in the helm to speed up the win cons.

Plays a second color in its lands. As a mono color deck it has the ability to play a lot of utility lands (23).

The deck also pays homage to the counter rebel builds of old. It runs three counters (warping wail, lapse of certainty, mana tithe). Otherwise plays quasi counter in abeyance, Teferi's protection.

The deck looks for specific answers to break up synergies. I have found that a targeted removal at the right time can do more than a wrath. That's kinda the philosophy behind the deck.

Cards like humility. Cause why not. Make everyone's creatures as small as rebels. Then beat down with equipment. Other fun hate cards like Spirit of the Labyrinth, etherswon canonist.

Mirage mirror is a lot of fun.

Notable exclusions.

1.sol ring. It plays so little ramp having one ramp card does not make sense. More importantly the deck wants to hit its land drops. 2. More rebels. Mostly because they aren't good. A strong rebel core plus stronger supporting cards enhance the overall power of Sivvi. Drawing Ramosian Lieutenant just feels bad. 3. Anthem effects. Mirror entity is the only anthem needed. 4. Sun titan. Emeria angel is just better in the long game.

Overall it is a fun and quite distinct taste on Lin Sivvi.

Also Mirage mirror is so much fun.


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