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Empire of Dirt [Nature's Vengeance Revamp 2.0]

Commander / EDH BRG (Jund) Combo Lands Loam Midrange



o/~And you could have it all...o/~

Version 2.0 of one of my first brews: rebuilding the Nature's Vengeance precon deck into something a bit more playable. Instead of the rather vague 'lands matter, I GUESS' format of the original precon, we've rebuilt it into a proper Lands deck... albeit, one on a bit of a budget. Since fetches, shocks, and fancy-pants duals are well out of my price range, we've instead rebuilt this with a budget-oriented player in mind, using older, weirder multicolor lands from days of Magic gone by. Adding to this is a versatile package of sacrifice outlets, land tutoring, and payoffs for constantly cycling lands into and out of the graveyard.

For a deck literally assembled out of the spare parts of two collections, it gets there with surprising efficiency. Is it pretty? No. Could it be way, way better if I had 300-400 more dollars to invest into it? Yes. Is it good enough to get the job done in a more casual setting? Absolutely!


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