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EDH Byakko, Guardian Deity of Virtue

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New version of my Arahbo deck.

EDH Arahbo! Roar of the Kitten Overlord

Commander / EDH Bou


Still a work in progress. This version offers a lot more protection and damage control, but could use a little bit removal or more trample. I was thinking of Mass Calcify but it might be too high on the curve for what I have in mind, perhaps just a regular Wrath of God will do.

I wanted to convey properly Arahbo's presence as a primordial being so it is built mainly with his Eminence in mind and does not rely on him actually coming down from his snowy mountains. But if he does have to come down - things are going to get serious. Aside from featuring the cats that are needed for the Eminence bonus I have a few control effects like Imposing Sovereign that I think fit the theme very well, Monarch would be ideal but I haven't seen anything of those few cards available that I liked enough to put in, though perhaps the land. It also offers a lot more room for politics.. seeing as you can prevent or amplify combat damage however you please with Fog, Berserk, or Duelist's Heritage, you literally get to choose who lives or dies.



MegaMatt13 says... #1

I appreciate the different take with your second version. I have to be honest that I think your first version hit closer to the mark though. This deck looks like it's trying to be both aggro and pillowfort. You may survive longer but I don't know that it has enough oomph.

I find with my version that it really is about pure aggro. Just keep on hitting with one beefed up cat.

I'll be curious to hear how this version does though :)

September 5, 2017 12:43 p.m.

Bou says... #2

Hey Matt :) you're right! This deck is trying to be more pillowfort-ey, I wanted it to be a lot more political, but perhaps I threw too many Fog-effects in there. I'm going to try the original listing (which is much more generic cat tribal) first and see how that works, maybe it'll be satisfying enough - although now that I've taken this approach, I kinda want to see how it functions.

I've seen your list, it looks great! definitely a bit sharper.. I'll drop a comment there soon.

September 5, 2017 2:45 p.m.

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