Ethereal Haze


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) Common

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Ethereal Haze

Instant — Arcane

Prevent all damage that would be dealt by creatures this turn.

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Ethereal Haze Discussion

Dergam on Esper Mill

6 days ago


Thanks for your comment. I tried using Snapcaster Mage but it didn't hold to much value on early and mid game, so I removed it...

I also played with a Ethereal Haze (because Darkness is too expensive, and since I'm playing with White, there's no need to play it), it's good, but I'd rather put one more Path to Exile or Fatal Push or Ensnaring Bridge..

Thanks again :D

TheSurgeon on Sir Mill Crab

2 weeks ago

Take out Wall of Denial. too expensive for this "turbo" mill. Use a guaranteed 1-cost turn buyer Darkness, Holy Day or Ethereal Haze. And Ghost Quarter is unnecessary with Field of Ruin in the deck. That's going to screw with your mana availability.

Why do u need emerakul in your sideboard? What does it do for you?

Shelldock Isle isn't necessary either.

TheSurgeon on Mill

3 weeks ago

Supreme Verdict is too expensive, and with Mesmeric Orb in the deck, I believe a cheaper, guaranteed turn-buying spell would be better like Darkness, Holy Day, or my personal favorite for Esper mill Ethereal Haze all one cost spells that buy you the time mill needs to work. Even AEtherize is technically better. Verdict is more of a sideboard card for go-wide decks, and you won't need 4 anyhow; 2 maaaaybe 3 if your meta is particularly fast and nasty.

Mind Funeral is good, but you may want to consider taking 1 or 2 out to let the opponent fetch and thin out land in the deck before you start going after thier library in with this card. And take out Startled Awake  Flip; it's too slow to reuse and you could cast 2 other spells that hit harder, and do more for the same cost. This also reiterates my point about tapping unnecessary land with Orb on the field.

Breaking is a great mill card alternative with the guarantee you'll mill the average of a Funeral, with the cmc of a Glimpse.

Field of Ruin over Ghost Quarter.

I'm not crazy about Thought Scour in this deck. It feels weak on the mill, and the replacement afterward could be something useless for your gamestate. I would suggest Serum Visions, sorcery speed with scry 2. or Opt, instant speed with scry 1. For the same cost and may allow you to search answer you may not have in hand.

Just a few suggestions. Take them or leave them. Cheers

beebsman on Esper Salt Mill

1 month ago

Hey TheSurgeon, any reason you prefer Ethereal Haze over Darkness?

Funkydiscogod on Turbo Fog

2 months ago

Swap out Holy Day for Ethereal Haze so you can stop creatures from dealing noncombat damage to you.

n8dm on UB Mill

2 months ago

Alright, so I'm done being rational. You appear to not care at all about the fact that putting white in this deck is actually stupid. You could completely avoid it and make the deck more efficient. Path to Exile is not actually better than Unsummon. They both cost one, however Unsummon fits with the whole blue theme of the deck. Path to Exile is white, and again, putting white in this deck is stupid. If you want to use the Archive Trap card for free, then try Ghost Quarter like suggested. It doesn't affect your land base at all and allows you to use Archive Trap for free. And you're right, we can use Darkness instead of Ethereal Haze because that would be smart. Why is Ethereal Haze a better choice because it gives white "more of a purpose in this deck"? White doesn't belong in this deck at all, I don't understand why it's here in the first place. And I understand that you stated you want people to make their own land base, I'm perfectly okay with that. I never said anything against that. I'm simply suggesting a land card that will give people an idea what to do, as Ghost Quarter isn't even that expensive at about $1.50. I understand why TheSurgeon put white in his deck: he has it there to deal with a wider variety of threats that your opponent could throw out. You appear to have it in the deck... for what? Stalling your death? Because that's all Ethereal Haze or Path to Exile will do at a desperate point. And, by the way, you did notice that Path to Exile is a $7 card, right? Putting 4 Ghost Quarter in your deck would be more cost efficient than putting one singular Path to Exile in it. Making a budget version of an $800 deck is a bit difficult, and you did not pull it off.

Zteagarden on UB Mill

2 months ago

I feel like you guys aren't hearing what I'm trying to tell you. You both have the same decks in your deck library, so I suppose you have a similar take on the way mill is played. Path to Exile is much better than Unsummon because it's cheap and can let you cast an Archive Trap for free. We could use Darkness instead of Ethereal Haze, but using Ethereal Haze is a better choice, because it gives white more of a purpose in this deck.I also previously stated that I want people to make their OWN land base out of this deck depending on the amount of money they are willing to spend. I would recommend that you look a deck by TheSurgeon called Esper Salt Mill. I tried making a budget version of this.

Backinthefrey on UB Mill

2 months ago

i did some play testing, and despite your deck being presented as an aggro budget mill, my slow build enchantment mill is able to consistently beat it, while the deck is less than half the price. this isn't me saying the deck is bad, its me saying you need to make it faster, and focus on card advantage more than self preservation. whites only job here is to keep you alive, but blue very easily has cards that do the same, as well as black. to replace the Path to Exile is replaceable by a large number of cards, such as Assassinate, Murder, or Doom Blade. it costs only slightly more, and its not like they will have a game ending creature turn 1 anyway. and to replace your Ethereal Haze you can use something basic like Unsummon, or use a bored wipe one like AEtherize, or just a Polymorphist's Jest to nullify a big hit. that way you narrow down to two colors, and still keep the cards to stay alive

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