Ethereal Haze

Ethereal Haze

Instant — Arcane

Prevent all damage that would be dealt by creatures this turn.

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Set Rarity
Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Ethereal Haze Discussion

ZendikariWol on Kiora: Cruelty Without End

1 month ago

I am hardly a spike, so if I say something stupid, forgive me. That said, your choice in fogs seems a little... suboptimal?

Angelsong and Haze of Pollen can draw you a card if you don't need the fog. Ethereal Haze , Holy Day , and Pause for Reflection are all cheaper than Dawn Charm and Clinging Mists (and really, when is Fateful Hour gonna be active?). Winds of Qal Sisma and Defend the Hearth are one-sided wraths.

Magnanimous on Making White great again

1 month ago

Funkydiscogod I really like the Tallowisp + Oppressive Rays combo. I don't like the specific Ordeal of Nylea suggestion as it seems way too slow and easily disrupted, but think something like Daybreak Coronet could be ok.

In general, I think that this Celestial Kirin idea is way too fragile and needs a ton of synergy to be effective. I have been looking at arcane and spirit spells and like Horobi's Whisper , Nether Spirit , Peer Through Depths , and Ethereal Haze just as cards. I still don't think there's quite enough, but maybe Tallowisp , Oppressive Rays , and Pacifism could make it good.

kamarupa on Modern Approach

5 months ago

I usually see a lot of Fog spells paired with Approach. Riot Control is one of my favorite Fogs because it's one of very few that prevents burn and it gains you life, too. Pay No Heed is another spell to prevent burn. Ethereal Haze and Holy Day are also options.

I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt Growth Spiral at Instant speed is worth the multicolor CMC - Explore would be fine at Sorcery speed. That said I don't think either is particularly good. You'd get more mana-mileage out of Fertile Ground .

I consider Negate one of the best counterspells in the game. You can use removal for everything it doesn't work on. ( Celestial Flare , Blessed Alliance , Beast Within , Generous Gift , Imprisoned in the Moon , Pongify , Ratchet Bomb ) Declaration of Naught might be useful to get your devotion up.

I suggest dropping all the Leylines. I like Teyo, the Shieldmage for hexproof. There's also Shalai, Voice of Plenty . You might also consider a sideboard copy of Sanctimony .

Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip if you like Grow from the Ashes.

More control spells: Nevermore , Oblivion Ring , Journey to Nowhere , Reprobation , Lignify , Choke , Quicksilver Fountain Spreading Seas , Pithing Needle .

Probably as much draw and deck thinning as you can fit will help speed you to your wincon - Harmonize , Halimar Depths , Divination , Serum Visions , Terramorphic Expanse

I hope some of this has been helpful!!

Kogarashi on If two effects would prevent ...

6 months ago
  • 616.1. If two or more replacement and/or prevention effects are attempting to modify the way an event affects an object or player, the affected object’s controller (or its owner if it has no controller) or the affected player chooses one to apply, following the steps listed below. If two or more players have to make these choices at the same time, choices are made in APNAP order (see rule 101.4).

With the spliced spell, what you end up with is two prevention effects ready to change the way damage is applied (specifically by preventing some or all of it).

You are the affected player/affected objects' controller (the damage is going to you and/or your creatures based on how you block), and thus get to choose the order in which to apply the prevention effects.

This means you can have Candles' Glow apply first, preventing 3 damage to Feather and gaining that life, then apply Ethereal Haze and prevent all the rest of the creature damage.

Yesterday on If two effects would prevent ...

6 months ago

I have a weird Feather, the Redeemed Arcane deck.

I cast Ethereal Haze and spliced Candles' Glow onto it, targeting Feather. Feather was blocking a creature that would have dealt combat damage to her.

A spliced card's effects count as being written underneath the rest of the effects of the spell onto which it's spliced, so the prevention that would gain me life from the Candles takes effect after the regular damage prevention from Haze.

Which means.... something something layers?

Do I gain life from the effects of Candles' Glow?

bushido_man96 on Reworking my creature stealing tactics

7 months ago

I'd keep Yahenni, Undying Partisan in the deck. A free sac outlet is always useful, and he can become nasty over time.

Dread Shade is cutable. Other than being a creature you can pump, he doesn't give you much. Not enough value for a slot. I don't like Angel of Despair , either. Too high a CMC for what she does in colors that don't have a problem getting rid of just about anything. Better off running Anguished Unmaking , Despark , or Utter End . I think I'd cut the one-time fog effects like Darkness and Ethereal Haze . You just aren't going to get much value out of them, and better cards that support what your deck wants to do should go in their place, like Aristocrats that give you value when things die. Zulaport Cutthroat , Cruel Celebrant , Viscera Seer , Falkenrath Noble , and the like. Teysa Karlov would be strong here, too, as I think it should double up triggers on your Commander.

Hope this helps some.

xtechnetia on Seasons' Approach: How the seasons go by...

8 months ago


So me personally, I'd take out a couple of the fog effects for Duress (maybe some Ethereal Haze as that's the same cmc). The hope is that taking a key card from your opponent's hand saves you at least the same amount of life as the fog effect.

Although this depends since Duress doesn't hit creatures, so if you play against lots of creature heavy decks, maybe Duress isn't so great.

leflesh on Sack of Feathers

9 months ago

Consider Blessed Breath , Spiritual Visit , Ethereal Haze , Terashi's Grasp , and Crack the Earth for repeatable Protection, (non-flying)spirit token generation, Fog, Disenchant, and 1 Counter Smokestack

Into the Fray and Hundred-Talon Strike are two additional ways to make the previously mentioned Arcane spells gain a friendly target for Feather to trigger.

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