Terrifying Presence


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters (DDL) Common
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Common

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Terrifying Presence


Prevent all damage that would be dealt this turn by creatures other than target creature.

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Terrifying Presence Discussion

Tobutron on B/G Spider/Scorpion (Prototype)

3 months ago


Thanks very much! I really appreciate the advice. I quite like the changes and will probably go through with them however, there are a few things that I may ask about.

I quite like Dead Weight. Seems to be more practical than Stab Wound. I guess I was enticed by the life loss bit a little too much

Sedge Scorpion may very well be the answer to my early game issues (tbh, I actually forgot about the existence of Sedge Scorpion) but as for Penumbra Spider, who should I swap out? Most likely either Sporecap Spider or Kessig Recluse?

For Vessel of Nascency, I can see how it pair up well with Ishkanah and I'll most likely swap out Duress or something with to put them in. As for Nyx Weaver...not too keen on that one. While I like how it speeds up Ishkanah's delirious and all, I feel I might end up cucking myself in the long run especially if I don't have a lot of Ishkanahs to play with.

I would definitely love to add Arachnogenesis in place of Terrifying Presence! But when I saw it's price tag...best I can do is probably 2. 3 if I somehow stumble upon a sweet, cheap deal.

Tobutron on Spells for a B/G Spider/Scorpion ...

3 months ago

I'm building a Black-green spider and scorpion deck but I'm currently stuck when it comes to what spells I should be using. I have a couple of Arachnus Web that goes well with my Arachnus Spinner as well as a bunch of Rancor, Terrifying Presence , Spider Spawning , Abrupt Decay, etc. I'm not too sure about my selections especially since I have scorpions mixed in as well.

I'm not necessarily aiming to make this a tournament-winning competitive deck but at least trying not to make it some randomly cobbled-up mess. Would appreciate some help.

Rzepkanut on Abzan Can't touch me!

9 months ago

I have been thinking about using some fogs recently myself. I think there are some awesome ones that you are missing still. Specifically ones that can kill creatures if you have blockers.

Terrifying Presence, Winds of Qal Sisma, Arachnogenesis, Encircling Fissure, & Harmless Assault


BlueScope on EDH Fog Test

11 months ago

Maybe this Gatherer search helps. Either way, it's not worth including each an all Fog-like effects, so I wasn't sure whether you left out Fog because you didn't deem it appropriate (after all, it's a very efficient spell, but the mana cost efficiency isn't as important in Commander as it is in other formats.

That said, Tangle, Terrifying Presence and Winds of Qal Sisma are my personal favorites as far as Commander utility goes, as just preventing damage for a turn won't save you in most cases (save for a situation where you're being attacked with Berserk), but surviving a turn you shouldn't have and making sure you're going to survive at least the next one all in one card is a great deal.

I also missed Spike Weaver, which I should've mentioned along with Spore Frog. I play the Frog in my Meren deck to great success, but for other decks, the Spiker might be a little better.

Steaditup on Itsy Bitsy Spiders

1 year ago

Terrifying Presence for full flavor!

Tuft on Rashmi's House of Value

1 year ago

Breeding Pool, Flooded Grove, Temple of Mystery, Botanical Sanctum, Hinterland Harbor, and Yavimaya Coast are all relatively cheap (except for the Grove), and will do way more for the consistency of the deck than adding a singleton of Jace - unless, that is, you're going to go for a strong "basics matter" subtheme, which it doesn't look like you're doing.

As far as the deck proper goes, Krasis Incubation, Terrifying Presence, Pulse of Murasa, Reclaim, Natural Connection, Learn from the Past, Nissa's Judgment, Map the Wastes, Contingency Plan, Deep Reconnaissance, Incremental Growth, Vexing Scuttler, Sylvok Replica, Stingerfling Spider, Sigiled Starfish, Shambleshark, Lashweed Lurker, Embodiment of Spring, Dawntreader Elk, Conclave Naturalists, and Borderland Ranger can all be cut. I don't wnat to be frank, but I feel like I have to - those cards are bad. They're simply too low power. From a pure powerlevel perspective, you're going to find yourself outgunned. And although it's really tempting to look for cards like Torrential Gearhulk, Scroll Rack, and Sensei's Divining Top that are "staples" in EDH and are super popular and expensive, those are only really worth it if you've already got a high-power deck filled with high powerlevel cards because it adds consistency to your draws and lets you use your high powerlevel cards to their fullest. I also think that although Scroll Rack and Top are super synergistic with your commander, you should probably save them for last because they're so expensive and relatively low-impact compared to your actual win conditions. If you're on a budget, consider Crystal Ball - although it's a little bit more expensive manawise than either Scroll Rack or Top, it's still pretty damn good.

Your deck is not high powerlevel, sorry to say - although selecting one of your top 3 cards seems really good, it's absolutely godawful useless if the top three cards are Conclave Naturalists, Sigiled Starfish, and Krasis Incubation. Instead of looking to the big ticket cards for power, which will be inconsistent, you should be looking at cheaper synergistic cards - Things that will only cost you a buck or two like Dig Through Time, Vedalken Orrery, Mystical Tutor,Courser of Kruphix, etcetera.

Now with those cuts, that leaves you with 21 extra slots to put in cards that help you with your goal. We need to take a look at your mission statement for the deck and build an idea around which the deck will be built - you said that "The goal is to utilize Rashmi to get insane value from casting cards for free and stealing and copying my opponents cards. Currently has a counters subtheme with most of the creatures". So what can we do with that? Well, looking at clone and stealy effects, you're missing a few really good ones - Stunt Double, Clever Impersonator, Sakashima the Imposter, Cryptoplasm, Progenitor Mimic, and a personal favorite of mine, Phyrexian Metamorph. As far as stealy effects go, there's no shortage in blue. Thada Adel, Acquisitor, Bribery, Treachery, Corrupted Conscience, and Treachery (although this might be a bit out of your price range).

Spelljack is a little costly for a mere counterspell, but it's right in your niche of stealing spells. Cultural Exchange lets you trade away some garbage mana runts for their biggest beatsticks, and Perplexing Chimera is just a lot of fun.

Now all these cards combined will probably not even come close to equaling the cost of a single JTMS, but it'll be much better for your deck if you pick these guys up because your $100 of power isn't focused on one card that you rely on to really blow up your opponent. Instead, it's more evenly dispersed and distributed to make sure that more of your draws are live gas, and less of them are shit like Reclaim.

Also, if you still want better ramp, cut the Simic Keyrune for a Simic Signet, and use Cultivate and Kodama's Reach for your oneshot spells. Although they only drop one land each, they set you up for consistent land drops further down the line, and guarantee you access to both colors.

If you're still interested in a +1/+1 counters subtheme, I've got a lot of ideas, but since you said you're probably gonna phase that out, I'll leave those for another time.

Snacrifice on Isao, Budget Bushi(<15$)

1 year ago

I love suggestions!

@DaringApprenticeI went Arcane mostly out of flavor, and because they're functional reprints of cards I'd already considered(Wear Away is essentially naturalize with a sometimes trigger for Arcane so why not). Return to Earth is amazing for it's utility to pop flying creatures though, I'll probably put that in.

Drumhunter is good, since the draw power is actually more important than mana. I'd never even seen Deglamer so that's going in too, thanks!

I considered Blanchwood Armor but I find in EDH putting it on the general triggers people to try and murder him, whereas Strength of Cedars can be played as a combat trick. I still like Blanchwood though, I might swap it for something else in the deck.

Terrifying Presence goes in, Druid's Deliverance taken out.

Giant Growth swapped for Kodama's Might.

I like Gigantomancer, but in play-testing I found it got splatted every time it came out before it could be useful.

Yavimaya Enchantress is good, but I might take out both.

@Vortexflame: That's true, but Herald doesn't fit into my economy pricing(It's just a tad too expensive). Primal bellow's really nice though. Swapping it for Strength of Cedars because it's just cheaper and Daring is right that I lack arcane spells anyway.

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