Why does a man build an EDH deck? For Love? For Money? For Power? For Stuffy Doll? Because they finally made a Legendary Wurm and Worms remind him of Dune, history's greatest work of literary fiction?


A man builds an EDH deck because he has no control of his own illogical compulsions and because mono-green was necessary to balance the number of decks representing each color in his seven-deck collection.

Like so many others, I was first drawn to commander by its beautiful hot mess of creativity, complexity, and craziness. Though I was not a player or collector at the time, I had the opportunity to play with decks that fully embraced this ethic, cobbled together with regard for little more than color identity and smashed into one another over countless beers and countlesser spliffs. After so many dipped toes, I finally dove headfirst into my own deck, building an early version of my beloved Hazezon Muad'Dib: Dune-Inspired EDH with an emphasis on literary flavor.

However, as some old head once said, Life is just a bitch, a bitch is like a ho, hoes want the money, money come and goes, friends turn to foes, foes they be fake, playgroups turn to arms races and become what they hate. Krenko, Ertai, Rashmi, Ramos, Grenzo, Kozilek, Nin... I built and built, tuned and tuned, pimped and pimped. We welcomed proxies into the playgroup and the arms race accelerated further. Even my beloved Hazezon honed his proverbial Crysknife, shedding suboptimal pieces of juicy vorthos flavor in favor of spicy bits of interaction, protection, and synergy.

Eventually, I found myself in an odd position. I had nothing but "8 out of 10's," perfect for the honed and creative meta in which I often play, but awkwardly out of place outside my normal playgroup: too full of weird lands and funky combos to compete at cEDH tables, but so carefully considered and faithfully efficient to give casual tables a fighting chance. This deck is a fairly-unsuccessful attempt to repair this issue and embrace my Timmy destiny by putting green power on the table. Does it draw huge and combo off? Maaaayyybeee. But it wins with combat damage, damnit. C'mon, I'm trying here!


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