Rite of Passage


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Rite of Passage


Whenever a creature you control is dealt damage, put a +1/+1 counter on it. (The damage is dealt before the counter is put on.)

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Rite of Passage Discussion

enpc on Polyraptor Infinite EDH Combo.

4 hours ago

nerdwerld: adding a Bellowing Aegisaur will just put an additional counter on each creature per loop trigger. That's all. They just get infinitely bigger twice as quickly.

Bellowing Aegisaur is not a replacement here for Rite of Passage as it does not put a counter on itself. This means that you can only resolve a total of 5 Forerunner of the Empire triggers before Aegisaur dies, thus breaking the loop.

On the point of the original combo, it seems like you're getting a bit confused here. The combo goes "infinite" by itself. Say you have a Forerunner of the Empire in play as well as a Rite of Passage.

from here, you play Polyraptor, which triggers Forerunner's ability and deals one damage to forerunners and one damage to the polyraptors. This bth triggers rite and raptors. Resolve the rite of passage trigger first, effectively negating the one damage to your creatures with the +1/+1 counter placed on them (as in each creature has been marked with one damage but they are getting one additional toughness from the counter).

Next you resolve the raptor's ability, making a copy of itself. you now have Forerunner of the Empire with a +1/+1 counter and one damage marked on it, a Polyraptor with a +1/+1 coutner and one damage marked on it and a Polyraptor token with no counters or damage marked on it.

The token entering will trigger forerunner's ability and you will do the exact same thing. The only difference here is that there will be two Polyraptor tokens entering, one from the original and one from the token that previously entered.

Now let's look at Forerunner of the Empire's ability (the second one which is relevant to this combo):"Whenever a Dinosaur enters the battlefield under your control, you may have Forerunner of the Empire deal 1 damage to each creature."

See the "may" clause in the ability. This means that you don't have to trigger it and you can choose that for ANY of the Polyraptor tokens entering that they won't trigger the ability.

So if you wanted to, even though you double the number of Polyraptors for each resolution of Forerunner's ability, you could only have one of those tokens trigger the ability. This would mean that you can run the cycle as many times as you want and just double the number of raptors each time.

As for the quantity of +1/+1 counters on them, if you ran the cycle 3 times you would have 8 Polyraptors, one would have 3x +1/+1 counters and 3 damage marked on it (the original card), one would have 2x +1/+1 coutners on it and 2 damage marked (this would be a token), two would have 1x +1/+1 counter and 1 damage marked (also a token) and 3 would have no counters and no damage marked (again, these are tokens).

Assuming you want every raptor to trigger forerunner, then the number of raptors still diverges towards infinity, just a lot faster.

nerdwerld on Polyraptor Infinite EDH Combo.

12 hours ago

dbpunk That is what I am saying Aegisaur will give Forerunner +1/+1 and Rite of Passage will give him +1/+1 which increases the amount of polyraptors with this combo in play. I saw a link of someone doing math for just Polyraptor + Forerunner of the Empire + Rite of Passage but, what would Bellowing Aegisaur do with that combo is what I'm saying. Aegisaur would get +1/+1 from Rite of Passage increasing it's survivability each time Forerunner triggers which would be each time Polyraptor would clone itself.

nerdwerld on Polyraptor Infinite EDH Combo.

1 day ago

I have seen this been brought up in standard discussions, but I don't play standard so it doesn't help me much. I'm loving the Ixalan dinos. I run a Gishath commander deck. Nayasaurus-Rekt (Rivals Upgrade).

I see a lot of people doing the Forerunner of the Empire + Polyraptor + Rite of Passage. And then in standard people also bring in Bellowing Aegisaur But, if you do add all of those, what is the limit to that? Because Each time Forerunner of the Empire is dealt damage he will get +2/+2. He is going to trigger Aegisaur and Rite of Passage, but eventually with the polyraptors scaling up he will die.

But, people in standard don't seem to understand the other implications of this combo. If you have other enrage triggers they will go off as well, this is why I call this an enrage engine. Put, any dino besides polyraptor and it will trigger similar affects if only once, but as long as it resolves you have a gaurented enrage trigger.

However, beyond that let's say I somehow get that combo out with those four cards. I have two questions how long will it last? But, also if I have massive amounts of other much stronger dinos out won't that boost them as well? They might take the damage, but they will be getting +2/+2 each time as well.

TheDeckMaker2300 on Ixalan Park (#1 Gishath Commander)

4 days ago

That's cool ideas

However there's three more thing you could/should put in

Number 1


Regal Behemoth is now a dinosaur instead of a lizard

You got another card draw and ramp at the same time card to put in.

Number twoRite of Passage it pretty much gives the whole army Snapping Sailback enrage trigger

Number 3Temple Altisaur negates all damage to all dinosaur to 1 except this one give it indestructible then all the sudden Blasphemous Act becomes a 1 sided sweep like Plague Wind (most of the time)

Oh enrage has slight more focus now

So I got three for ya

  1. Caltrops
  2. Lightmine Field
  3. Splintering Wind

The last one may not be such a good idea but with Ravenous Daggertooth + Rite of Passage it negates the damage from the leave play

TheDeckMaker2300 on Jurassic Park

6 days ago

Well you see slight more enrage so

Caltrops or Lightmine Field will be cool particularly with Polyraptor and also lightmine is definitely krenko hate.

You ever heard of Rite of Passage it gives the whole entire army "enrage-put a +1/+1 on this creature"

And of coarse I'm blown away that Pyrohemia is not in your deck it's Raging Swordtooth ETB on a stick

Randomsome1 on Dino-RAWR

1 month ago

Too many lands. Cut it down to 40 at most, 38 at the least,. Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip and Rampaging Ferocidon are counter intuitive. you lost one life per creature to go wide, plus you creatures are huge so going wide will take a while.Kindred Summons has the same problem. Its really good, but only if you successfully go wide and not get board wiped. I recommend replacing it with Zendikar Resurgent. It doubles mana, gives you card draw, and keeps you in budget.

14 Ramp is a good number. Take out Hierophant's Chalice for Kodama's Reach. Hitting your land drops is just as important as ramping. try to keep most of your ramp under 4 CMC so you can reliably ramp early.

Ixalli's Diviner is too inconsistent. If you wiff the land drop, giving +1/+1 to a 0/3 is pretty useless.

This deck can do the Into the Wilds, Herald's Horn mini game that is in my Dragon deck. you don't need it, but keep it in mind.

Flying is great, but Haste is so much better. Even better than that is both: Fleetfeather Sandals. Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves are staple equipment in EDH. But, if you want to keep a flavor, Dinos don't wear equipment

Blinding Fog is ok. The fog effect is negligible. The mass Hexproof is good, but the are very rare occasions that there is mass targeting, so hexproof for a turn isn't great. It's a little pricey, but you might like Steely Resolve. It might backfire because it gives shroud so you can't target your creatures either, but keep it in mind.

You might like Descendants' Path over Sunbird's Invocation. It's not as consistent, but you can get it out much earlier. The draw back is that you might run through all your gas quick and screw yourself over in the long run, but you might also just run through everything.

Adaptive Automaton is nice, but not needed. Your creatures are already huge, so Anthems are kind of win more; you don't really need them. Small +1/+1 is nice if the card give you something else like Vanquisher's Banner. you already have that and Rite of Passage which can get ridiculous with the Enrage engine.

If you want to grow your enrage engine, AEther Flash might be an ok include. It can kill some of your creatures, but it can slow your opponent down a little if they are running a lot of small creatures

I'm sure you have something in mind for Emergent Growth but I don't know what.

If you take out what I suggested and not add anything you will be at 102 cards with 40 lands, or 100 with 38 lands.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Ghalta, Primal Hunger Commander damage ...

2 months ago

Karametra's Acolyte might be useful. Also how about Primal Forcemage to combo some creatures right into ghalta. How about Rite of Passage and Vigor?

Odysseus_97 on T-wrecked (RIX Updated)

2 months ago

Bxbx : Very useful inputs, thanks a lot :D You are absolutely right, i am going with the enrage theme and hopefully we will get a big load of new dinos with enrage in January when we return to Ixalan :)

Shaman en-Kor: Seems to have potential, but i am a bit concerned that it wont stay on board long enough before its removed or has given any use, with the number of enrage dinosaurs yet. But will definetely get a place on my maybeboard and be playtested.

Breath of Darigaaz: Also a possibility, but i kinda prefer Tremor & Volcanic Spray myself.

Warstorm Surge: Will definetly find my old copy in my box, didnt even consider it being able to trigger enrage :)

Fungusaur: I decided to switch it out with Rite of Passage, for me it seems like an enchantment that gives the exact same ability to every dinosaur is better, and it costs less and harder to remove :)

Desert & Arena : How did i not think of Desert? Its an easy enrage enabler, once they are strong enough, sadly its in the end of combat, but still a good utility land. Arena

I agree with cutting Dinosaur Stampede was actually an add from looking up most used cards for this deck from EDHREC.com :) I think you are right with the Haste enablers, its not really needed when it is Gishath job to put dinosaurs in when attackers have already been declared. So Samut, Voice of Dissent might get kicked out as well.

Mayael's Aria is really a card most would kick out, but for some reason i want to keep it in, even though in my own testing with a 80 card build it has never been useful. so it might get the kick soon, sadly :p.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, you Rock Bxbx

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