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Genesis Dreamer- ~$40 Intet

Commander / EDH Budget Casual RUG (Temur)




It is 2017. Buyouts are rampant, and price spikes are just as frequent. It would seem all but impossible for new players to join the game. With EDH staples rising to all-time highs, it is utterly discouraging.

BUT! With a budget deck, a lot of that can be avoided. This deck is my take on such a challenge using one of my favorite cards of all time: Intet, the Dreamer.

Note that this price is as of deck creation and can change at any time. I may make modifications accordingly as well. Basics are not accounted for either.

With our library-manipulation cards being stupid expensive, we are technically forced to, as Sheldon put it, "Embrace the chaos." Fortunately, we have a lot of bombs for Intet to hit. We also have a ton of ramp to help stay in the game despite the deck's slow nature.

Most of our non-basics come into play tapped, so playing this deck will be slow. However, with Intet at the helm, people will tend to ignore you as she is seen as one of the weaker generals in her colors. Besides, you don't want to be arch-enemied with this deck.

If you wish to play this deck, by all means do it. I would also love to hear some feedback on how the deck can be improved as well. Remember, EDH was originally created as a fun format, so with that in mind, have fun!

Oh, and don't forget to leave an upvote if you liked the deck!


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Too many times when I look at the deck, I always see that the deck costs over the intended $30. To account for this, I decided to raise the budget to $40 but not try to change anything (or too much at least).

EDIT: I decided to push the budget up further one last time to $50. The main reason is Maelstrom Wanderer. I really wanted to use it but I couldn't fit it in a $40 deck.

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