Burst of Strength

Burst of Strength


Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature and untap it.
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Burst of Strength Discussion

maxi12 on Counter Play

1 week ago

Bioshift on tactics

Burst of Strength

Solidarity of Heroes doubling counters

how about my deck, mono green pure counter any suggestions here

Gattison on Bolster a Corpsejack Menace to Society...

1 month ago

ArabsCamel: Avatar of the Resolute is another good suggestion. As for Hunger of the Howlpack, actually, with all the Hardened Scales and copies of Corpsejack Menace floating around, Simic Initiate often comes in with more than 1 counter on him, which lessens the opportunities I would have to capitalize on the Morbid ability. I think Mutant's Prey, Burst of Strength and Feat of Resistance may still be better, but I'll give it some thought. Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit i've considered also, so maybe a one-of is a good idea. Finally, I've been trying to decide between Primordial Hydra and Kalonian Hydra... perhaps I'll just go one of each.

So... good cards, but... next time use the "Suggestions" feature. It makes my life easier, and you get TappedOut points, or rank, or something for it. I'm not complaining, just letting you know you can do that. =) Thanks again for the comments though, either way.

psheps24 on Heroic is a thing in Modern, I swear!

2 months ago

I guess you're right! You mentioned maxing Dromoka's Command, so maybe I'll do that. The "fighting" option works as removal for me. I'm not ready emotionally to take out any Burst of Strength, but I'll keep my eye on them and if they don't do their job, they're out.

I had Rancor, but I'll put it back in. I guess I'll trade that out with some cantrips. Should I work on Mutagenic Growth back in, or leave that out?

Okay, so Vines of Vastwood would be great at dealing with Splinter Twin, and also slowing down affinity as it can stop them from equipping things, maybe? Not sure. I'll need to start figuring out how to build a sideboard for this thing!

GeminiSpartanX on Heroic is a thing in Modern, I swear!

2 months ago

I think that the 2 Selesnya Charms should be replaced with either 2 additional Dromoka's Commands or some Prey's Vengeance (<- I can't get over how good that card is in heroic). Solidarity of Heroes seems like a win-more card to me, and won't help very much if you're behind on the board. There's a bunch of removal in Modern, so I'd max out on Vines of Vastwood. Vines is also good against Splinter Twin decks since if they try to attach Twin to their creature you can respond by using Vines on their creature to kind of 'counter' the Twin enchantment. Burst of Strength is a good trick, but I'd rather run it as a 2-of and add more Defiant Strikes to draw more cards. It feels like only having 20 lands is tougher in modern since we're not running any of the scry cards that help the deck be more consistent like it is in standard. The way to fix that is usually just to DRAW ALL THE CARDS!! :)

I like the look of this deck, and making it only 2 colors seems to help (I think my 3 color version is just too greedy). Let me know how it does if you take it to any modern events!

-Logician on Return to Return to Ravnica!

2 months ago

I wanted to clarify a claim I made earlier regarding a spell fizzling if one or more targets become illegal. I'm embarrassingly correcting myself after researching a ruling and I learned that I was wrong. A spell is only countered (fizzled) if all of the targets are illegal, and will successfully resolve effecting all legal targets as long as at least one legal target still exists.

Batch 2 incoming!

  1. Gruul Saboteur ~ "it's" should be "its" without an apostrophe. An interesting interaction with this card is that if your opponent attacks you with a lifelink creature, this card specifies the source of damage to come from the attacking creature, so the creature deals 1 damage to its controller, and gains 1 life because of lifelink simultaneously. However, if the source of the damage came from Gruul Saboteur, that interaction wouldn't happen.
  2. Boros Saboteur - "Whenever a creature enters the battlefield ... if it was not cast from that player's hand, ..." ~ Reference for using the word "Whenever" instead of "If" at the beginning of this card: Suture Priest. As using "that player's" instead of "his or her", I don't want to say you're wrong, but I feel like it flows better. Also, if you look at the second paragraph on Suture Priest, it's not exactly the same case, but it does reference "that player".
  3. Orzhov Saboteur ~ This one is going to be difficult to explain. Life loss is not tracked and sourced in the exact same way damage is. Life loss is simply a byproduct of a source's actions. Given an event of life loss, the game doesn't backtrack to a source in the same way it can do with damage, and hopefully you'll see what I mean when I reword this. "If a source an opponent controls would cause him or her to lose life, you may gain that much life." The way you worded it, the game would notice when you lose life, and try to backtrack that event of losing life after it already happened to a source, but loss of life doesn't have a source attached to it. By rewording it the way I did, the game notices when a source would cause an event of life loss, and in that way, can work around this oddity.
  4. Ferocious Inclinations ~ Modernize the wording of "... If you played ..." to "... If you've cast ..." I had mentioned in my previous post something about saying "... If you have cast ..." and had just completely blanked on the fact that WotC uses the contraction you've to smoothen it out. Also, you'll want to specify that the instant or sorcery is a spell. Finally, move the word "instead" to the end of the paragraph. It should read like this. "Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature. If you've cast another instant or sorcery spell this turn, put two +1/+1 counters on that creature instead."
  5. Vanguard Initiative ~ They don't gain +0/+1 and +1/+0, they get +0/+1 and +1/+0.
  6. Horsocalypse ~ Just clean up the last phrase by saying, "... they enter the battlefield tapped." You wouldn't say instead here unless you specifically used the phrase "... enters the battlefield untapped ..." previously.
  7. Blighted Traveler ~ I'm extremely disappointed that the Shadow token doesn't have shadow. I'm unsleeving my Reality Anchors with a sad panda face.
  8. Shadow Realm ~ After seeing this name, I was fully expecting a pure yugioh reference having the cards become exiled much like being banished to the shadow realm. As disappointed as I was to not see that, I must still point out that you need to specify which graveyard to put the card into. Because of complications with players gaining control of other player's permanents and bouncing them, I recommend the following revision. "If a permanent an opponent controls would be returned to its owner's hand, put it into its owner's graveyard instead."
  9. Substitute Bird ~ To give you an idea of what substitute can do, I could play an affinity deck where I play a turn 1 Darksteel Citadel, Mox Opal, Springleaf Drum, and two Ornithopters, then tap springleaf and mox opal for mana and bounce all my permanents to my hand (including my land, because that's allowed) to play this card as a 5/6 flying hexproof on turn 1, then pass turn with 6 cards in hand on the play. Too powerful? I honestly don't know, but that seems like a ridiculous first turn. Next turn, redeploy your field to hold up mana for another card in your set called Objection which is a 5-drop counterspell with Substitute, then just attack. Seems fun. Without a doubt, I would argue that the Substitute is easily the most competitive mechanic for eternal formats. Especially in the case of Blue Busted? where the card has both substitute and flash, allowing you to respond and save your permanents from removal as a cost to cast a spell, making the rescue of your permanents unrespondable. I would be using it religiously in EDH for absolutely nothing but the absurd ability to save my permanents in an unrespondable manner.
  10. Gyre Mutant ~ You're obviously revamping Gyre Sage, and should reword the ability to read exactly like him since it's the exact same ability. Also, I'm seeing some badass brews around this card combo'd with Burst of Strength, Dragonscale Boon, and Vigean Graftmage and the rest of the deck is pretty much cantrips, removal, and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Gyre Mutant is far better than Gyre Sage even when you dismiss the absurd 1 mana cost, because you can't run Gyre Sage in a heavy control shell, but Gyre Mutant BEGS to be in a control shell, making it probably the best control deck's mana dork of all time. Here's a cool goldfish: Turn 1 Gyre Mutant, Gitaxian Probe, mutate on end step. Turn 2 Elven Rite, mutate on end step. Turn 3 tap Gyre Mutant for four green, spend that mana to cast Dragonscale Boon, tap Gyre Mutant for six green, spend four of it on another Dragonscale Boon floating two green, tap Gyre Mutant for eight green for a total of ten green with your floated mana, then cast Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. XD
  11. Soul-Tether Shaman ~ I like the flavor here. You'll notice that your design for how this creature links to another creature is a triggered ability triggering when it enters the battlefield and targets a creature. There's nothing wrong with that, but by convention, you'll notice that past cards like True-Name Nemesis and Stuffy Doll neither target nor trigger. You could resemble that by rewording your ability to "As Soul-Tether Shaman comes into play, choose a creature." Note that in both designs, this creature can tether to an opponent's creature, which I think is actually really cool.
  12. Hoofs of Steel - "Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn. If that creature is a Horse, it gains first strike until end of turn." ~ Capitalize Horse because it is a creature type. Reference: Diregraf Captain. The additional until end of turn clause is necessary unless you wanted the Horse to gain first strike indefinitely.
  13. Simic Saboteur - "Whenever a source puts one or more +1/+1 counters on one or more creatures you don't control, you may add to your mana pool at the beginning of your next main phase." ~ You can cut the you may here pretty easily. It's usually not included in effects like this because it's virtually impossible to be advantaged by declining the free mana. It's also common to specify that this only happens on the precombat main phase, but that one's purely up to you.
  14. Dimir Saboteur - "Whenever a permanent an opponent controls would be returned to its owner's hand, the controller of that permanent loses 2 life." ~ Take my word for it. ;)
  15. Eternal Champion ~ Note that Eternal Champion prevents all damage, not just combat damage. Great use of the intervening if statement, making it so that his ability triggers for every creature attacking, but only resolves for one. No errors.
  16. Covert Trove ~ Because the name of this card, at least for me, has an extra space at the end, there was an additional and unnecessary space after each instance of the card name in the rules text. If it shows up this way for you too, you can easily fix this by just removing the extra space at the end of the name of the card. Also, the way you have this card worded, you would always have to exile a card when this land entered the battlefield because of the absence of a you may clause, which is clearly unintended. Also, you use the wording, "... If you do not ..." Referencing any shockland, you'll notice that WotC prefers to use the contraction don't instead of do not. Hallowed Fountain. Finally, when returning the removed card to your hand, you actually have to return it to its owner's hand, or else it's possible for me to gain control my opponent's Covert Trove, and subsequently put a card I don't own in my hand, which can never happen. These semantic errors are present among all lands in this cycle. In the case of Secret Stockpile, at least for me, I'm seeing some spacing issues with the name of the card in the rules text which will be directly obvious when you look at it.
  17. Simic Signet ~ I can see and clearly understand what you mean by the last ability, but a red flag is triggering seeing the prefix "gains" in front of both instances of hexproof (which is okay) and +1/+1 (which isn't okay). You wouldn't say that a permanent gains +1/+1, you would say that it gets +1/+1. I can find no references in the cornercase of phrasing "... your choice of ..." in this way, and thus cannot draw a conclusion. It's probably fine, but if WotC was designing this card, they would use their hokus pokus and avoid this issue elegantly somehow. Perhaps "... Target green or blue creature you control either gets +1/+1 or gains hexproof until end of turn." as an attempt to avoid a Choose one-- situation, but that phrasing has the semantic issue of not specifying how the choice is made, either by the player, an opponent, or randomly. Maybe sometimes we just have to wait until WotC shows us how it's done. I would probably just save yourself the time and avoid revision at this time. Sorry this suggestion was more of a rant. :P
  18. Gruul Guildsage ~ Much like a previous suggestion, I think the period needs to be moved from the end of the reminder text to the end of the sentence after the Enrage cost.
  19. Guildhalls ~ I noticed some conversation about these lands being better than the rare dual land cyle. I would disagree. If you put a guildhall into play on turn 1, its ability would trigger, and you would tap itself for mana to pay the cost. On turn 1, it plays at the speed of a guildgate. On future turns, playing it as your land for turn only increases the amount of mana available for you to spend that turn if you sacrifice it, setting you back 1 mana next turn. I think this is a good design for the common land, and definitely not better than the rare land.
  20. Chained Troll ~ Just another case of forgetting to specify the source of the damage.

Keepin it light tonight. :P I'll make more suggestions this weekend.

canterlotguardian on What is the best win ...

4 months ago

Best win? Playing a janky Grimgrin, Corpse-Born EDH deck in a six-player game, no one paying attention to me until it was me and a guy running Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir control, and then I blow up his board and swing for lethal commander damage.

Worst loss? Playing for first place at a RTR-era FNM. Opponent swings with Balefire Dragon, I have Ruric Thar, the Unbowed on the field untapped (Burst of Strength shenanigans). For some ungodly reason, I misremembered RT as having trample instead of reach, and seeing as I was only at 4 life, I conceded. My opponent and I took up our cards and shuffled them back in (this was game 2, and I'd won game one handily). I then proceeded to draw RT again in my opening hand, re-read him, and almost passed out from shock that I'd misread it.

DBCooper on

5 months ago

Burst of Strength is better than Savage Surge

Tata on SelvBalla - ShotCalla

5 months ago

I think a lot of your spells (like Burst of Strength) could be cut for more reliable stuff. All of those cards become dead weight if you general gets killed, so I'd run things like Loyal Retainers and Avacyn, Angel of Hope. Other win-cons are always good - especially in creature-based decks that can be vulnerable to wraths. Whisperwood Elemental is very good for this kind of thing. I think Containment Priest is a must-play for selesnya.

Color(s) Green
Cost G
Converted cost 1


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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