Burst of Strength


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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Burst of Strength


Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature and untap it.

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Burst of Strength Discussion

ginko2580 on Does This Look Infected to You?

5 days ago

just a couple thoughts. Just so you might look at your deck from a different angle.

Just gonna mention Ranger's Guile for your deck right now, Path to Exile Defence? .......... and now ....

Instead of the Instants and the "Until end of turn", what if you went for +1/+1 counters? Majority of your Creatures are Powers of 1's and 2's.... skith...skiritc.... skit... screw it!, The Dragon is an exception at 4/4...

An Instant is "That Hit" only.... and then your guys return to a 1/1,2/2.... if opponent has Melira, Sylvok Outcast OTB early you might be in trouble?

Some early thoughts on cards for you are:

Savage Summoning flashing in a +1/+1 Infect Creature???.... Dear God!

Burst of Strength if used to "untap" a Blocker.... that is -1/-1 counters for an Indestructable Artifact Douche bag ???

Next was Durable Handicraft makes Plague Myr and the a little more appealing..... Non???

Increasing Savagery?? ... cast it from graveyard and that's game over!

I also was gonna mention Undying Evil for you also (again with the more "permanent" +1/+1 counters)..... probably one of my top 10 favorite cards BTW...

Noticed you have Go for the Throat... with the Metas out there..... Putrefy? Artifact Douche bags are a thing.... Sideboard?

Anyways ... bed time... good luck with deck. hope the ideas above help.... ?

JohnnyCRO on BG Infect

3 weeks ago

FIrst off I'm really glad you and your friend both apprechiated my help with his deck.

Now, onto this.I see you're playing lots of creatures with infect, but the thing is, you need 10 of their damage to go through. So you have to start as early as possible, before they can establish blockers. And finish soon, so they can't kill you before your infect does the thing. Next problem is how you win via infect. Each creature with infect is a win condition of its own, but none of them have haste. Let's say you drop Swarmlord. You've probably tapped out for something that will eat a removal ASAP.

Secondly, most infect decks I see are and, unfortunately from experience, I know why that is so. Black gets you removal, but blue makes your things unblockable. There are plenty of cards like Distortion Strike that don't care if your opponent has 1 or 10 creatures, none can help them.

Cards you need whatever you do with the deck;

4x Blossoming Defense - hexproof. And buff. And only one mana so it's playable early.

3-4x Vines of Vastwood - a bit more expensive Defense

2-3x Groundswell - potentially better giant growth.

Burst of Strength, Savage Surge and Sheltering Word are clearly inferior to the mentioned cards; they do less for more mana. And since you want to be fast, lesser costs are important. Use those slots to experiment with few of the mentioned cards. Predator's Strike might be considered necessary evil because you can't be sure you'll manage to remove opponents' creatures in time and this one solves that.

In black your removals should be as cheap as possible and preferably instant, so keep that in mind when tweaking the deck. Swarmlord is unnecessarily big pseudo-finisher and should probably be avoided.

And next, lands. IDK if you need more than 24 in here, you just need some kind of duals. Playing basics is ok and all, but you can do better, even though / lands can get significantly more expensive than less popular combination of /. 4 Blooming Marsh will cost you some bucks and if you can't cheaply get them, that's cool. Same for 4 Woodland Cemetery. Their / equivalents are twice cheaper. Why? Because / is less popular in both commander and standard, so any lands I'd usually call budget options are more expensive in /.

But there still are options like Temple of Malady, Golgari Guildgate, Golgari Rot Farm...look into that and I'm sure you'll find a few lands you like. In the end you should have around 15 basics maybe.

If you do wish to try out /, there are many great versions on this site and I'm sure those can be a good starting point.

ginko2580 on "Thats one big Hydra" (Suggestions welcome)

1 month ago

awesome night at poker thank you, (doubled my money, and paid for cab ride home) ...yay me... now back to Magic...

Polukranos, World Eater?

Gyre Sage might work well for you in here, instead of the little Elf guy.

Renegade Krasis?

I liked the Oran-Rief Hydra mentioned above and thought that a Into the Wilds, double land play possible each turn. might work well with it if you went with it...Ordeal of Nylea works well with it too.

A couple of Instant ideas... Burst of Strength (I like the untap part for a Blocker?) OR Savage Summoning might be interesting.

Ooze Flux is fun with the counters you can produce.

you were lookin for some card draws, I think I read above?... Life's Legacy might work, but you might want Reliquary Tower too? As a draw of 60+ cards might be possible with say a Primordial Hydra "double the number of +1/+1 counters".... lol think I did Defang my buddies 1080/1080 Permordial once... nice blocker Nelson! LMAO

Bioshift ??? and with Life's leagacy, move the counter before casting Legacy and draw a more reasonable number of cards/lifegain?

Simon_Williamson on Selvala, my first commander

1 month ago

Even more cards! Just for more unntapping goodness there's Ornamental Courage, Bear Umbra, Burst of Strength (is just Dark Ritual or better with Selvala), Copperhorn Scout, Voyaging Satyr, Elder Druid, so many.

More draw power! Triumph of Ferocity, Harmonize, Garruk's Packleader, Masked Admirers, Elvish Visionary, Soul's Majesty. Maybe add Words of Wilding, Thought Vessel, Reliquary Tower, Elixir of Immortality or similar cards so you don't draw your library. I suppose an Eldrazi Titan would also be good if you draw too much and a good mana dump, I'm just reluctant to suggest running Eldrazi. Speaking of hated things in EDH, Tooth and Nail isn't broken if you don't just do a Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Pestermite esque combo. Oh yeah, Chord of Calling, Summoner's Pact, Mwonvuli Beast Tracker and similar cards are useful.

GoldenDiggle on The Beauty and her Beasts

3 months ago

Green at it's finest. Stompy and out of control!

Good fatties, good access to trample, good ramp + mana doublers (Doubling Cube?), pretty good draw, lots of counters but no counter doublers?

Predatory Hunger is really good flavor-wise for hydras, plus the counters it gives is bonkers.

I noticed you have Elemental Bond, but no Garruk's Packleader or Soul of the Harvest? They are worthwhile, just to spit more creatures out.

Cards like Emerald Charm and Burst of Strength let the lovely lady untap once so she can do her thing once again, but its not enough to untap once. You need MORE!!! Instill Energy, a Magewright's Stone, Malachite Talisman, Nature's Chosen, Quirion Ranger, Puppet Strings, Seeker of Skybreak, and Wirewood Symbiote. With this, and MAXIMUM MANA, what stands in your way? Seriously.

Check yourself before you deck yourself, and remember... always vote.. FREEEEEE!!!!

deemberdom on

3 months ago

Hi, I saw your deck help forum about Planeswalker deck ideas and that brought me here. I don't have a brand new deck idea but I have some ideas for this one.

I really like what you have going on here, but I think you can take it to the next level by focusing on GW hybrid creatures. Tolsimir Wolfblood and Wilt-Leaf Liege both anthem for green AND white creatures. Fleecemane Lion is a solid choice that I love, but I would maybe replace the Outlast creatures with stuff like Dryad Militant, Safehold Elite, Watchwolf, Selesnya Guildmage, Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers, and possibly Seedcradle Witch. The Outlast creatures do benefit from the Ajanis placing +1/+1 counters, but by themselves are somewhat slow and mana intensive. If you instead loaded up on GW hybrid creatures, you could focus on really benefiting from the various anthem effects and the Ajanis would further that even more. One other benefit from playing hybrid creatures is that they are really easy on your manabase. If you played enough hybrids you could replace some of your ETB tapped lands with more basics which would allow for faster starts. If you did go down this route, I would probably go up to 4 copies of Wilt-Leaf Liege to ensure you draw one quickly.

If you want to stick to the +1/+1 theme then I would suggest trading out some of your existing non-creature pump spells for ones that give counters such as: Lead by Example, Shoulder to Shoulder, Burst of Strength, or Hunger of the Howlpack. You could also consider creatures like Relief Captain and Saddleback Lagac.

I would also try and get your land count to at least 22. 20 is a bit low if you're trying to cast high CMC spells and trying to Outlast your creatures.

Anyway, I like the deck idea. Have fun!

Gattison on Magic: The Gangstering

3 months ago

Here are several parody songs I wrote about The Game of Cardboard Crack. Most of them are old-school hip-hop. Hope that's okay.

The following is a parody of "Boyz in Da Hood," by Eazy-E.

[Verse 1]
Drew 7 quick, at about noon
Gotta play a Corpsejack Menace or two
Cast Hardened Scales before the play begins
Then get ready for the bitchin' from my friends
Simic Initiate, turn two, trigger-time
Cuz nerds at the path can't Interpret the Signs
Abzan Falconer, a whole playset
And some Charms and Battle Priests to fill out the rest
Bailed out some turns, bolstered my weapon
Just as I thought target fool kept steppin'
Jumped on T4, hit the juice on T5
I got counters front back, and side to side
Then I played an MP3 (3)
While buyin' new shit from WotC
It was Bolster Bolster and the Abzan Menace
Then I made my own deck and it looks somethin' like this
Feat of Resistance beats your 6/4
Mutant's Prey bitches, Burst of Strength hoes
Mulligan or draw, it's all the same scoop
Knuckleheads out there cold playin' to first-to-two
An opponent rolls up, who can it be
A fresh, bling deck worth a whole pound of weed
He came to the game table and started to say
It's all about makin' them R.T.F.C.

Cuz nerds in Modern are always hard
You come talkin' that trash, we'll pull your card
Knowin' nuttin' in life, but to win legit
Don't quote me boy, I ain't win shit

[Verse 2]
That's E. is the spot where I cast my stack
My man E is on that cardboard crack
My man used to be a friend of mine
Till I caught him in my 'yard tryina' steal my Hydra
Cast Treasured Find after I sided it in
He got 2-for-1ed when he did it again
Little did he know I got the mana to play
Planeswalker dead, Top 8, Good Game

Cuz nerds in Modern are always hard
Come talkin' that trash, we'll mill your card
Knowin' nuttin' in life but to win legit
Don't quote me boy, I ain't win shit

[Verse 3]
Bored as hell and I wanna cast spells
So I went to a spot where other nerds dwell
The kids out there jockin' Deathmist Raptor
You're lucky I ain't playsettin' Siege Rhino, ya bastids...
My life hits 40 and I start thinkin'
I got 8 8/8s, your battlefield's shrinkin'
Tap to Outlast, Phalanx Leader gets cast
Before I pass, Jack Forcefully Adapts
Ya go into ya bag, and ya get out ya pad
Thinkin' you would go 2-and-0, and go online and brag
You write it all down like you can't believe
You about to R-A-G-E-to-the-Q-U-I-T
You go, "no attack, pass," wouldn't ya know
Jack icey like a pimp, attack you bro'
Got the judge pumped up, like he's booin' for you
Bioshift Scute Mob, give him a +1 counter, too[chorus]Cuz the nerds in Modern are always hard
You come talkin' that trash, we'll discard your card
Knowin' nuttin' in life but to win legit
Don't quote me boy, I ain't win shit

[Verse 4]
I'm castin' hard like I'm playin' control
Strive for Solidarity of Heroes
I looked at my opponent and he said, "Oh, brother"
He countered my hydra, but I cast another
Flyin' in ya' face, I spin-down ya' die
Green, black, white, Temples of Scry
Did I forget to mention Primordial Hydra?
Gotta mention all my cards before I finish my rhyme
Faces get beat for resistin' my deck
Dromoka's Command sac's your enchantment
My deck is broken, attackin' me is a crime
Sure, 3-out-of-5, if you got the time

Cuz the nerds in Modern are always hard
Come talkin' that trash, we'll play your card
Knowin' nuttin' in life but to win legit
Don't quote me boy, I ain't win shit

[Verse 5]
My opponents go to block, but they got no 'field
Plus I got protection from your Repeal
Two corpsejacks, and your response?
Mill my deck? I'll 'board in Varolz
Be a good sport, said the judge
Don't mainboard Abzan Advantage
Use a calculator to confirm the damage
And a 100/100 is more than most can manage
I don't use fetches, I do it wit' painlands
I could do wit' basic Forests, Swamps and Plains, man
No Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit yet
But get ready to mainboard that Murder

Cuz the nerds in Modern are always hard
Come talkin' that trash, we'll counter your card
Knowin' nuttin' in life but to win legit
Don't play Legacy, it's competitive as shit

The following is a parody of "Jump Around," by House of Pain.

[Verse 1]
Life is up, counter in
Let me begin
I came to win
Attack me, that's a sin
Drown in dice when I sack up
Spike, ya better back up
Try to play the role and Suture Priest will act up
Life up, Wall up
Touch of Moonglove up
If you got removal then, punk you better use it
Wall of Limbs, Nyx-Fleece Ram
My Dying Wish
Is Murder Investigations
Block it, pump it
Sac it anyway
And I deal more damage than nerds at ya Local Gaming Shop
Sho nuff, I got lots of Exquisite Bonds
Plus Vampire Nighthawks

I came to get counters, I came to get counters
So get out your dice and help me count 'em
Dump 'em out, dump 'em out, dump 'em out
Dump 'em out, pump up, and win now
Pump, pump, pump (only Wall of Limbs) (3x)
Pump up, pump up, and win now

[Verse 2]
I'll cut your deck like Mike Holmes' show
If Jimmy steps up, infinite combo
Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond
And I got more triggers than North Korea got bombs
Just like Prodigal Sorcerer I've returned
Got no blue or red spells, still you'll get burned
'Cause I got life and you ain't got none
If you come to battle bring Protection
But if you do you're a fool, 'cause I deal to the face
Try to go 50 with me, you come in last place
I got the Wall, come get your Limbs
'Cause when I play Magic, I play like Tims

I came to get counters, I came to get counters
So get out your dice and help me count 'em
Dump 'em out, dump 'em out, dump 'em out
Dump 'em out, pump up, and win now
Pump, pump, pump (only Wall of Limbs) (3x)
Pump up, pump up, and win now

[Verse 3]
I Consume Spirits, and Doom Blade a lot
I never Diabolic Tutor 'cause I get what I want
Ya better get a Tournament player
Like Andrew Cuneo
To try and play me out like as if my name were Yu-Gi-Oh
But I ain't goin' out like no kid-game
Get used to one style and I might have to make
The change up up and around, new strategies now
Take all your life and ya' wake up in your own graveyard
Lingering Souls, Lingering Souls
I'm spittin' out 1/1 Spirits and 1/1 Soldiers too bro

But I came to get counters, I came to get counters
So get out your dice and help me count 'em
Help me count, help me count, help me count
Help me count my counters up now
Pump, pump, pump (only Wall of Limbs) (3x)
Pump up, pump up, and win now

The following is a parody of "O.P.P.," by Naughty by Nature.

Draw three wit' Harmonize
"WotC" drop a block on 'em

M.T.G. How can I explain it
I'll take you phase by phase it
To have y'all all castin,' drawin,' playin' shit
M is for Magic, T is for the definite article The.
And the G, well, lemme' tell y'about lands and mana
It's sorta like money, but no the card's worth just eleven cents
You see these 5 colors here, yeah, that's all there is
But wait, no, actually, yeah, there's also artifacts.
And gold cards and also don't forget colorless
Cast it.
You ever draw a godhand when you on the play?
Win on T3, table-flip and didn't say "good game?"
And then you sideboarded all your creatures out
Game 2, burnin' faces at ya cousin's house.
It's not a M-I-S, P to the L to the A to the Y
I really meant to turn one Lightning Bolt your guy
It's M.T.G. time, attack me and you gonna get it
There's no room for friendships, there's just room to swing wit.'
However many goblin tokens I can generate
It ain't wrong to Timmy up a field and then Spike your mate
And if you think it is, go play Pokemon
But if you don't, then here's your DCI card.

You down wit' M.T.G.? (Yeah you know me) [repeat 3x]
Who's down wit' M.T.G.? (All us Standard geeks)
You down wit' M.T.G.? (Yeah you know me) [repeat 3x]
Who's down wit' M.T.G.? (Every Standard geek)

(Now for the ladies) M.T.G. means something different
They say it's OK at first, but soon you find it isn't
It's the dumbest, most money-suckin' complete waste of time
You'd rather play with your cards than wit' this vagine.
They say the M-in-the-acronym stands for "masturbate"
T means "together" and the G, well of course that's "game"
They think we circle-jerkin' man, that's what I'm sayin'
I think they jealous they ain't got the cards we playin.'
Cast it.
You ever met a nerd who been playin' Magic all his life
On-again, off-again, back to Revised
You looked at him, he looked at you, and you knew right away
You and your vajayjay was gonna make him quit this game.
You said you wanted to learn to play but you didn't care
Cuz' at the end-of-day they still just paper squares
When y'all were done you went an' jumped his bones
He wanted to play again, you went fo' the do.'
Now don't be shocked if you come back he's playin' MTGO
Say M.T.G. (M.T.G.!) Always say it wit' pride
And when you play it, play it well and make sure it counts
You may be winnin' 8 packs now

You down wit' M.T.G.? (Yeah you know me) [repeat 3x]
Who's down wit' M.T.G.? (All us Modern geeks)
You down wit' M.T.G.? (Yeah you know me) [repeat 3x]
Who's down wit' M.T.G.? (Every Modern geek)

Some Johnny tried to Spike me
I'm mono- and he knew that, matter-of-fact, that why he played
He played an Island, a Hedron Crab and he passed priority
I thought I told y'all already, I Lightning Bolt wit' authority.
Cast it.
I mainboard Red Elemental Blast cuz playin' is cheatin'
He didn't believe it, he kept comin' back and catchin' beatins'
I said, "You wanna' go for 3-out-of-5, like Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey?"
He said, "What--?!" I said "Bitch, nevermind. I gotta' go win this tourney."
My archetype is burny, salty-by-nature rules attourney
Flip tables, catch warnins,' controllin' playas' like Sorin
Try hittin' me wit' a Cruel Ultimatum and I'll break ya' heart
You knew I was playin' M.T.G., hell, from the very start.
Come on, come on, now let me tell you what it's all about
When you get beat, you can't go runnin' off at the mouth
That's rule number one, at this L.G.S.
Act 13 and up and you can F.N.M.
Exciting isn't it? You are a planeswalker, kid
You brew your own deck and you bling it out proper wit'
Promos and prereleases by the playset
And say, "When M.T.G. happens, damn skippy I'm wit' it."

You down wit' M.T.G.? (Yeah you know me) [repeat 3x]
Who's down wit' M.T.G.? (All us Table geeks)
You down wit' M.T.G.? (Yeah you know me) [repeat 3x]
Who's down wit' M.T.G.? (Every Table geek)

Also, I have plans to write the following parodies. Check back on occasion and I may have something new.
- "Magic Paradise," by Karoolio
- "All About That Base (No Mana/Basics)," by Mhehghahn Trailor (Title and Artist subject to change.)
- "Timmy," by GPX-ONE
- "Let's Talk About Stax," by Salt-N-Saltier
- "Teenage Wastesland," by The Broo (theme song for eyes2sky's Achromatic Athenaeum)

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