Burst of Strength


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Common

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Burst of Strength


Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature and untap it.

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Burst of Strength Discussion

Tyrant-Thanatos on Pattern Recognition #64 - Dominaria ...

8 months ago

Small nitpick, no big deal, but in regards to Gift of Growth: Green actually has a pretty decent history of untapping creatures. Instill Energy, Vitalize, Seeker of Skybreak, Burst of Strength, etc. Plus effects like Seedborn Muse and Curse of Bounty.

Blue is definitely better at untapping things, but Savage Surge was a thing in RTR, so Gift of Growth is strictly better than an already existing green card.

Other than that, great read as always.

AMJacker on Casual Simic (budget)

8 months ago

8 Burst of Strength? maybe replace 4 of them with Bond Beetle ? or another +1/+1 like Battlegrowth, it is an instant.

colton815 on Stomp what you're doing

10 months ago

lukas96: he should be running both Avatar of the Resolute and Garruk's Companion.

definitely cut the Treetop Village, Field of Ruin, and Nephalia Academy. you want ONLY green mana that ALL comes into play untapped. none of these 3 lands help you play a turn 3 Leatherback Baloth. replace them with 4 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.

if you decide to use Avatar of the Resolute you definitely want to add creatures that can generate their own counters like Scavenging Ooze. Burst of Strength is a good option imo that can also give you a surprise blocker when your opponent thinks they can get in an unblocked attack. Vines of Vastwood serves the same purpose as Blossoming Defense and having both available can really hose over any deck using a lot of targeted removal

zIXM on

10 months ago

Sakura-Tribe Elder + Journey to Eternity is a very strong way to ramp very quickly.

Hardened Scales is a must.

Prey Upon > Mutant's Prey

Burst of Strength is too weak imo.

Karametra's Favor is useless in this deck.

Verdant Haven can be swapped for Utopia Sprawl and/or Overgrowth

Arbor Elf is better than Elvish Mystic regardless if you're using Utopia Sprawl, Overgrowth, or Verdant Haven.

If you aren't playing modern Seething Song > Geosurge

Alternatively, you could go with mono-green ramp with Karametra's Acolyte and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and either:

Fierce Empath + Woodland Bellower

or Genesis Hydra + Nessian Game Warden

Captain_Howel on

11 months ago

Ooh, good thinking with Emerald Charm. I was just thinking, the fact that your defenders have to be tapped to really perform is troublesome because it means they can't block, but with those charms you could either get enough burn to end the game before your opponents' attacks become a problem, or return your defenders to untapped position so they can block.

Understandable to want to leave out Utopia Sprawl. The only further adjustment I can think of to make is to put in a fourth Emerald Charm since the synergy is just so good, and/or maybe even a card with the same effect but that can be used more than once. There are some strong options here; if you prefer a creature for it, there's an effective option in Copperhorn Scout. If you'd rather stick with Instants/Sorceries for it, Burst of Strength gets the job done, and if you're willing to drop that price limit, Mobilize is a strong option.

As for what to drop to make room, I recommend up to 2 Slagwurm Armor and/or Abundant Growth, and/or 1 Sheltering Word, but I would keep whatever is dropped in your Sideboard so you can adapt to what your opponent does.

mr_funk on G/R aggro prowess power

1 year ago

i think just the 2-of Hardened Scales and 2-of Burst of Strength can go for filling in some of the other areas. the only creature you have with +1/+1 counters is a 2-of Satyr Hoplite, which i dont think warrants the slots for the scales. im thinking maybe another creature or 2, maybe another Blossoming Defense, Atarka's Command, Rancor, or something could also take the place of the "counters matter" cards. probably cut a land as well. 23 might be too much for your super low curve. probably tick up to 4 Wooded Foothills and cut down on a few basics, down to 20 or 21, probably... maybe even 19. your curve (realistically) stops at 2 mana, so you really dont need to get mana flooded. having something like Faithless Looting (saw you mentioned it in the description) or Cathartic Reunion would help pitch out lands or whatever you dont need.

MoonageDaydreamer on Outlast Onslaught

1 year ago

Good day to you, good Pyrowolf,

I think you have some solid ideas. A lot of these cards seem like stand alone cards enhanced by Anafenza, which is always solid, but here are a couple cards that might go well with her +1/+1 counter love: Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit, because bolster is still solid, and Anafenza won't be weirded out at all by seeing her own ghost. Armament Corps, possibly. Avatar of the Resolute because why not? Crowned Ceratok, because all big guys like trample. Cruel Sadist, repeatable removal. Enduring Scalelord is mainly there for looks, but can be useful if your opponents lack flying. Juniper Order Ranger. Map the Wastes, for that mana ramp/bolster combo (but not a combo combo). Retribution of the Ancients, repeatable removal. Servant of the Scale, for when you want to make sweet, passionate love to counters. And I'd think he works real well with something like Sandsteppe Mastodon. Warden of the First Tree, one of my all-time favorite cards. Like Figure of Destiny, but not as creepy (or as good).

You should maybe try to utilize Anafenza's graveyard hate as well. Black loves to throw things in graveyards, and she would bounce them into exile. Standard discard effects might be nice, but try: Magister of Worth, although it would likely be condemnation if you've been exiling everything. Duress, nothing fancy, but a classic in my opinion. When you can utilize every usable part of your commander without having too much going on, you know you're heading in the right direction.

And here are some additional solid Abzan-colored cards and lands, too: Abzan Banner, it's in the name. Condemn. Command Tower, useful in any EDH deck except mono-colored. Duneblast, in theory, but it is a 7-drop :\ Beast Within, pretty slick instant-speed removal in green. Evolving Wilds. Farseek, multi-colored ramp that is unaffected by color identity. Golgari Rot Farm, solid if you're not trying to go bankrupt on the mana base. Korozda Guildmage, or similar mana sinks for all of that excessive mana you should have with how long you're enduring. Orzhov Basilica. Rampant Growth, solid, but just be looking for mana ramp. Sandsteppe Citadel, probably a good idea. Selesnya Sanctuary.

Pardon, but I think you could find some more useful/powerful cards than AEther Snap, Burst of Energy, and Burst of Strength. AEther Snap is pretty good, I feel like it'd be too counter-productive here.

Remember to keep an eye on draw cards, even stuff like Read the Bones can give you that needed bit of card advantage.

Lastly, your deck may be asking for quite a bit of time and effort to build up into a glorious threat. It would sure be a shame to see all of it go to waste when some plays Hour of Revelation or something like that. Board wipes are inevitable in EDH, but maybe try to find some remedy to that for this deck. Glaring Spotlight could maybe help a little.

I hope these are helpful, good luck!

Tungdil on New Dinosaurs

1 year ago

Funkydiscogod unfortunately Vines of Vastwood is as expensive as Blossoming Defense. I don't want non-dinosaurs, those humans are the only exception, however you identified a huge problem that is the poor ramp. Perhaps I need some Overgrowth, I don't know. Well this combo for dino tokes is very interesting, maybe we can improve it making faster, what do you think about Battlegrowth/Burst of Strength/Nahiri's Machinations/Ordeal of Purphoros + Fire Whip/Power of Fire?

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