Burst of Strength


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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Burst of Strength


Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature and untap it.

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Burst of Strength Discussion

Flyboarg on Beast, +1 +1 counters

3 weeks ago

These are cards that might be good for your deck and also welcome back to magic Advocate of the Beast/Burst of Strength /Battlegrowth /Fangren Firstborn

tntturtle5 on Theory Of Evolution - Simic

4 weeks ago

I used to have a Simic evolve deck, too! Glad to see someone else putting up a deck this far past RTR xD

For starters, I think you could cut a couple forests for Llanowar Reborn if you are looking for a +1/+1 counter matters theme. It'll help your guys get a pseudo-evolve trigger when they come in, so you can get some value immediately, or to help trigger Avatar.
Bioshift seems like a great addition, if only to save your hard work building up some creatures before they get killed. It's a nice little trick you can use, plus it helps 'reset' a creature's P/T for when it's beneficial, namely on Renegade Krasis. Along the same lines, Burst of Strength is a great combat trick, both on offense and defense, and can be useful to, say, tap Gyre Sage for 1, use it to cast Burst of Strength on Gyre Sage and untap it, and tap it for 2? Dunno, a little gimmicky, but these are the small interactions you can have with instant-speed get a +1/+1 counter.

Last thing is probably just messing with some numbers.
-3 Give // Take
-3 Spell Rupture
-1 Elusive Krasis
-1 Shambleshark
-1 Forest

+1 Hardened Scales
+3 Mana Leak (move from side to main, just more consistently better)
+2 Burst of Strength
+2 Bioshift
+1 Llanowar Reborn

Here are my reasons for the changes. Mana Leak is more consistent than Rupture, and if you're rupturing them for more than 3, they have some other problems (namely the creature that has 4+ power). Go all out for Hardened Scales. It's just ridiculous. Full playset, because they stack anyway. I don't like the idea of paying 3 mana into putting counters on creatures. Burst is much less payoff, but it's instant speed, untaps the creature, and much less risky. Give//Take has the other half, but you could probably just play Fathom Mage main board over them then. Lastly, Elusive Krasis is nice, but I found that after 2 evolves it was really hard to get it higher without investment. Bioshift can fix that problem, since you can then shift your counters from a Raptor, or an early Shambleshark onto it. Or even better, shift the counters from Renegade Krasis onto it so the Renegade can keep evolving and triggering its ability, putting more counters on Elusive, (and with Hardened Scales....)

Either way, I hope that helped. Best of luck playing this!

h00n on Hydra Deck

1 month ago

I think there are 2 main problems about this deck:

First one is, that your mana base is too slow, cards like Kozilek's Channeler simply aren't worth it (-> why would you pay 5 for a creature which isn't useful for anything but mana?)

The second one is, as I personally think, that you should focus on 1 or 2 different hydras, and not include any you can find, because if you build the deck around 1 or 2 cards, you can focus more on their unique mechanics (i.e. Kalonian Hydra) and therefore have a stronger core.

But I wouldn't complain if I didn't have any suggestions:

Mana base:

  1. Llanowar Elves are fine, but I doubt that you will ever need more than 4, maybe split them 3/3 with Elvish Mystic.
  2. Consider ramping cards like Rampant Growth or Cultivate (or Dawntreader Elk but I'll mention it later).
  3. Maybe Sac-Lands would do (Havenwood Battleground).


  1. Hardened Scales are basically your best friend in an Hydra deck, because every Hydra gets more counters (yay) and you can play with other +1/+1 counter cards like...
  2. Burst of Strength, Hunger of the Howlpack (Dawntreader Elk!), or Mutant's Prey, which include utility and removal.
  3. Consider creatures like Managorger Hydra (cheap hydra that goes nuts with Hardened Scales), Nessian Wilds Ravager (for removal] or Vastwood Hydra.
  4. Vastwood Hydra works very will with necessary healing spells like Momentous Fall, as you can distribute the counters on other hydras.
  5. I'd suggest Kalonian Hydra and Primordial Hydra as main damage dealers.
  6. Fun combos like Karametra's Favor + Gilder Bairn works well with hydras.
  7. Savage Summoning when playing against blue (sideboard if you want)

I hope I've made some good suggestions on improval

Pal00ka on Hydras

1 month ago

Magewright's Stone, Thousand-Year Elixir, Burst of Strength, Emerald Charm, Seeker of Skybreak, and Vitalize can untap Rosheen to make a hydra 2x as big or be used as combat tricks.

Hammer of Purphoros, Fervor, Fires of Yavimaya Ogre Battledriver, In the Web of War, and Mass Hysteria allow your hydras to attack the turn they drop so they can have immediate impact.

And so chump blocking isn't an issue, trample enablers like Nylea, God of the Hunt, Primal Rage, Temur Runemark, Rancor, Fists of Ironwood, Dragon Fangs, Cartouche of Strength, etc. are helpful.

For removal the fight mechanic like Prey Upon, Savage Punch, Ulvenwald Tracker, Unnatural Aggression, Mutant's Prey, Epic Confrontation, etc. could be fun and flavorful for hydras (at least in my head).

Hope something here helps!

ironwolf1 on Mono G casual

2 months ago

Hardened Scales would work well with the +1/+1 counters theme here, also Solidarity of Heroes or Burst of Strength are both great pumps for this sort of thing.

The_Lost_Primarch on Burst of strength to avoid ...

3 months ago

Let's say that I have an attacking 1/1 creature like Tukatongue Thallid and for some reason I decide to back it out of combat for some strategic purpose with Burst of Strength before the blocker can inflict damage. Is this possible?

xxlahvacxx on Mono-Green hexproof

4 months ago

Thank you all for your suggestions.

In my opinion, I do not think that Witchstalker is that necessary for sideboard since it still can be countered. Same thing for Asceticism, which is quite mana expensive for this agro deck.

Sgt.Pickles I have play-tested this deck quite a lot and 20 Forrests seems quite fine for me. On the other hand, I was forced to run Rancor 4x in the mainboard plus I also put in Silhana Ledgewalker, which is more agressive than Troll Ascetic.

I prefer Burst of Strength which can surprise an oponent with an unexpected blocker rather than use Aspect of Hydra or Primal Bellow.

I always liked hydras so I put Mistcutter Hydra in the sideboard against blue controls. Thrun, the Last Troll is really amazing, unfortunatelly, it is not suited that well for my budget deck.

The idea of this deck is to run it Mono-Green so other colors are out of debate. TappedOut is full of GW hexproof decks, I wanted to created something different and unique in its own way :)

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