Burst of Strength

Burst of Strength


Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature and untap it.

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Burst of Strength Discussion

NoviceMagician on Infinite Turns by turn 4? Yes please!

1 month ago

Well shit . . . but still, Burst of Strength, Nature's Panoply, Give / Take, and Solidarity of Heroes would work because they do offer actual +1/+1 counters and trigger heroic simultaneously.

NoviceMagician on Infinite Turns by turn 4? Yes please!

1 month ago

Cool deck, I have a few suggestions for you if you'd like to see them.

Naturalize- Is the same thing as Consign to Dust only without strive mechanic, but has a lower mana cost.

Also, I was wondering if you were aware of the slight trick you can pull off with Sage of Hours. Say, Sage of Hours has three +1/+1 counters on it, then you cast a spell like Ranger's Guile on it. That would result in triggering the heroic mechanic. So, Sage of Hours would have four permanent +1/+1 counters on it and one temporary one that will resolve at the end of the turn. So, if you activate his remove ability before the turn is over, that temporary counter still counts toward his ability, even though it will resolve after the turn. Some cards that are similar to Ranger's Guile include Aerial Formation, Snare the Skies, Burst of Strength, Nature's Panoply which actually is a permanent counter, Give / Take which is also permanent, Chorus of Might which is great when you have more creatures down. There is also Solidarity of Heroes which doubles the counters just like Vorel of the Hull Clade and so combos great with Vorel.

Perhaps you could swap cards out of your sideboard to incorporate some of the cards I suggested, because, let's face it, once Sage of Hours gets going, he can't be stopped, and any damage you take before he does so, won't matter because your opponent won't be able to make it any worse.

I really like the deck, Sage of Hours is in my opinion, one of the most broken if you know how to utilize it correctly. +1 from me

Bubster321 on Hydra/control

1 month ago

I was thinking more along the lines of stuff like Burst of Strength , Increasing Savagery , Strength of the Tajuru and Incremental Growth because of how quickly they throw counters out. and Solidarity of Heroes would go nicely.

I'm also looking to take out Hooded Hydra , Nessian Wilds Ravager and Protean Hydra because they don't pump fast enough because hooded dies quickly and 1/1s havent shown much use, nessian's tribute is never paid, and protean doesnt boost quick enough. As well as the Negate is no longer needed and the only time you would go to play Opportunity you honestly don't need it.

So that would be the 5 for 5 switch up?

mercurial_golem on Quick Strike!!

2 months ago

If you want to go the counter route. You could try adding in the Hardened Scales then putting in Hunger of the Howlpack, Nature's Panoply, or Burst of Strength instead of the Giant Growth etc... Solidarity of Heroes could be used to double-up existing counters, and trigger Hardened Scales again.

Mutant's Prey could be used then on your pumped up creatures to whack opponent's threats.

Savage Summoning could be used to flash in a creature that has 2 +1/+1 counters on it when paired with Hardened Scales.

With all the instants, you're going to need card draw with the instants your playing, so you might need Life's Legacy, or some such to get some decent card draw.

The_Good_O on Vigorous (Suggestions Welcome)

2 months ago

Sorry, allow me to correct that. My 11/11 Vigor (Wolfir Silverheart and Burst of Strength have been played on it)

The_Good_O on Vigorous (Suggestions Welcome)

2 months ago

@Spyderred I think I will use Hooded Hydra. The ability of Protean Hydra is cancelled when Vigor is out. Also, I had Kalonian Hydra to combo with all the counters Vigor gives out, to double Primordial Hydra, to combo with Fangren Firstborn, or to have a small combo with Burst of Strength. And imagine a nice Hooded Hydra+Kalonian Hydra combo! 1/1 snake tokens everywhere! That is, if it dies.

hekjek on Heil Hydra (I need help completing this list)

2 months ago

I love this deck, its something I always wanted to do :o so I'm gonna give you as many suggestions as I can think of Cx all of my suggestions will be mono green, because that's what you have listed, -but- Rosheen Meanderer is the perfect gruul hydra commander, because it taps for four, and that works for any hydra!!

warning: some of these cards are gonna be really obscure xD Bramblewood Paragon will give all your hydras trample~

Gyre Sage it fits the theme pretty well, plus as long as you spend lots of mana on your hydras, it'll evolve each time :3 Savage Summoning is nice against counter decks~

Strength of the Tajuru I think that'd fit the them pretty well too, not sure if it'd be all that helpful, but it'd kinda be like retroactively paying more mana for your hydra, which is definitely something I wish I could do quite often >.<

Forgotten Ancient fits the theme a smidge, adding more counters to the hydras, or he can just get seriously massive by himselfanything with graft might be fun, throwing extra counters on your hydras, but I won't link anything here, because that'd be a lot of possibilities and they might not be your style. :/

Clockwork Hydra is cool I think, but maybe he's too taxing to deal with?Armory of Iroas adds plus ones to the hydras

Blessings of Nature might be cool? I'm kinda grasping at straws on a few of these, just naming plus one counter stuff x.xBow of Nylea combos amazingly with polukronos

Burst of Strength is a nice battle trick, also on theme

Crowned Ceratok because every green face-beater/eater needs trample

Cytoplast Root-Kin gives all the hydras a little buff

Aquastrand Spider makes hydras fly! xD

Ranger's Path gives you two lands(forests only, but you're running mono green) for only four mana

Door of Destinies, Obelisk of Urd, Brass Herald Hall of Triumph, Paragon of Eternal Wilds, Adaptive Automaton those are all "substitute lord" type creatures, any of those would be decent for any tribal deck

Fangren Firstborn buffs all attacking hydras

Fungal Behemoth he's as powerful as the combined total of +1/+1 counters on all your creatures, that'd be perfect xD

Hardened Scales is good for being so cheap

Hindervines prevents all the combat damage that wasn't dealt by your hydras

Hunt the Weak fits the theme

Increasing Savagery fits the theme

Ivy Lane Denizen

Longshot Squad gives all your hydras reach

Mutant's Prey

Ooze Flux any time someone tries to use spot removal on your hydras, you basically sac that hydra that's about to die anyway, and you get an ooze token with equal power and toughness Cx

Primeval Bounty might be cool?

Quest for the Gemblades

Renegade Krasis each time you play a hydra, all your hydras "evolve" as well! :o

Ring of Kalonia gives trample and a counter each turn?

Rite of Passage is good I think

Simic Basilisk combos great with polukronos

Soul's Might will double a hydra

Sporeback Troll gives all your hydras regen for two

Triumph of the Hordes not really on theme, but it'd be great to have with all the potentially massive hydras xD

Tuskguard Captain gives your hydras trampleVigor turns all your hydras into Phytohydra :3I think that's all I got, I hope it helps~

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