I'll explain myself soon; for now...

  1. Update my Melek deck to include both Storm Cards, & cards that copy Instants/Sorceries.

  2. Do a Challenge regarding Creatureless Superfriends… (Note, Sliver Queen , & Mirror Gallery will be used, & One Walker per Type only.)

  3. Revise all my Descriptions for my decks...

  4. Start renovating my profile page...

  5. Project 16 Begins soon... (Spoiler: It's Partner 2016 related; & 4 colors...)

More to come.

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@SynergyBuild: Don't worry, man. I think I understand now. Now can someone please close this thread, & feed it to Nira, Hellkite Duelist (Why don't we have the Heroes of the Realm Promos?!)? Or Serra the Benevolent ? I'm still trying to work on a +1/+1 Counter Deck, A Lands.dec Deck utilizing Gates, & making a Primer for Superfriends, I'm still trying to find a Doomsday Pile that's Only, maybe even update my cEDH Boros to be better than before; though I dunno if it's possible even w/ Smothering Tithe , among others.

Just close this please... I want this matter deceased.

March 26, 2019 10:30 a.m.

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@cdkime: Oh. Well, maybe I am stating to get some things. Really unfortunate how I do a simple "BUMP" is really out of the idea of Normal's Reach. I think I might understand some things now. Must have been my Overly Mana behind all I said. Hmph. I dunno about rewriting after rereading, But I'll see what I can do about this. I guess we can settle the case as closed I suppose? I'm working on several projects already; one regarding Gate.dec (A Gate-Based Land Deck), another, having an alt wincon for an otherwise, average CMDR anyway. I'd like to mention some more, but I'll save those for later... Thanks for all the help; even with the idea of "Land of Confusion"-level, well, confusion. Later.

March 25, 2019 12:42 p.m.

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@SynergyBuild: I'll try & mention some stuff as to what you were trying to say:

If the opponent has bad enough draws, a colorless commander with 99 Wastes and some random Eldrazi commander can get there. Or like if they cast Demonic Consultation in a lab-man list like Kess and end up accidentally exiling Lab man, killing themselves.

From the start, this is what I was confused by. While the Deck was resolved, I dunno what else you were trying to imply; only that the Mono- identity was meant as an analogy for Color Identity not being a problem for any deck autolosing from Color-Lock.

Anything else, I still dunno. I'd really not want a war on this; let's just be peaceful as we can still be...

…Even though I can't understand what you're saying; & likewise for you. I apologize for this. I wonder what your evaluation on this is still, & what your analogy on your other points are meant to be. As for backup, if you can't seem to understand a single thing I'm saying, maybe it's just my ideas on how I stylize the term "BUMP" all these times. But is it something else entirely? What are your analogies on the rest of your points? Once we get to a conclusion, I'll work on the deck again. For now, I've other things to do...

March 25, 2019 11:46 a.m.

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So, let me get what you mean: Locking Colors down can be avoided by the biggest victim of such? You did imply something about , but I just want the whole reason why you stated can't lose, but the same goes for . I'm really confused about the notion, & I'd like a good list of stuff as to what you mean from such implicit ideas I don't understand. What were you trying to say in the first place? Once I get a better idea for what you meant in its entirety, I'll proceed to make the cuts. Yes, I'm that naïve, & yes, I'm still confused even after all this... X/ I'd like an explanation on all this, please; I'm desperate... >.<

March 24, 2019 3:32 p.m.

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@Chandra585: Oh. But what exactly is the use of Mana Tithe when it's so vulnerable as it takes only to swat it. I wonder what kind of use it might have. But I'm still wondering about the Other 4 pieces of the Doomsday Pile, al while keeping it only, as well as finding some way to bypass the Exile Zone in a permanent status. I don't suppose anyone has a clue as to how? I was thinking Kiki-Jiki & Felidar Guardian myself, but anything else is still a mystery even. We have 2.5 pieces of the Forbidden One; 2.5 as in "I dunno how the bloody hell Mana Tithe can work at all...". If it works like it should, good. I'm raising it to 3. otherwise, Pyroblast isn't so helpful either unless all threats have to be ...

Any idea for two other pieces of the pile?

@SynergyBuild: I dun suppose one should use Tithe in the first place? & what about the other two pieces? I already have Kiki-Jiki & Felidar Guardian in the confirmed of the 5 card pile. Any better ideas for the other two besides stuff for defense, & doesn't require the grave? I'm curious myself...

March 24, 2019 1:42 p.m.

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@iAzire: Hmmm... Alright. Dunno how useful Mana Tithe will be though; I mean, the mana cost to negate it seems too easy to pay either. Besides, the initial 5 card pile seems to be mostly Permanents anyway. I also added a new restriction to the combo to combat decks that force exiling as a terminal replacement for the Grave; essentially negating any card of the 5 card Pile. But, I'd also like an opinion on Mana Tithe though. How much of the time does it even work w/o anyone paying even Colorless? this might be a problem on its own, & not all targets that either Red Elemental Blast , nor even Pyroblast (I prefer the latter anyway as the choice isn't as forced.) can beat have anyway. Which would mean the other 4 would have to be Perms unless ol' Tithe paid in Blood & Guts can work here.

But the situation stands; I'd still want suggestions for parts of a pile that bypass the need for a grave for reasons above; & if one doesn't remember: these are the reasons: Planar Void , Rest in Peace , & even Leyline of the Void . I was liking the idea for Felidar Guardian , & Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker , but what other two, besides the protection in question yet again, would be used? & if all 4 cards are Permanents, why shouldn't the 5th be Rebuff the Wicked ? Oh, wait: It doesn't help to counter spells your opponents might cast to counter your spells. So why Mana Tithe ? I'm discombobulated anyway... >.<

March 23, 2019 11:17 a.m.

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@SynergyBuild: Apologies about this; just forgot the situation when cards like Planar Void , Rest in Peace , & even Leyline of the Void are in play. Didn't want to disappoint in such a short notice, but I suppose you have other ideas? Also, why not Rebuff the Wicked ? Aside from Faithless Looting (Which is practically out.), the rest are permanents at least...

March 22, 2019 2:30 p.m.

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& for the Primer for this:

The EDH Doomsday Primer

Unknown* AlwaysSleepy

SCORE: 132 | 68 COMMENTS | 63947 VIEWS | IN 105 FOLDERS

I, uh, actually wanted to make a Doomsday package w/ this as an optional wincon (Though the CMDR is yet to be fully confirmed.). There is only ONE restriction, though. All parts of the pile must have either , , , or any combination of the three. With no (Resulting in a lack of Laboratory Maniac , Gitaxian Probe , even Yawgmoth's Will .) to back this up, & the idea of Decking out to win out, I wonder for myself what I can do w/ this. Since this is, basically, only, this is essentially the hardest thing Doomsday can do. What to do for a pile is still unknown. I've yet to even choose any of the pieces. I do know that Faithless Looting , Wild Guess , & even Tormenting Voice would only make the pile worse. I'd like some suggestions anyway, though; but w/ only 5 cards to choose, one multiplier out of the equation, maybe there's another way; I mean, I can only imagine infinite burn, but this is / only anyways; maybe there's another way? I'm now open to debate. Oh, & is out despite being in the CMDR's Color Identity; JSYK. Any ideas?

UPDATE: LITERALLY forgotten one important factor in such a situation. (Though there might be more after the fact.) Say, for instance, your Graveyard is now an Exile Only Zone. This means stuff using the yard will be utterly useless. This is to show what this deck can really do in a pinch. Apologies for this; though I'll have to say this over & over if needed...

March 22, 2019 1:34 p.m.

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@SynergyBuild: Oh, man. Back to Square1. So, let me guess; from what you're saying previously is that Color Identity (Based on your Analogy of a deck.) is a pointless case? But what about Kess? Does this imply something else? I really don't know what. I guess we can get the Color Autolose Clause away from this topic based on what you meant, but I don't know what other clauses you're also trying to imply on the subject matter. Once I get my answers (Including Kess, & something else, if needed.), I'll proceed to doing some cuts, but do know I'm working on a Primer, & I'm planning to make a Mardu Deck where one wincon has Doomsday , but the entire package is all . Just to bite the naysayers right at the soul. I just have this to worry about though... Opinions on this, I'm only able to get one thing straight (Color ideas not being a restriction.)… Sorry if I am annoying you at this point. :/

March 22, 2019 8:59 a.m.

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@SynergyBuild: Wait. I think I might be getting where you're getting at, though I might be even more wrong than right than I was before. Is this about even chance? As in every deck has an even chance at beating others? This seems strange, as this doesn't always seem to be the case, but if otherwise, unless I'm wrong about this as well, I might need a simple explanation before I proceed to make some cuts; maybe it's not the colors, like I inadvertedly believe, but something else entirely. Though I must be wasting you're time on this, & I'm still trying to find a Mardu CMDR that can utilize Doomsday , but w/ only a Pile. Not necessarily a primary wincon, but enough to prove Boros does at least have something. But unless I'm wasting you're time, based on the 99 example, are you sure each deck has an even chance, or is there something else I'm also missing out on?

March 21, 2019 1:17 p.m.

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@SynergyBuild: O_O IF: (Does the same stunned look) O...kay... That was a waste of a Q&A... Huh... Talk about nigh-unbeatable Color Identity. I mean, I'm running Teysa, Orzhov Scion (Formerly Teysa Karlov ), but dang, I didn't think those colors have all the options needed to win, regardless... (Still stunned.) (sigh...) Alright... I think it's time to cut down to the legal min/max at this point; I'm surprised Orzhov, of all things has all the tools needed to beat many kinds of opposition. But, yeah. Thanks. I'll see what I can do for cuts; but now, I'm revising several things outside of here... Later.

March 21, 2019 11:41 a.m.

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@SynergyBuild: What I'm trying to say is: I wanted to know 's biggest bane in CMDR is as a CMDR; the hardest can handle while still having a shred of a chance of winning. If Animar, Soul of Elements isn't it, & neither is Sigarda, Host of Herons , then who is harder than either? Once I get the results imputed, & find out what weakness' such a deck has, I'll proceed to find such answers, & make the cuts from there (Finally...). Any thoughts? I wish I could make this an actual outside topic, but this unfortunately is where it'll happen...

March 21, 2019 10:34 a.m.

@SynergyBuild: Lulz. Never thought I'm saying this, after I found how a damned Accordion works here, I had to decide to do something like this as a Wincon in (Mardu). Though what CMDR to use is something I still dunno… Not Counting Mayael variants Kaalia of the Vast , or Aggro Zurgo Helmsmasher , Vamps w/ no support for this (Any Mardu CMDR of C17's Vampire Tribal.), Weenies Alesha, Who Smiles at Death , much less Aikido Queen Marchesa . Same also goes for Partner CMDRS. One Wincon in question allows Doomsday , but I wanted an all Package. I wonder what I can use for this; as I've little options; maybe Mathas, Fiend Seeker could be good? Tariel, Reckoner of Souls ? I doubt Oros, the Avenger will do anything... Ideas?

March 21, 2019 9 a.m.

@SynergyBuild: Well, how I do my share of Bumping is O.V. the Top, so we're even. Alright, maybe Predict should be out of the Question; the Primer above posted on March 14th stated stuff like Unearth , & even Reanimate are both trash. So at least we have 3 pieces we can confirm are not truly needed.

I mentioned the combo as a joke combo, even though , , & even will never get their "Planarshifted-Styled" variant on Doomsday ; but just imagine what the name for the mono-color variants outside of the original: = (I can't think of one right now... X/) = (I still dunno...X/) (I'm thinking of some kind of name for either that's one word, but is like a Doomsday situation, but in those colors.)

That said, I think I might have my package settled for this case...

Frantic Search , Gush (Or something...), Pact of Negation , Laboratory Maniac , & Gitaxian Probe . If I had a challenge for card creation, it's simple, make a "Functional" version of Doomsday for all but mono colors but . Do you thin this can work? I added Pact as a protective element. In case you wanted to know...

March 20, 2019 2:21 p.m.


@SynergyBuild: It's been some time since we talked. I might a well throw this together for a Doomsday Package:

Frantic Search , Gush ? (Still unsure), Laboratory Maniac , Gitaxian Probe . Still need 1.5 other cards though, but how would you implement Predict in this combo? I'm also trying a parody on this for fun.

This is what I got: Wild Guess , Tormenting Voice … & that's it. Opinions or thoughts on either? How would you make this better?

March 20, 2019 12:38 p.m.

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@SynergyBuild: So, I suppose such a deck in question is fine enough? I was asking to be sure. For the last part of my previous comment, I'm currently trying to make a Primer for Superfriends; though what I have so far for walkers (I'm still at the start of all this, but the description is very unorganized, & some descriptions for some of the Walkers in question seem too much in a style not even most MTG players would've recognized anyway; this will be fixed though, when, I dunno…) is only the start of ~>140 (Plus the Heroes of the Realm Walkers & whether or not they deserve to be brought to the public... But Urza, Academy Headmaster ; what does http://www.askurza.com have to do w/ Loyalty? Aw well... I just hope the random results mean something powerful for him in an Unformat...). That said, does categorizing them require, say, Accorions? Ordered/Unordered Lists? After I get my answer on this, I should be all set... But, yeah. Thanks.

Oh, & I wasn't referring to Kess; more likely than not, she would have a better chance of winning, so Tier 1 cEDH Commanders are out, mostly; though just exiling such tutoring, from what I'm reading, Walkers wouldn't do much, & even stuff like Kess (Kas, in my book.), actually seems tame? Intriguing... (Spock: ... (Eyebrow Raised.) Chess.) Well, I was merely trying to find the Colors; biggest weakness for CMDRs, & how at least one can best anything Orzhov can even do. Now I think about it, I need to put in Oblivion Stone in the primer in the future Wrath section; how such a deck would work, when one is able to use such a deck, makes it stronger than most of its kin even. Back to Orzhov though, if the color's biggest opponents like CMDRs, & even Kess aren't strong enough, maybe we should wind it down a little from cEDH Ragequiting to a little less competitive, but still among the lines of Semi-Competitive, perhaps; though I'm confounded something like this can potentially anti-meta a cEDH Tier 1. I hope this post isn't too much for you though... & to think; I just found a forum post of mine about Philosophies... Maybe I might be able to make a Custom Planeswalker that's based, all while resembling that of a human; even though that being's philosophies is different from all conventional human life. Great... now I'm going to have to plan to do 2 Card Creation Challenges to myself now... OxO'

March 19, 2019 11:19 a.m.

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@SynergyBuild: Well? What do you think the hardest CMDR an Orzhov CMDR can take on? I mean, we're using Board Wipes, Council's Judgment , basically anything that bypasses any Protection effects. But what if there is a CMDR that can beat the "DEBT" concept entirely? Then what is the most powerful CMDR Orzhov can still beat, but have a bigger chance of losing? I've been asking for some answers for a while now. Maybe you can help? That, & I'm still trying to hardcode my Description for a Primer in the hopes to have categories, & Subcategories within even... Any advice for this?

March 19, 2019 8:54 a.m.

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(Caramelldansen plays.)

(Pile of Questions spins until the latch for them opens...)

The Ur-Dragon: Tibalt is a FAR better Walker than Davriel Cane!


As I still don't have any answers on what the biggest opponent Orzhov can fight & has more of a chance to lose, than win; I'd like some ideas. Once I find the right CMDR, I'll adapt my Orzhov deck further based on how to beat it. Then we'll talk abut cuts; though Edicts are the obvious first to die as I already have enough needed to deal w/ Animar, Soul of Elements , & even Sigarda #1 ( Sigarda, Host of Herons ). All suggestions for the most powerful CMDR Orzhov can fight, & have a hard time beating are welcome. I just want answers soon though; I dunno if anyone remembers this exists though...

March 18, 2019 2:13 p.m.


I a at a state as to what Orzhov's biggest opponent is in CMDR. I just simply want answers before Deciding what else to add, & from there, the big cuts. For this, I'm not counting overly powerful stuff of even cEDH concept, so stuff like Zur the Enchanter is out. But I still need answers for what the Color Identity still can beat as it's most powerful opponent to a fault that there can be a chance for this deck to fight such & have a chance of losing. If I can find the most powerful of thus for this deck (EG, The biggest Bane in CMDR form this can handle.), I'll try & find some ways to exploit their weaknesses, & work my way from there for the cuts.

But, I need your opinion on this more than ever. Oh, & one last thing, how does one make category & sub-category files in a Primer? I'm working on one, but, it's EXTREMELY unorganized. Any advice for that is very much appreciated. Thanks BTW.

March 18, 2019 8:58 a.m.

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Alright, an update. Finally found out how Felidar Guardian can be useful in a Superfriends CMDR Deck; Aminatou, the Fateshifter can use her -1 Loyalty ability to bounce another Walker that used a Loyalty ability prior, & if it can be copied, she can bounce Felidar Guardian , & as she enters the battlefield again, bounces Aminatou & comes back, all of those behaving as if they never knew their prior existence. Rinse, & repeat after every time another walker coming back into play uses just one Loyalty ability. FAR more value than one would think; & can help for all walkers this way, potentially allowing for infinite Loyalty Abilities. ALL WITHOUT The Chain Veil . Jank, but at least the Guardian can even be used w/ Saheeli Rai as a combo that has been known to even be banned in some formats. This is why Estrid, the Masked got booted from even 2-Star status as the only way she would help is w/ Enchanted Evening ; but that would have to reduce the assistance value for Walkers as it only applies to her. Felidar Guardian , however is Value Town when combined w/ Aminatou, the Fateshifter as endless blinking, & support for Saheeli Rai. These reasons, & more will show why as of now, Venser, the Sojourner will have a significantly lower score w/ the Walkers now available. Oh, & before I get off this topic, how does one make such a Primer in a way that seems more efficient? I see Primers have layers w/ sublayers. All in the Description. I don't suppose anyone can help w/ this kind of thing? I just need to put my categories in check.

On other things, I still need to cut quite a bit for an Orzhov deck, but I don't know the most powerful CMDR it can handle; Zur? 100% Loss rate; so it doesn't count. But what is this deck/color identity's most powerful opponent as a whole? Once I find a good weakness for that CMDR, I'll try & find what's available that can dispatch it. I just want to know the CMDR name I'm dealing as this deck's biggest challenge.

Oh, & if you don't mind, I'm planning to do some card creation; Mono-, & Planeswalker, but the abilities are not what you'd expect for ; I just wish this place had a CHAOS symbol I could use for this... You know, Planechase?

Over & out.

March 17, 2019 4:34 p.m.


1000% Spark Storm (EDH Superfriends Primer)

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Orzhov's Weapon against Animar...

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


BMH: Introspected, & Introverted; The UnExperience

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


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