Boros Battleshaper


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Rare

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Boros Battleshaper

Creature — Minotaur Soldier

At the beginning of each combat, up to one target creature attacks or blocks this combat if able and up to one target creature can't attack or block this combat.

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Boros Battleshaper Discussion

COUGARMEAT on Mino Death-strike (budget)

3 weeks ago

I ended up cutting Ragemonger from my minotaur deck. Didoo was just better because I was also running 4 Boros Reckoner, 1 Boros Battleshaper and a pair of Fanatic of Mogis. Also made Kragma Warcaller the same cost essentially. Considered throwing Ragemonger back in to play with Neheb, the Worthy though. Seeing what your experience was like. I may just run a split of them and see what works best.

Karns_Pyromancer on Aurelia Smash

3 months ago

I'm going to go through it by card types & make suggestions based on what I see missing or might be beneficial.


Boros Signet & Lightning Greaves are a must for this deck. You might consider Stormrider Rig since you've got Hero's Blade. There'should also O-Naginata & Umezawa's Jitte, the Swords of X&Y, Hedron Matrix, Grafted Exoskeleton, etc. As for making things cheaper, Semblance Anvil could be hilarious.


Sram, Senior Edificer might be worth running (in the same vein, Sigarda's Aid exists). You might consider Goblin Rabblemaster or Kemba, Kha Regent for sheer numbers. Boros Battleshaper is hilarious. Kor Cartographer, Knight of the White Orchid & Oreskos Explorer all ramp for pretty cheap.


Grasp of Fate & Berserkers' Onslaught are pretty great.


You need Swords to Plowshares/Path to Exile. Maybe Rout & Chaos Warp.


Myriad Landscape, Sacred Foundry, & Clifftop Retreat are great. Plateau hasn't really gone up (or, more importantly, DOWN) in awhile so, you might grab one if you find the money for it.


Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, Blasphemous Act, Indomitable Creativity, Fumigate; sweepers are important & with so many options, there's no reason not to run at least two. Open the Vaults is something I actually expected. If you do go with it, you might consider running things like Renegade Map or Wayfarer's Bauble.

TheRedGoat on Cowgasm

5 months ago

I can understand that. Using green certainly would shake things up in regards to what you actually need to run. Though I do feel that if I ever recreate my own minotaur tribal I'm going to go mardu and set up to free cast cards like Boros Reckoner and Boros Battleshaper.

nobu_the_bard on !Blade to Hire!

5 months ago

Going wide in Boros? Soldier tribal? I'll suggest some cards to cut in your current list. Keep in mind these are suggestions and I don't expect you to accept them without thinking (saying regarding the battleshaper particularly; he's more okay than the others).

These cards are generally too small scale to make a difference. You need to be thinking larger scale than this.

There are some other iffy ones but seems like a good start.

At base, I'd look to increase boardwipes a lot. Should have at least four. A fast Boros deck throws threats at the board fast; it should be able to recover from a boardwipe quickly. If someone is actually faster, you can open with a cheap boardwipe on T3-5 and THEN start playing the real threats, letting everyone's Llanowar Elves and Serra Ascendants bite the dust.

Find yourself a Sun Titan my friend!! (And a Commander's Sphere.)

The_Raven on Boros Charm

6 months ago

You are really making this hard for me...

Blaze Commando, AT LEAST wears a Boros mark on the front. Same as Boros Battleshaper. Notice how he has a belt from the left shoulder, down under right arm. This is like the minotaur on Boros Charm.

Fanatic of Mogis at least has a necklase on front.

Minotaur Explorer, here, you can see a "shoulder-belt" on the left side/front of her, but on the back she wears all kinds of weapons. If Boros Charm was the back, there MIGHT have been some weapons attached to the belt.

Ondu Champion, weapons on the back.

Ordruun Veteran, this guy just have a double "shoulder-belt", and looks quite like the Charm.

This Kazuul Warlord, this Minotaur Warrior, and this Raka Disciple is how a minotaur look from the back. Only 3 cards out of the 54 minotaurs are depicted from the back. It doesn't seem like they have the buckle on the back.

At last, do you see the buckle on the "shoulder-belt"? How would you open a buckle on your back? It's pretty though.

Therefore, I conclude, that Boros Charm is seen from the front.

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