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Riku of Two Reflections - Wizard Duplication

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I took at a lot of the suggestions provided to me an am happy to say I've put together something I'm very proud of! I know this may not be 'top tier competitive meta' deck, but it has really given me a strong foot-hold with my play group. I've finally won some EDH games!

I'm happy with what I've put together, but am also looking for more input, and suggestions. I'd be interested to hear of any other infinite combos I could insert. Cards regardless of price. As well as 'swap out' suggestions, and any cards that can be viewed as 'bricks' with the theme I'm using.

This Riku deck was a very heavy inspiration for me, I basically tried to re-create it, and add my own cards for cards I was unable to find/expensive pieces: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/riku-of-two-reflections-edh-copypasterepeat/

Thank you all very much for your comments, criticisms, suggestions & advice! I've definitely been enjoying MTG more since putting together a more synergized deck as well as understanding more concepts and strategies... also winning is pretty fun too!



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