The goal of this deck is to play cheap counters and ramp. I'm not sure what your meta's like, but expecting to play Niv on 6 and have him live a turn cycle is not very realistic in most of the metas I've played in. By playing a lot of fast mana and cheap counters, you can play him on 6 with 2-3 counters up. Then you can pass with a bunch of protection up. If they somehow overwhelm your protection, you'll draw 5-7 cards and have 5-7 pings at minimum (3-4 off their removal, 2-3 off your counters). Then out of your new hand you can play a bunch of rocks the next turn and continue the sequence until you exhaust your opponents' removal. I personally found cards like Guttersnipe, Crackling Drake, Young Pyro, and Electrostatic Field to be a little low impact. Other than that, I ended up cutting almost all the cards that cost 5 or more mana, since your general's the main thing you sink your mana into (and even if the tax gets high, I found it really hard to want to play Niv1 because of how prone it is to counters and removal - even in the latter case, Niv3 draws cards).

It's also worth pointing out that of the 3 Curiosity effects, Tandem Lookout isn't a may. That means you will lose unless your opponents' combined life is less than the number of cards in your deck, you'll lose. It's also the most fragile (and most expensive, considering Eye's instant-speed), so it ended up not making the cut for me.

Notes: Cards excluded for budget considerations currently - Mana Crypt, Snapcaster Mage

Cards I want to find room for - Scepter/Reversal combo. Apart from Reversal not being an awful card in this deck (since it cantrips w/Niv) and this deck playing a high number of Scepter targets, Scepter/Reversal actually lets you draw your deck w/Niv once you have infinite mana. Then you can kill 2 players with Explosion (and get it back w/Snapcaster or Conjecture to kill another 2), so it's still a win condition even if your Jace and Lab Man are killed.


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