"The traitors want my city ... but I'll give them naught but ashes."

  • Aerys II Targaryen the Mad King, A Song of Ice and Fire: A Storm of Swords

The King is dead (well, deader and for good this time), long live the Queen! After usurping the throne from Brago, the Blink King, Queen Marchesa wastes no time in asserting her dominance and right to rule...and she is making sure not to go down like her predecessor! With capable allies and strong protection, queen Marchesa is ready to defend her crown by any means necessary, even if it means becoming a queen ruling over ashes!

Main focus of the deck is to build pillow fort to protect you and prevent opponents from attacking or at least slowing down their attacks. Ghostly Prison / Windborn Muse provide excellent protection under right circumstances since their tax effect forces opponents choose between either using their resources to attack you or play their own spells. Most often your opponents have to or will decide to attack someone else.

Similarly works Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs which gives you 3/3 tokens for each attacking creature that you can use as blockers if they don't pay 3 mana for each attacker. While it won't stop creatures with evasion from attacking you like some other pillow fort pieces, it still gives you a decent size creature that you can use to build an army to attack or intimidate your opponents from attacking in future.

Really flavorful piece for the deck is No Mercy since it suits Queen Marchesa's personality well. Creatures may still attack you but if they do, they get destroyed the moment they deal damage to you. Another flavor inclusion is Marchesa's Decree that drains your opponents one life for each creature they attack you with (Revenge of Ravens is a better card in my opinion but Marchesa's Decree card is more flavorful and it gives Monarch on ETB).

Crawlspace won't sadly work against Voltron style decks but it works marvelously on any deck focusing on building wide creature army. You just need couple blockers to keep away the two creatures that are able to attack and you will be fine.

In addition to pillow fort, this deck has many other means to protect the monarch, be it you, Marchesa or the Monarch token. A real flavor move is never allowing your opponents to get your Monarch token.

The best card to protect your Monarch token is Delaying Shield. While it does not stop opponents from attacking and hurting you (and it's damage prevention is minimal) it does stop opponents from stealing your Monarch token since they no longer deal combat damage to you. It also prevents commander damage.

Comeuppance / Deflecting Palm are fun instants to surprise your opponents with. The first works really well if opponent is storming off with damage coming to you or running at you with a big army, the second works well protecting against one big damage source from a spell or a creature. They both not only prevent the damage but send it back to their source!

Similarly good damage prevention are Selfless Squire and Gideon's Sacrifice, though these do not have the added spice of using your opponents tactics against themselves.

Talking about spice and using your opponents tactics against themselves, Delirium will be really nasty surprises to your opponents who play huge creatures (just imagine targeting an opponent's Blightsteel Colossus with this!) and will show them their proper place.

Deflecting Swat allows you to snatch your opponent's targeting spell or ability and redirect it to a new more suitable target. It also essentially works as a red counterspell to counterspells your opponents cast (you cast something, they in response cast a counterspell and in response to the opponent's counterspell you cast Deflecting Swat targeting that counterspell and it changes to counter your Deflecting Swat instead the first spell you cast).

In a sad case that you do end up losing the Monarch token (shame on you!), there are couple of ways to get it back. Soltari Visionary / Dauthi Voidwalker has a rare built-in evasion that practically makes it unblockable while Rogue's Passage makes any of your creatures unblockable.

Skyline Despot / Archon of Coronation / Emberwilde Captain gives you the Monarch token back on ETB trigger, same as your commander, Queen Marchesa. Though it is little unorthodox flavor wise, sometimes it is actually a good strategy to allow your commander to die or at least let your enemies assume she is dead, "The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated" after all. By allowing Queen Marchesa go back to the command zone, you can cast her again and gain back the Monarch token without having to attack and deal damage.

All the defenses and protection so far has lead to this, the Endgame! While your opponents have been busy trying to get to you, you have been drawing cards and assembling a board state to unleash your master plan: a truly terrifying world ending combo of Worldgorger Dragon + Animate Dead / Necromancy that causes your opponents to burn with any of the following cards:

Or, if you are a sore loser who is unable to get the final combo piece, you can just animate the nightmare dragon and make everyone lose by making the game tie since there is no stopping the combo (unless one of your opponents has a target removal at instant speed) after it gets going. Additionally you can replace Worldgorger Dragon with Leonin Relic-Warder and win the game with any of the three first listed permanents.

Cards have been grouped by custom order.

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