Once there was a down on his luck Shaman on Dominaria, using his magic to generate mana to generate value, and he was happy. One day soldiers came by and stole all his mana, and it was time to take up the sword! Unfortunately for Sunastian, he was stronger than an elephant, but lots of dudes and ladies in Dominaria are stronger than elephants, it's normal there, so he still got owned real hard. Finally he said '**** it' and made a forbidden covenant to double his mana production, at the cost of generating colourless mana. He became an outcast, but a powerful one, and he soon began to use his dark (well, colourless isn't dark, but I think you get it?) magic to summon the images of eldritch horrors to his plane, bringing terror to those that trod upon him! He began praying to one day bring forth the image of his glorious master Kozilek, or perhaps dread Ulamog, the power of the Eldrazi seemed limitless, only then did he finally make contact with Emrakul herself. Finally he even began to look for a way to become one of these Titans himself, to visit terror personally on his many enemies! Obviously all head-cannon, but it explains why he pumps out 2 generic instead of 1 of a colour like other Mana Dork Legends like Riven Turnbull and Princess Lucrezia, and it also explains why he's working with Eldrazi, his plan of mixing swords with sorcery didn't cut it (for painfully obvious reasons, a 4/4 Sol Ring is hardly a win con!).

This deck mixes later game aggro with light control elements, with games generally decided by combat damage. The Eldrazi in the deck are varied, with Titans and a Void Winnower to provide some terrifying possibilities, but even a free 10/10 is more than a little scary in a deck with Fight effects. Not all the big stuff is Eldrazi, there are also some random stompy-type cards thrown in to make up for the shortfalls of the Eldrazi (including the good ones being really $$$). The deck runs a lot of ramp because we need to ramp a bunch, hoping to both get Sunastian out early and start dropping Eldrazi to start ending the world/beating face. The control elements include a bunch of repeatable fight effects and various other removal, this is the kind of deck that you could probably justify something like Desert Twister, but it happily runs Scour, and I rarely hate to see it, even if 7 mana can be a lot even for this deck (by mid game 7 mana shouldn't matter, but it's hard to sneak out early to save your bacon like Swords or Beast Within can)

It's not a complicated deck, but it tends to be fun when it's working correctly. To make sure that happens, I have tried to seed more and more card draw into the deck, it felt way too awkward at first, but I think it's finally getting somewhere it can play from. Having extra card draw will make it easier to consistently hit my land drops, which will also be useful. I got around to making some custom headings, these aren't Vorthos, so they should be pretty clear.

I struggle to find music that properly channels the Eldrazi, other than maybe non-lyrical music, Romantic especially? Is there singing in here? If you know of songs about horrifying tentacle monsters that destroy the world, let me know!


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Finally have all 3 Titans in here, this deck has very little synergy with Zhulodok, so that can probably stay out. The deck has a few more ramp effects, and I'm really curious if Green Sun's Twilight will effectively play better than Elvish Aberration, finding a Forest without any Green was technically a helpful ability to have access to, but the ceiling of Aberration is really terrible compared to what Twilight can do in here, I have some decent hits if I dump some mana into it.

Still curious if Bramble Familiar makes sense in here or not, I have some big hits, but the card might be too 'fair magic' with it's restriction to only the Milled cards.


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