"Their forces are growing. The enemy appears unstoppable. Countless beings of immeasurable force. They fear nothing, the know nothing. The fools! Infiltration shows no weaknesses, we know their power, we can use it, and we shall...."
- Dimir Infiltrator

This deck has been built on the strength that Lazav, Dimir Mastermind brings as a whole, unlike most Dimir decks there is very small amounts of mill in the deck. I have decided upon this due to a hatred of milling in my play group. Though this I do not believe effects the total power when playing.

Due to Budget concerns, though I appreciate the input and suggestions, cards like Gilded Drake and Bribery Etc., are not to be included as of yet. Hopefully one day though!

Noted favourite Combo at the moment Mimic Vat + Perplexing Chimera , Nice Perplexing Chimera without the drawback!

Get your deck out and give it a go!

Please offer advice or even +1! Cheers!


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A few cards in Origins have peaked my interest! Nicely on Theme, or at least fun,

Talent of the Telepath - This seems to be an auto include, Similar to Spelltwine just a little more random.

Demonic Pact - This one is a quite a risky one, Dropping this gives you 3 turns to pass it to your opponent. Namely after utilizing all of the beneficial clauses, use Puca's Mischief to trade with an opponent for anything terrible they may have, and watch them squirm as they lose the game next turn. Or so this is how I believe it will work.

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