This deck is based upon Pharika, God of Affliction . This commander was chosen to alter the usual way a Golgari deck plays. Instead of just self-mill into a Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord flinging Lord of Extinction combo. I am aware that there are more ways of playing these enemy colours but that seems to be the more popular of choices.

The Aim of the deck is to play politically, stay quiet without boarding threats and help out people in need of blockers with Death-touch snakes. This will keep filling their yards until you can piece your combo's together and sneak in for the win.

How does it win?

Here is where the interaction gets a bit odd. There is quite a few ways to win but the main theory is to drop A LOT of tokens. But counter-intuitively, you give them to your opponents. These are instantly killed with Illness in the Ranks etc. and then trigger a lot of your many drain abilities (e.g. Dingus Staff ) If your token killers haven't stuck you can also drop a Massacre Wurm when the opponents have enough creatures on the field. Dropping a Tainted AEther can really screw over a whole field too, it wont make you friends but works quite well. Finally Living Death offers a board wipe and huge recursion spell in one. This one if group friendly in some situations, but if Pharika, God of Affliction has been busy it becomes a very one sided spell!

Other Interactions

Constellation has a little debut in this deck as they are triggered by my commander, Her ability and 18 other cards.
Oath of Ghouls , and Oath of Druids , are also included in the deck to offer to opponents a group hug feel. Wanting to keep you in the game! But little do they know you can just stop them in their tracks by getting creatures out of their graveyard and onto their field.
A lot of the rest of the deck tries to harness each little bit of death. There is multiple recursion abilities to keep me in the game, and multiple ways when creatures die it gives me advantages.

The Next Step

Due to current budget concerns this is my current deck list and am aware that many improvements are to be made, including completing the brew.

I hope you enjoyed the deck and please upvote help me make this deck grow!

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Ahh how spoiler season is so loved! Soon as i heard about the enemy guilds for this years commander series I was very excited! Though the usual Golgari plans don't match this deck's, a few cards i think will make the cut!

Meren of Clan Nel Toth - This offers similar abilities to alot of the deck, naming just a few: Gleancrawler, Sheoldred, Whispering One
Deadly Tempest - Nice board wipe with the added benefit of dealing alot of damage if I make them swarm.

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