Grinning Totem

Grinning Totem


(2), Tap, Sacrifice Grinning Totem: Search target opponent's library for a card and remove it from the game. Then that player shuffles his or her library. Until the beginning of your next upkeep, you may play that card. At the beginning of your next upkeep, if you haven't played it, put it into its owner's graveyard.

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Grinning Totem Discussion

carpecanum on Esika - God of Counters

2 months ago

Spirit of Resistance and Grinning Totem are great in 5 color decks. Fellwar Stone also but its more expensive right now.

carpecanum on Charix, the Penny Pincher ($40- $100)

2 months ago

Grinning Totem is a tutor for a tutor. Somebody is going to be playing a deck that will give you a tutor, card draw or a Blasphemous Act that will destroy everything but your crab.

Winnieblues on "Instant Tribal" - Toshiro Umezawa - EDH PRIMER

9 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions gdm1989 and carpecanum! It's cool to see other peoples Toshiro decks, even with the narrow "I need a load of Instants" theme that he tends to necessitate, there's a lot of different directions that people take him! I kinda like "jack of all trades" decks full of answers to other peoples decks!

Spreading Plague looks really really cool! I can't believe i've never seen it before. It looks like a good Anti-Creature Stax effect, and the synergy with Mimic Vat is nice! I might proxy it up and play a few games to give it a try. Creature control is already Toshiro's thing, and Spreading Plague seems like the logical conclusion in Enchantment form!

I've recently overhauled the deck a bit, adding some Zendikar Rising cards (proxies until I get them shipped... which takes about 2 months these days). I've cut a few of the expensive, "answer" cards like Scour from Existence in favor of cheaper "question" cards that my opponents need to answer. I've also swapped out a couple of cards for similar ones with a lower CMC. My low land count means that i've been getting punished for running lots of 6 and 7CMC cards.

I already get enough hate from playing my opponents cards using Gonti, Mimic Vat etc..., I think running Grinning Totem might be suicidal :)

Runechanter's Pike always seems to over perform... and it's a pet card that I just love. I do exile my own instants, but I usually can't recast them all, and often i'll have ~5 or so sitting in my graveyard until I get enough mana to play Toshiro and recast a load of them in a single turn!

Personally, I don't think i'd run cards like Sadistic Sacrament, especially as my meta doesn't have many Tutors or combos, so I might be spending mana and a card to exile cards that my opponents will never even draw. It's also a "feel bad" card. Kicking it can take someone out of a game, without actually killing them, which is kinda depressing.

carpecanum on "Instant Tribal" - Toshiro Umezawa - EDH PRIMER

9 months ago

Grinning Totem is fun for playing your opponents deck.

Spreading Plague would work later in game at least, especially since none of your "top finishers" are creatures except Mimic Vat and that becomes a weapon of mass destruction. I suggest trying it out.

If you're going to exile all your instants from the GY there might be better equipment than Runechanter's Pike for you. Lots of instants make me want to use Spellbinder and Isochron Scepter. Spellbinder and Fated Return is a lot of fun.

carpecanum on Emry: Things lost

11 months ago

Grinning Totem, Snake Basket and maybe Living Armor are fun artifacts your boss could abuse.

Pit Trap? Solemn Simulacrum? Gauntlets of Chaos?

Creatures with "Modular" might be fun since you have a ton of artifact creatures to get counters. I see the Crusher in there but the cheaper 1 or 2 mana guys might be more useful as chump blockers and free counters.

Mobile Garrison could give your boss an extra untap.

carpecanum on EDH - Glissa, the Traitor (Combo)

1 year ago

Grinning Totem is a reusable tutor in your deck. Renegade Map is a cheap reasuble ramp card.

Call to the Grave

Instead of always having to cast the artifacts there are a few black cards that allow you to discard X cards for effect. Not sure that would be worth it without reworking the entire deck to let you mill a ton of artifacts into the graveyard though. Still, if everybody has to discard cards you could just keep discarding the same one over and over.

carpecanum on An Attempt

2 years ago

Maybe a few cards that pull creatures from your opponents library or hand to fill up the graveyard? I always like Grinning Totem but Chainer doesn't even need to cast whatever you search for. Throw it to the graveyard and bring it out for 3 mana.
There were a number of cards that forced an opponent to reveal his hand and you choose a creature to discard from it.
I vaguely remember a boardwipe that has the added effect of pulling 3 creatures from a library to the GY (that might have been exile though, not sure).

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