Koll, the Forgemaster leads a seemingly viable Boros cEDH shell, but as white and red are my weakest colors in terms of available cards and knowledge, I could use some help putting it together. The current 100 are the best I've come up with thus far for speed and consistency, but likely require a bit more interaction. Based on the deck's reliance on tutors and tutor abilities for consistency, facing down things like Opposition Agent are a nightmare in almost every case. Card draw is also weak until we get a sac outlet online, which leads the deck into leveraging Gate to the Afterlife , Skullclamp and Stone Haven Outfitter to strong results.

Speed is certainly where the deck shines, with an average CMC of 1.57 to push the action very quickly. Some initial lines I assumed would be strong have been really lackluster in testing, as Mask of Immolation and Mortarpod require either Dockside Extortionist or Fervent Champion to become a reliable win condition, which was simply too narrow after testing. With the relative ease of tutoring either Impact Tremors or Purphoros, God of the Forge , the next card I'm considering is Cloudstone Curio to compliment the four zero-drop non-artifact kobold creatures and Priest of Urabrask and Dockside Extortionist , who can pay for themselves. This appears to be a more easily achievable win condition line, but it may not be necessary, considering the multiple self-sacrificers and death-trigger damage dealers in the 1-CMC slot, which are powered to great effect by Birgi, God of Storytelling  .

I'd love to hear your opinions and have you point out any obvious exclusions that you see - of all the cards listed, the only card I don't currently have access to is the ABUR Wheel, but if it's simply too strong to exclude I can almost certainly acquire one in short order. It's time for Boros to have a competitive deck that can press the early win potential of all of the Sultai color options out there, so I hope you can help me make this Forgery concept the real thing. Thanks for looking.


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