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This is another deck for my wife, who enjoyed Krenko, Gob Boss but also wanted a deck that "everyone doesn't hate." We'd gotten a Balan, Wandering Knight in a Jumpstart 2022 pack, which looked like a fun place to start for a Voltron-style deck. The result is, well, another deck that can wipe out an opponent in a single turn, but is maybe a little easier to deal with. Maybe? (I should also note that some of the initial inspiration, though not the decklist itself, came from the even more dangerous-looking Balan, One-Punch Woman by Monomanamaniac.)

Balan's feline magnetism(?) allows her to attach all your equipment at once, meaning you can largely ignore equip costs and just focus on getting out as many toys as possible before snapping it all on. It's safest to wait to cast Balan until you have 6 mana and can equip everything right away, hopefully with something like Swiftfoot Boots out for protection, but you can take a risk on an earlier cast if you think you can get away with it. Balan is the key piece, though, and there are a number of cards focused on keeping her alive, including things like Bastion Protector and Glory.

When it comes to casting equipment, I'd generally prioritize:

  1. Make Balan hard to kill, e.g. Swiftfoot Boots, Whispersilk Cloak
  2. Make Balan hard to block, e.g. Prowler's Helm, Whispersilk Cloak again
  3. Make Balan hit harder, e.g. Colossus Hammer, Blackblade Reforged

With two or more equipment attached she gets double strike, so once you have the pieces in place the damage can add up very quickly. You'll generally be aiming to win with commander damage; if you can get Balan's power to 11, double strike will kill an opponent in one combat.

Since Balan is the star here, the deck is relatively light on other creatures, and they generally serve some other purpose beyond just blocking. As mentioned, some help keep Balan alive, and others help with equipment (Stonehewer Giant, Danitha, Benalia's Hope), serve as removal or ramp (Intrepid Hero, Starnheim Courser), or even function as equipment themselves (Cloudsteel Kirin, Batterskull). Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines is just in here for fun, and will probably get her own deck at some point.


Like most decks I've made, this was cobbled together out of things we already owned and maybe $40 worth of singles, which is why there's no Stoneforge Mystic, for example. That being said, I think the biggest concern right now is the quality of the ramp and card draw, which I know can be weaknesses for white. For ramp, maybe cards like Knight of the White Orchid or Gift of Estates would be useful, though I'd hate for them to be dead if I'm already ahead on land. For card draw, there are some surprisingly effective equipment tutors that help make up for this (Open the Armory, Stonehewer Giant), but if you need more than just equipment these don't necessarily help. I'll need to think about more options there, though I think what we have so far isn't terrible (Farsight Mask is a surprise standout in a deck that's low on blockers).


Updates Add

In: Puresteel Paladin, Nahiri, the Lithomancer, Haunted Cloak, Generous Gift, Spectral Grasp

Out: Mind's Eye, Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, Surestrike Trident, Chains of Custody, Faith's Fetters

I'm swapping in a few cards picked up playing Commander Masters last month. Puresteel Paladin is a natural fit, as is Nahiri, though the likelihood of making that Stoneforged Blade seems pretty low. Still, she's useful for producing a chump blocker each turn, or for getting other equipment into play. Haunted Cloak seems more generally useful than the Trident, and I like that Spectral Grasp still lets its target soften up the other opponents.


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