1v1 only. Ramp yo' self to Akroma fast as possible. She can barely be stopped. Stay ahead with the slew of good-stuuf options, and hate like Blood Moon, and Magus of the Moon. Just keep ramping as often as you can and do your best to get to Akroma. Ramp > Anything else. Try to stay at a casting advantage. There are a handful of pre-Akroma turns where you can play a rock and also play a smaller threat. Do so when able.

This deck used to be almost pure land destruction, and while effective, it's SO boring to play that way. This version removed roughly 30 land destruction spells, and got some more fun creatures and spells in those slots. The best part of this build, besides being mono-red (generally under-powered, but usually fun), is that there are so many good but non-synergized spells.. so each game can wind up being an entirely new experience. Yes, we are ultimately ramping to Akroma, but the fun stuff around that and along the way is often a new adventure. So many slots available for new cards as they come out, so for someone who wants to run one single 1v1 EDH deck, this is a great one to have. Akroma avoids blue/white control, and as you crack packs you have plenty of room to slot in things that are just fun.

So besides ramping to Akroma, some other focused aspects of play go like this: Play wipes or mass removal like Anger the Gods if the opponent gets ahead of you in the first few turns. Later on these spells can potentially be cast with Torbran out, and you can have even heavier wipes in those scenarios. By then, Akroma should be out showing the opponent who's boss anyway.

This deck will be targeted by a multiplayer table, so don't bother with it there. 1v1 is ideal, because even against mono-black, they can remove her a few times, but eventually she's coming for them. Especially if we turn their Swamps to Mountains. Other nice cards in here include:

Zealous Conscripts & Captivating Crew - Steal their creatures.

Gauntlet of Power & Gauntlet of Might - If you have this before Akroma, you've got Akroma the following turn easily. Mana doubling is amazing in this deck.

Anger - This serves as an early chump while building up to the Akroma cast, and other similar cards produce Haste for us. We absolutely want to start swinging with Akroma right away.

Immortal Sun - I'm not usually a fan of this card, but we have 1 Planeswalker, and it doesn't feel bad to negate her with this. It makes Akroma more powerful, shuts off opponents Planeswalkers loyalty use, and often allows us to cast multiple land destruction spells the same or following turn. The discount comes in big, and it also serves as a ramp to Akroma if desperate.

Torbran - Gets us extra commander damage, and compounds every other source of damage. The 2 extra from red sources is not a heavy focus of this deck, but it sure comes in handy.

Wildfire & Anger the Gods - Remove threats smaller than Akroma once she's out, or earlier if they swarm to quickly somehow. This is a safeguard. If you blow up the right lands, this shouldn't be needed until after Akroma hits the board.

Young Pyromancer & Dowsing Dagger - Token producers. Chump blockers. Never hurts to keep from being wide open.

Rampaging Ferocidon - Stops lifegain, and also is nasty with Torbran out. Each creature cast turns into a free Lightning Bolt. Sounds small, but when tokens start entering the battlefield is gets crazy.

Chandra, Awakened Inferno - Another uncounterable fiery senorita. She makes for good removal if her plus 1 is not viable in the matchup. Sadly, her plus one Emblem is not red, so it doesn't work with Torbran. But when running mono red, ANY damage is good!

Blood Moon & Magus of the Moon - 4 out of 5 games this is generally endgame.

Blackblade Reforged - Stupid dumb. This often doubles Akroma's power. All we need is 3 hit's to win via cmdr damage.

Closing thoughts:

This is just a quick brew with spells I had. I always loved mono-red. I want this to be the best it can be, so I'm open to suggestions and discussion as new cards are released. Please makes this deck a community effort. I'm always all ears!


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