EDH Phenax Mill deck, played in a casual playgroup with a wide variety of decks.

The goal is to mill my opponents out, using the tap ability Pheax grants my creatures, as well as enchantment- and artifact-based mill effects, and some instants and sorceries. Consuming Aberration; Eater of the Dead; Tree of Perdition; Mind Grind; Keening Stone; Bloodchief Ascension; Bitter Ordeal and possibly Syr Konrad, the Grim, along with Phenax himself are my most likely win cons. I use some control elements and lifegain to stay alive long enough to win. There are some graveyard hate along with some recursion to eliminate threats from the graveyard or utilise resources I've dumped in the yards. Am considering more of this, like Rise of the Dark Realms, for example.

The deck has probably been tweaked more times than it has been played, though not much recently. Not planning any big changes, but the new mill cards from Jumpstart might be of interest. Bruvac, the Grandiloquent will most likely find a home here.

Input and suggestions welcome.


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