Can a non planeswalker have loyalty counters?

Asked by DarkMagiUndying 6 years ago

In a game of EDH I played, Song of the Dryads was used to turn Elspeth, Sun's Champion into a forest. Would her loyalty counters be removed since she is no longer a planeswalker? And if so, if Song of the Dryads is destroyed would she come back in with no counters and be sent to the graveyard or 4 counters? It seems to me that her counters would stay on her for if she ever became a planeswalker again since I don't remember a rule stating that loyalty counters can only be on planeswalkers. Thanks for any and all help.

pskinn01 says... Accepted answer #1

No, the counters never check to see if they are still on a relevant permanent or not.

This is the reason that a Mutavault can get and keep +1/+1 counters.

Counters don't have a "fall off" clause like equipment or auras.

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