I was looking at several Yuriko lists, and I realized that most of them had something in common...

They looked like they could function.

Now, we can't have that. Not without jamming several artifacts into the mix, at least. The goal of this desk is the same with any Yuriko list: play out small evasive weenies, strike with ninja, and mass burn people with big spells. But instead of a fully optimized deck, I needed some extra theme. Lo and behold, artifacts can satisfy most of those strategies! Not super effectively, but they can do so on a fairly tight budget.

There are quite a few artifacts at 1 mana that have flying, which can usually lead into a turn 2 Yuriko strike. Keywords like Affinity, Improvise, and Delve help us stock the deck with big CMC spells that can be played for a discount. This being the first draft, I imagine I'll be altering the deck some to include more control/top deck manipulation.

If you're finding that Yuriko is drawing too much hate because she's consistently burning the entire table, maybe consider this build to help tone down the power level.

Also, can we talk about Mogg Cannon for second? You can literally fire Yuriko out of a cannon, through your opponent, and straight into the Command Zone. Then you can fire anyone else out of it next turn to give them evasion while saving them with Ninjutsu. I loved this card before, but it gives some sweet action in this deck. Also, I'm curious as to why aren't more Yuriko lists running Doom Whisperer . Surveil 2 for 2 life is insane, and all but guarantees that your opponents will be hurting more than you.

Updated: September 4th, 2019


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