Johnny/Spike here. I like optimizing less popular commanders. My favorite colors are Simic and because of that Yeva has become my main. Yes, you read that right.

MagicMarc says... #1

thank you for the upvotes!

October 13, 2020 1:15 p.m.

Inkmoth says... #2

Sultai_Sir: You're most welcome, good sir! :)

October 6, 2020 4:57 p.m.

Sultai_Sir says... #3

Hey man, thanks for upvoting my deck! I always appreciate it.

October 6, 2020 4:39 p.m.

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Synergy! Please! :D Discord!! Let's brew Kodama XD

October 19, 2020 10:12 p.m.

Said on Yeva Draw-Grow...


Abzkaban: After getting:

I am beginning to believe WotC is gonna hook it up again.

October 9, 2020 10:12 a.m.

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Abzkaban: We don't even like Beast Whisperer THHHAAAT much lol. I mean we do, and as it stands, he's integral, but wherever we can cut the fat we will.

October 9, 2020 9:34 a.m.

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heavyuser: A very strong case could be made for it if Paradox Engine got unbanned, but as it stands, it really isn't necessary. It was a very essential hail mary, since all of the weight was on Temur Sabertooth before, but we now have 3 viable combos and they're all tutorable.

However, please note that Generous Patron is consistently on the chopping block, and if you lack the proper infinite mana line and can't bounce it repeatedly it's pretty much a 3 for 2 when you need an outlet. You could make a consideration for it there, since infinite mana and Genesis Hydra is as good as having Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip, which has become the best kind of outlet (ones we can sink our mana into).

As it stands, that would be the best swap, but in reality, we're really looking to replace Generous Patron with another Heartwood Storyteller, Runic Armasaur, Glademuse, or Beast Whisperer. Until we get another creature like that to replace her, she's just the "best" at what she does in monogreen.

If you want to keep playing with Genesis Hydra, swap patron out and let us know how that goes! :)

October 9, 2020 9:13 a.m.

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KayneMarco: I'll be honest, I personally love it, but it's hella distracting. I still don't know what your deck does cause I can't help but focus on the mesmerizing background lol

October 9, 2020 8:52 a.m.

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l13199l: I am so sorry I only just noticed this comment now! Thank you so much! Yes, the move away from artifacts was all thanks to Ashaya, Soul of the Wild and Strayapts letting me know I could give creatures haste with Destiny Spinner. Please let us know on here or the Discord how your games are going! The discord has a game tracker where we are keeping track of as many games as possible to get try an accurate reading of just how good she is. Currently at 40%+ winrate against cEDH pods.

October 8, 2020 2:07 p.m. Edited.
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