This is a decklist I've been working on for CEDH.

Yes it's boros colors and yes I know everyone always says there is no such thing as a competitive boros deck in edh but I laugh in the face of adversity

Primary combo line is Gerrard + loyal retainers + sac outlet

Backup combo is Codex shredder + Faith's reward/second sunrise and enough Mana to repeat the cycle, this is usually done via kci and Mana rocks

Backup backup would be your typical kci combo

Backups for loyal retainers are salvager of ruin and Nim deathmantle

Possible sac outlets for Gerrard are phyrexian alter to provide infinite Mana, alter of dementia to mill everyone's deck, blasting station for infinite damage.

With infinite Mana you can use one of the eggs to cycle through the deck and find an alternate wincon (pirite spellbomb/implement of combustion).

Comboing via deathmantle or salvager of ruin also requires a bit of extra mantle (min of 4c for deathmantle and 2c1r1w for salvager) to repeatedly get Gerrard back, this can usually be accomplished via either phyrexian alter or KCI.

The deck has shown to be surprising resilient thanks to cards like goblin engineer, goblin welder, restoration specialist, myr retriever, junk diver, Scrap trawler, past in flames, teshar, sevinnes reclamation, brought back, scrap mastery, open the vaults, and codex shredder all able to get back combo pieces or assisting to continue your cycle.

Game plan is to use your eggs to cycle through your deck till you assemble one of the many combo lines

Tutors to assist finding combo pieces are Goblin engineer, stoneforge mystic, imperial recruiter, recruiter of the guard, enlightened tutor, gamble, steelshapers gift, inventors fair and sunforger.

The deck is still a work in progress but has been having great results in my playgroup, suggestions are welcome


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