Low-tier competitive combo deck. Uses Feather to generate card advantage by reusing cantrips and draw smoothing with recycled scrys. Very dense on wincons due to Boros’ inability to reliably tutor them.

Reach a near winstate with Wheel/Winds + Smothering Tithe/Alms Collector


Sunforger Setup (takes 6-7 mana): To start, Fetch Magentic Theft and reattach it. You probably have a cantrip in hand but if you don’t, you’ll need to fetch one of those too.

Once you get Magnetic Theft back in hand, you can start the single card combo. At the end step before yours, you unattached forger fetching Enlightened Tutor. Once you fetch Tutor on the stack hold priority and cast Magnetic Theft. With Enlightened Tutor still on the stack, unattach Forger and fetch Fork or Reverb copying your tutor. Let the first copy resolve and put Paradox Engine on top of your deck. With the first Enlightened Tutor on the stack still, cantrip the Paradox Engine. Then let the other Tutor resolve and you have your combo leading into your turn, EZPZ. Then, you can fetch Silence at the start of your next turn to bait interaction to be safe.

Paradox + Scepter + Shredder/Damage Source/Draw Source = Deck/Damage Opponents

Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame = Infinite Hastey Tokens

RIP + Helm = Deck Opponents. With Paradox Engine you can do this in one turn.

Scepter + Final Fortune + Sundial = Infinite Turns


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100% Competitive

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