I've been meaning to try out a competitive Storm EDH deck for quite some time now. I've slowly been building up the pieces based on the Sidisi ANT list from Razzliox, and I've made a few modifications (due to my collection/budget, and new sets).

The deck relies on resolving Ad Nauseam on an opponent's end step, then drawing as much of the deck as possible to storm off on our turn. Since Sidisi herself is a tutor in the command zone, consistency shouldn;t be a major issue - instead, we have to deal with the fragility of relying so strongly on a single card. We can win without Ad Nauseum, and we have ways to get it back if it's countered the first time, but our job gets much more difficult. I'd love to hear suggestions on how to better deal with counterspells; for now, we're using targeted discard like Thoughtseize to strip interaction out of the hands of our opponents, and Defense Grid to make their spells hard to play on our turn.

Paradox Engine is the newest inclusion on the list, and it's utterly broken. We run a lot of mana rocks (particularly mana-positive rocks) in this list to help with storm count. But once Engine drops, we get to untap our rocks every time we cast a new one. It's not quite infinite mana, but it's close enough. This makes it very easy to cast Sidisi, reanimate her once or twice, maybe even hard cast from the command zone again, to tutor up the desired win condition. It's not as broken as Ad Nauseam, but right now I think it's in the same league.

Aetherflux Reservoir is our new preferred win condition. It's Storm, without the Storm. We get to gain life (in case we need to recast Ad Nauseam...), and we get to nuke players. What's not to like?

Tendrils of Agony is so yesterday...but it still does work. We can even cast Tendrils just to double the Storm count and gain life, maybe kill just one player, and then use the Death Star for the rest.

The final backup is an arbitrarily large (or just big enough) Exsanguinate. With Paradox Engine and some rocks, we can often get enough mana to kill the table without going infinite. But just in case, we do pack Rings of Brighthearth and Basalt Monolith.

So how do we pull these off? We need a ton of mana, and we need it much earlier than we should have access to it. We also need a ton of cards.

Ad Nauseam answers the second problem. The first problem is mostly resolved with lots of mana-positive rocks, Dark Ritual, Cabal Ritual , and so on. One neat trick is to cast Soldevi Adenate before the combo turn. Then, on the combo turn, cast Sidisi. Respond to Sidisi's ETB trigger by saccing Sidisi to the Adenate, then sac the Adenate to Sidisi's trigger. You now have BBBBB in your mana pool, and you get to tutor any card to hand...like, say, Ad Nauseam, which happens to cost 3BB.

I've added Magus of the Will to the list as a duplicate of Yawgmoth's Will. These are our best ways to get Ad Nauseum back from the grave if it's countered. They also let us pull neat Storm shenanigans. We can cast all of our mana-positive rocks, sac them to Krark-Clan Ironworks for more mana, then Yawgwin to recast them all, use them, then sac them again.

We also have a number of targeted discard spells, like Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize. We aren;t playing for hand destruction here - these are specifically intended to get rid of interactive cards, particularly counterspells, when we're getting ready to go off.


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