Dark Sphere


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
The Dark (DRK) Uncommon

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Dark Sphere


Tap, Sacrifice Dark Sphere: The next time a source of your choice would deal damage to you this turn, it deals half that damage, rounded up, to you instead.

Dark Sphere Discussion

LookOut on Heartless Hidetsugu

1 week ago

I don't think Pyromancer's Goggles are that interesting for this deck, since it's more focused on activating Heartless Hidetsugu instead of casting instants or sorceries.

An interesting card imho to protect yourself from your own damage is Dark Sphere .

Sinken on Sidisi, lands kinda matter?

3 weeks ago

Ah right. I based this deck on a stripped down version of that deck that I saw ages ago and finally decided to build. I had forgotten what the damage reducer was, but Dark Sphere is obviously it. Makes comboing off a lot easier as well, considering I don't need to drop a land to make it work. Thanks a lot ^^

RNR_Gaming on Sidisi, lands kinda matter?

3 weeks ago

You missed the og damage reducer Dark Sphere I've seen a lot of iterations of this deck and it always wins at least once. There was an article a long ways back before sidis came out all about this deck; the cheap version and the over the top version it used Maralen of the Mornsong

RNR_Gaming on house of pain

1 month ago

You'd need to rework the entire deck to be more spell oriented. Usually black spell slingers As nauseam a bunch of really good tutors and mana rocks and 0 mana spells then either use Dark Sphere and Sickening Dreams to close out the game or Tendrils of Agony .

BMHKain on Time to Sever the Chain; ...

2 months ago

(Since Bumping is a pathetic thing to do now, I'll simplify my last post to make more sense...)

I'll just, mention what I'd like to be Added/Chopped for the following decks, & I'll end it there.

Xantcha Unorthodox Political Matters : Just 13 cuts. That's all; no strings attatched.

Partners Equipment Matters Voltron/GoLion : I've been adding like mad, but ultimately found an ability ol' Tana can use. She can make Saproling Tokens (Why can't we implement Card Art for Tokens & Emblems?) equal to the damage dealt. I actually asked this to Caerwyn, &... no response on Discord. Is having Saps good in Voltron, or does it add for a meaningless Token Subtheme I don't want? &, any progress on the whole Equip Matters friendly , & only stuff? I've been asking for while now, no response there either. I'll do the cuts after when the slate is ready.

Neheb, the Eternal Burn Matters That Immolates Status Quo Concept : Yep, a burn deck. Basically what this deck needs before is the one thing it lost already: Card draw. Stuff that only applies to you, is an artifact, & is DAMN good; stuff like Key to the City is one of those cards. Anything similar that is good, & only applies to this deck's user is the requirements needed. While this deck has a lot of Mana Doubling, & Copy Spells, outside of Card Draw, there are two things this deck is missing: Mana Ramp, & actual Burn Cards that can do a BIG hit, or affect an opponent w/o needing to target them outside of the Arcane Lighthouse & Detection Tower removing those w/ Shroud, & Hexproof (Creatures.) & Hexproof for your opponents. Also, Vedalken Orrery & Dark Sphere still stay unless you can find a better card w/ the same ability as the Orrery in Mono-.

Yep, that's really all I wanted in the first place. I dunno how to simplify this post, so I suppose you can understand this one this time? Thank you in advance...

BMHKain on Time to Sever the Chain; ...

2 months ago


(Nah, not really, although he did a song about Hurricanes better than them Scorpions; & some of their works are better than Rock you like a Hurricane anyway...)

After starting 2 new decks w/ more on the way, I have seen no progress for help on any of the ones seen here. I mean, all that is needed for my Xantcha, Sleeper Agent deck is 13 cuts. Nothing more. I also want to know how to make a Tana, the Bloodsower + Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder Partner Equipment Matters Voltron/GoLion Deck w/o a HUGE dependence of Tokens over Equipment; I'd like to focus more on Voltron/GoLion than even the Creation of a Saproling Army; Cathars' Crusade is GENOCIDE enough! I just want Voltron, not "Saproling Tokens" Matter to a fault that they make this GoLion have Mice Using trash that is supplied by someone who's GoLion Unit isn't Pink like her suit (Her Lion is Blue; so, why no Blue Paladin suit for her?), & is no Katie Holmes/Hiroshi Suzuishi (Yep, using both EN/JP names in case those still care.) anyway (Sorry, but she kicks more ass than the Prin-Prin replacing a dead man anyway.). So, I previously said find what is needed for this; but I never intended this to be a Sapro-Token Subtheme at all. I actually wanted to refrain from that! But since Ol' Tana simply does that, I've a change of plans. Since Tana make sapros when damaging the opponent, I ask: Is this truly necessary for a Voltron/GoLion Deck that "Doesn't" need it?

Finally, the hardest of the 3: Neheb, the Eternal Burn. As Wild Guess , Tormenting Voice & Cathartic Reunion are all cut, I still need cuts, yes, but I also want ways to do Card Advantage in Mono-. That said, Artifice seems to be the only way to do this. Once we're done w/ that, I'd actually like an effort to actually make cuts. So, any ideas for Artifact Draw, & separate cuts? Ol' Kaite Holmes would be ashamed of you for just being a bigger idiot than her an underdog of a Genius. The Nickname "Pidge" only makes her a bigger badass; I, mean, she won team Voltron a DEATH BATTLE between her & the other Paladins against the Season 1 Era Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & their Dino Megazord (JP Equivalent? The 5 Zyurangers & DaiZyuJin.) Don't ask me again about all that, I'm sick of that. Anyways, Artifact Draw is great here, as well as Doublers, Copyspells, even Burn w/ lasting impact & either stays on the field; or does a lot. lastly on the subject; Vedalken Orrery & Dark Sphere Stay; NO EXCEPTIONS, OR REFUGE. Vedalken Orrery gives everything but your lands Flash, & Dark Sphere can save you in a pinch.


So, that's what I'd like help for such a situation. I'll leave that matter of these kinds to you now. & I apologize for all those Voltron/GoLion references just from the Deck Type alone. The chain has been severed.

BMHKain on

2 months ago

VR Movement is a FAIL by BUMPing into your screen. Now how to make my ideal Waifu as my Avatar if I ever use VR Chat... (SPOILER: I don't even have VR Tech w/ me right now, or else I would've designed her by now. But how Lolicious can I get?)

YES, all that, is the Bump.

22 Cards left to cut. But now I have some new rules to use:

  1. Arcane Lighthouse & Detection Tower stay as they keep targets targetable.

  2. Dark Sphere must never leave. What if I have to pull off the final blow; & I'm also a target? SMOOTH MOVE for removing Vedalken Orrery , Baka Yarou-sama!

  3. Since nobody cared to pay attention to this Deck's Maybeboard/Hotseat, I'm removing their existence to add in some new crap.

  4. Vedalken Orrery returns to the Decklist; or do you want a Thousand Hand Destruction Nerdpunch? How the Hundred Crack Fist is the iconic move when the former trumps the latter... The Orrery Stays as it can make even a final Blow responded by your own Dark Sphere , activate, & you are dealt nothing but Victory. Anyone stating the Orrery, the Sphere, or both as crap to cut will have their suggestion ignored FRA.

So now were 22 up to 23. Which 23 cards would you cut for the 100 Status? I'll reset the Hotlist soon enough...

BMHKain on

2 months ago


Alright. 35 Cards to cut. Where to begin, I don't actually know. What we do know is not all X-Burns are equal, I don't know IF I have enough Mana Ramp, Card Draw, or even Copying Spells. One target stuff should be out; though I'm unsure about Risk Factor & Browbeat . Which of such things need to be removed the most? One time use stuff that's not X-Burn is out. Lackluster Draw, Mana, etc. are out. But does anyone have any ideas for cuts, please? I feel Dark Sphere is good here, so it stays.

What is your opinion on the actual 35 cuts in question?

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