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Tribal planeswalker creatures (one of a kind?)

Commander / EDH* Battlecruiser Combo Jank RGW (Naya) Superfriends Tribal


So with the new legend rule you can have multiple planeswalkers of the same type in play at the same time so the goal of the deck is to unlock the achievement of equipping Helm of the Host to a Gideon or Sarkhan. This is possible because they make themselves creatures. Equip them with the helm and copy your Gideon or Sarkhan. This creates token copies of the planeswalkers as if they have not been activated yet and the legend rule does not apply to the token copy. Do this and win or lose you are sure to impress people with something they have not seen before.

Key Combos, ones that win on the spot:

Bludgeon Brawl + Mycosynth Lattice combo package:

Keep in mind that you can equip lands for

Fun combos with Helm of the Host :

Tutoring for Helm of the Host :

Protecting Helm of the Host :

Tutoring for planeswalkers:

Equipment made easy:

Making Helm of the Host more fun:

Making planswakers better:

Keeping you and your stuff safe from removal:


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