This is my improved version of Open Hostility deck with Saskia the Unyielding as a commander from Commander 2016. I have found the inspiration mostly from EDHREC and MTGTOP8. I have tried to create a budget deck which can be also competitive but most importantly fun :-). I consider this deck as an Abzan flavoured and his main idea is beating the hell out of Your opponent(s) under the command of Saskia and bunch of her fellows in arm. In ideal situation it can win on turn 4. As a support we have here some powerful removal spells and some other useful tricks :-). Because of 4 colors I have tried to do my best to improve the mana base, lower the cost of spells and added some ways to ramp more effectively. I hope You will enjoy it :-).

"Saskia, sitting on her throne made from dragon skull casted a glance on her unyielding fellow fighters. So who do we have here, she smiled deadly on her magnificent battalion. Marching groups of fierce warriors leaded by king Brimaz, shamans, look even Zurgo honoured us with his presence. And more are comming, still hidden in the shadows of the great forest. "Your orders my lady!" Well here is Anafenza, my versatile field commander, who always lead the Abzan Houses to battle not to conquer, but to maintain the trade routes that allowed the clan to function, and to protect. She stood her ground to the end when the Dragonlord Dromoka assumed power. Usurped, she would say. Difficult times, but in my army they will all get an opportunity to shine like a broken sword that was reforged again. Finally we will step out from the shadows where we was hiding and where we found our new allies. Together we will revenge our ancestors. Once again the mere approach of our war beasts will be enough to send our enemies fleeing in panic. And for those still standing, remember that there are creatures that even baloths fear theirs feeding time. Wield your heart, and the world will tremble. Enough of talking! Spread the darkness and show them the beauty of destruction."



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