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Gisela, the broken commander.

Commander / EDH Angels Control Mono-White Voltron



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Hey there, im new on Commander this is my first "succesful" deck. im glad of reading your suggestions :)

Update 01: Played this deck yesterday and found some issues against a control deck so im having more control cards Archangel of Tithes helped a lot with Brave the Sands controlling a massive attack, fixed the mana stuff (3 cards were missing). Took off Dawn Elemental and Jareth, Leonine Titan, keep searching for ideas so please comment, Thanks :)!

Update 02: Played this deck again yesterday, i got troubles against a tribal vampire deck (aggro as hell) last time, so I used an Tangle Wire to force my opponent to tap his creatures or lands (the first turns) it turned into a grest advantage because i had tons of equipments to tap in each unkeep. Got the Cursed Rack for $1 from a childhood friend and i can say: good card, the vampire deck had to keep discarding cards because it and the control of the table of Tangle Wire and Ensnaring Bridge. Sigarda's Aid is a MUST HAVE in the deck (no need to explain, right?). Fireshrieker was in my mental maybeboard for weeks, When i got my Sigarda's Aid I knew the time was right to put all the equipments i had on maybe like Bonesplitter great equipment, cheap card, usegul even in early or late game, with the doublestrike of Fireshrieker it was a 1 hit K.O. W/ the commander damage. Duplicant went in as a “removal” card, it work very well but if you have Path to Exile way better (i don’t). Played against a mono blue control deck who had a bad time with Cursed Rack and Tangle Wire too, so I really recommend it both.

Please comment and upvote if you like, Have a nice day! And remember the golden rule: have fun ❤️

Ps of update 02: i took off Aegis Angel, Sheer Drop, Sandblast, Haunted Cloak, Swords to Plowshares (it was borrowed) and Serra's Embrace.

UPDATE 03: long time without updating my favourite deck <3 y have done lot of changes, here we go: Lands: took off 2 plains and put in a Drifting Meadow i love cycle lands, very useful on early and late game, and Hall of the Bandit Lord because WHY NOT, 3 life is a good price for haste for Gisela or any other creature on this deck.

Creatures: took off Duplicant it was a good removal, YES but i need more control creatures so I got Cataclysmic Gearhulk, took of the Thraben Inspector for Kytheon, Hero of Akros   nice creature, easy to turn off to Gideon and have more control of the table. I put on Iona, Shield of Emeria too, is a very expensive creature, but if the game is long enough to take her on the battlefield, its a HUGE help to get the control of the table.

Artifacts: took off Key to the City, i used it to “cycle" cards of my hand but it never get too useful, i put on a Grafted Exoskeleton, it adds a new win condition to the deck, and i have no problem at all to transform Gisela, the Broken Blade in a 10/x creature and win with 1 hit. took off the Cursed Rack for a Caged Sun no need to explain this i think. took off Helm of the Gods for Lightning Greaves, i love Haste and i think that the Greaves are WAY MORE quick than the Helm.

Enchantments: i took off the Glorious Anthem for Honor of the Pure (thanks to AgentJackjohn). took off Ethereal Armor for Genju of the Fields.

Instants: took off Collective Effort and Ixalan's Binding for Swords to Plowshares and Afterlife 2 nice removals that my deck needed.

that's all folks, i hope you have a nice 2018 start, full of magic and EDH fun. love ya <3 Cheers :)

Update 04: little update, y took off Genju of the Fields for Sacred Ground there its too much control decks on my new meta and several effects that denied my mana sources. See you :)

Update 05: Little update n°2: Put on the Solemn Simulacrum and Karmic Guide both very suggested cards. i took off for them Honor of the Pure and white sun zenith because both of them didn't help on reaching the goal of a voltron deck. See you :)!

Update 06: Welp, long time without updating my beloved Gisela deck, i made some minor changes, First of all took off Afterlife for Path to Exile; took of Sacred Ground (to sideboard) for Norn's Annex I Felt that this card is underrated, i LOVE it and against non-white decks is a pain in the ass. took Off Karmic Guide for Chancellor of the Annex, I Decided to take off Karmic Guide because it didn't make an impact on the game as i want to, Chancellor make more space to protect Gisela from the love of my enemies. Took off Decree of Justice for Phyrexian Rebirth, more removal = more fun, besides the GIANT MOTHERFUCKER it gives is always a good thing to have. Took off Signal Pest for Aura of Silence (MORE CONTROL = MORE FUN). took off Mind Stone for Sol Ring.

Update 07: Hey! long time without playing this brew, since the release of Dominaria and Core Set 2019 I have several changes to the deck: Ensnaring Bridge, Junkyo Bell, Mind Stone, Mindslaver, Trailblazer's Boots, Worn Powerstone, Cataclysmic Gearhulk, Kytheon, Hero of Akros  , Sacred Cat, Solemn Simulacrum, Silkwrap, the reason is that I felt that they didn't help on the "Voltron" strategy that i wanted to the deck. I replaced them with: Blackblade Reforged (Voltron), Puresteel Paladin(Equipment stuff), Board the Weatherlight (Equipment "tutor"), Danitha Capashen, Paragon (Equipment stuff), Knight of the White Orchid (Quick "ramp"), Suncleanser (MIZZIX I HATE YOU), Shield of Kaldra (Voltron), Sword of Kaldra (Voltron), General's Kabuto (voltron), Sigiled Sword of Valeron (voltron).

That was all the recent changes, it has a lot haha, Im still missing the 3 swords (Feast and Famine, War and peace, light and shadow, they go in replacement of Kaldra's equipment and the sword of Valeron)

Glad of reading your suggestions guys :) See ya!.


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