Tuvasa is a sweet baby angel who loves enchantments, so you should bring her lots of them to play with! Don't worry too much about what to bring her, because she loves all enchantments!

For instance, she loves enchantments that help her get swole (Ancestral Mask, Ethereal Armor, Finest Hour), hinder her opponents (Authority of the Consuls, Darksteel Mutation, Imprisoned in the Moon) or protect her while she's admiring her many enchantments (Ghostly Prison, Propaganda, Sphere of Safety). She especially loves those fun enchantments that help her get mana (Smothering Tithe, Utopia Sprawl, Gift of Paradise).

She loves her many enchantment creature friends (Archetype of Imagination, Nylea's Colossus, Kestia, the Cultivator)! And of course she has many many friends that love enchantments almost as much as she does (Ajani's Chosen, Herald of the Pantheon, Satyr Enchanter)!

Tuvasa is just living that enchantment life, and if you don't like it then she will turn everything you love and cherish into an enchantment (Enchanted Evening) and then punch you with her big mer-fist. :)


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