Torment of Scarabs

Torment of Scarabs

Enchantment — Aura Curse

Enchant player

At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, that player loses 3 life unless he or she sacrifices a nonland permanent or discards a card. "Like a carpet unrolling for their god, the scarabs poured out from the necropolis."

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Torment of Scarabs Discussion

GrimlockVIII on Everything Has a Price

1 month ago


You can always play Tergrid's Lantern since you're either gonna force your opponent to lose life, discard a card, or sacc something. The constant life loss from the other spells puts pressure on them to choose to lose resources, and its untap ability is a good mana sink in the late-game, in turn giving it an advantage over Torment of Scarabs

reddeath68 on Everything Has a Price

1 month ago

GrimlockVIII Thanks the deck has always been an idea but I finally got around to building something out of that idea. As for the planeswalker, if you play magic puzzle quest it is similar to the Angrath planeswalker and their abilities, except they prefer dishing out punishment for having creatures while this is for doing anything.

I have been looking at possible change ups, although the deck works well so long as we get our lands and a tiny bit of draw, mostly in replacing Sedgemoor Witch as they while their ward ability is thematic, the rest of their ability doesn't feel as much.

Ideas include Torment of Scarabs, Measure of Wickedness (would be tricky as you need to ensure a card went into your graveyard or you will suffer the 8 life loss), Nevinyrral's Disk as a Choice of Damnations backup, Hideous End as more spot removal, or Pooling Venom to reduce their mana options. The Pooling Venom seems the most fitting, but I am concerned about a lack of creatures.

libraryjoy on Touch me, IF YOU DARE!

3 months ago

If you want it to be Modern Legal, able to play at a Modern event, then yes, replace the Bubbling Muck with 3x Dark Ritual . But if it's just to play in your play group, then it shouldn't matter. I would go with 2-3x Garys, because he is going to do WORK for you lol. I went ahead and made an adjusted list that I would recommend, but feel free to adjust as you see fit. I ended up leaving off Fog of Gnats because it's a buck each and I don't see it doing a ton for you. I actually put in Brain Maggot - don't underestimate the benefits of knowing your opponent's hand! Blightbeetle could also fit in that slot. I could see Erebos if you play against a lifegain deck regularly (might be a sideboard card, too). I added Retreat to Hagra instead of Torment of Scarabs , but your mileage may vary. It's definitely a smoother mana curve. I ended up dropping Stab Wound after I realized how many permanents you were making the opponent sacrifice. In the maybe board, I added 2 cards for card draw. If you want to put $$ down toward something, I'd recommend Phyrexian Arena . It's going to be useful in pretty much every deck running black. So at long last, here's my list: Boi! Keep Your Hands to Yourself!

Hedron-titan on Touch me, IF YOU DARE!

3 months ago

libraryjoy, do you think I should add more dark rituals then? But ok, no twilight mire it is. I also do have the 4 Phyrexian Obliterator . The cards I don't have are Torment of Scarabs , Archfiend of Depravity , Eradicator Valkyrie , Vampire Nighthawk , Dauthi Voidwalker , and Epic Downfall but I can purchase these.

Out of those creatures, I think I'd go with Fog of Gnats and Blightbeetle to help with Phyrexian Obliterator.

Would I just put one of those Gray Merchant of Asphodel ? One? I don't think I would use Archetype because of the mana cost, like you said. Honestly, Revenge of Ravens would go amazing with this. Tell your friend I say thank you! I was thinking of Stab Wound , but wasn't sure how well it had fit.

I was also thinking of adding possibly Erebos, God of the Dead .

libraryjoy on Touch me, IF YOU DARE!

3 months ago

I would drop the one black/green creature and Vraska - it's not doing enough for you to warrant the extra expense and hassle of a 2 color manabase. Swarmyard is also not doing enough for this deck. If you're set on it, then you need to build in more insects/rats/spiders. You're short 3 cards so we've got a little room to play with, too. The mana curve is... off. So we'll need to work with that. If you're set on keeping the green cards, let me know, and I'll lean harder into the 2 colored options, but things like Phyrexian Obliterator may not be as good.

Epic Downfall does look like a good option. I see what you're doing with Typhoid Rats + Swarmyard , but I'm not sure it's as efficient as you might want it to be. A few more 2 and 3 drops might serve you well. I'll see what I can come up with. I'm also unsure about Torment of Scarabs and if we might not be able to find something better.

KingKilvas on Weevil Underwood Decides to Switch to Magic

4 months ago

Really love the deck! Torment of Scarabs might be another good include if you have the space.

Darkshadow9 on Casual Budget Discard

6 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions! Yahenni's Expertise is a nice Card but unfortunately it would kill my own creatures. Which is why I chose Witch's Vengeance over it. Torment of Scarabs is fine, but I found it a bit boring after a while. But maybe I’ll add another one for Make Obsolete . :)

GodlyZero on Casual Budget Discard

6 months ago

Nice build man! The only thing I could see improved at your own interest would be some value engines for making your opponent discard. Does Torment of Scarabs not work as well as it should? For there is only one copy in this deck. Yahenni's Expertise may work well in this deck cuz the deck has so may cheap cards to cheat out lol.

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