Based on Shaper's list

"the go-to assuming you don't have to use yisan for control is quirion -> priest

scout -> scryb is good too

wirewood -> scryb -> doubletap to sabertooth + acolyte is the greedy combo line

quirion -> priest -> doubletap -> whatever -> bellower for wirewood is the same thing but less greedy

safekeeper -> scryb is anti spot removal

quirion -> priest -> recsage -> oracle is the elf heavy line for umbral

or draw deck with infinite mana and sabertooth+regal or staff of domination

we can loop beast within/stag to wipe every permanent on board and loop thought knot seer to draw them out

Kill with craterhoof"


Symbiote, Sabertooth, a dork that taps for 5, and a 1 mana elf

bounce and replay Symbiote to refresh it

this also gives infinite Yisan untaps

and thus draw deck at 7 with Regal

Play 4/7:Bane of Progress, Phyrexian Revoker, Dosan the Falling Leaf, Gaea's Herald, Lightning Greaves, Tireless Tracker, Benefactor's Draught


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