Return target permanent to its owner's hand.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Rescind Discussion

StarstormKK on Flaming shark tornado

4 months ago

I was looking around for a deck to build that uses Shark Typhoon because I keep finding them in the packs I buy. I came across yours and I like the idea of using Unpredictable Cyclone in conjunction with it. It allows you to cheat out more expensive spells pretty effectively, while still creating a shark army. On that note, I would completely revamp the spells you have chosen, aside from Neutralize and Boon of the Wish-Giver , because they need to have cycling to trigger this awesome effect. I do really like Narset of the Ancient Way for this deck. I would remove Teferi, Time Raveler unless you decide to use more sorceries, like Essence Fracture .

In any case, I love the basic concept and enjoyed trying to think about some synergy for it.

Shruber on Illusion Tribal

1 year ago

Agrothorn Thank you for the feed back.


There is no budget besides mine I need to keep :P for now. My friends and I have all built tribal decks and I thought I would use tappedout to test this one before purchasing it. We all have fun with them and most aren't 100% competitive. I would say I would like to see a format around tribal. Making decks with at least a third of your deck as one creature type is difficult to get just right. Other tribal decks in our group go from centaurs, eldrzi (from the og zendikar and new stuff), humans, werewolves, vampires, zombie and it goes on.


I think Standstill would be a great addition. I'll be putting it in the maybe board and figuring out how to fit it in. So Kira, Great Glass-Spinner does fit but I don't think I could trade out the 4 Lord of the Unreal for any them. I'll also put it in the maybe board to see if it could work. The problem with her is she doesn't give a much needed buff to hold up to other tribal decks. Cryptic Command would be great but just to pricey for my budget. Summoner's Bane is a little to slow at a 4 drop. Confound most likely has a place and I'll do some testing with that. I choose Rescind because it is board control if we couldn't counter something or a cycle to draw if we don't need board control.

Agrothorn on Illusion Tribal

1 year ago

very cool! I like how you not only used Illusions, but you used ones that you have to sac if targeted.

My friends and I had a similar deck challenge. Is there a $$ budget limit too?

Kira, Great Glass-Spinner is a good fit, but a little pricey.

For counterspells, if you don't want to run the original because you want a cantrip, maybe Confound or Cryptic Command? Summoner's Bane is a good fit for this theme too, but no card draw.

How about Standstill? You should have early board pressure. This on turn 4 would work out nice with 3 dudes on the board.

Also why Rescind?

Looking forward how this turns out!

MagicalHacker on What mechanics should return for …

3 years ago

Yes, 3x costing Boomerang/Eye of Nowhere/AEther Tradewinds/Capsize/Consign to Dream/Crosis's Charm/Grixis Charm/Recoil/Regress/Rescind/Resounding Wave/Wipe Away mean that either the ability is too powerful or can't go on a commander with blue. But that's not even the worst of it, as there are more wording problems... How would Aether Gale even work with overload?!

Winterblast on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

4 years ago

Well, that's cool when cards with cycling already are in the graveyard...especially stuff like Miscalculation, Censor, Rescind. It's bad that you can't play these cards over and over again though