Watchers of the Dead


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Watchers of the Dead

Artifact Creature — Cat

Exile Watchers of the Dead: Each opponent chooses two cards in his or her graveyard, then exiles the rest.

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Watchers of the Dead Discussion

landofMordor on Mardunstoppable

1 week ago

Avacyn will help deal with Zombies. I might be temped to run Watchers of the Dead, since it's an artifact bear with upside. I might run that next to Magma Spray or other wipes against Zombies.

Lost Legacy works well for Ulamog, or maybe even two copies of Dispossess over Nahiri in the SB (which would hit Scrounger in mirror matches or just nail Marvel -- if you can't cast Ulamog, he's a dead draw, whereas the Marvel can hit loads of other cards like Gearhulks).

Your manabase looks good to me. Best of luck brewing!

landofMordor on Cryptolith Monument

1 week ago

Oh, for sideboard, you'll want artifact hate like Appetite for the Unnatural, graveyard hate like Watchers of the Dead, and removal like Cast Out. That'll counter the top two decks right now -- AEtherworks Marvel/Mardu Vehicles, B Zombies, and just generic removal for whatever else you need.

BioProfDude on The Fast & The Furious

1 week ago

Instead of Lupine Prototype, maybe the new card Watchers of the Dead would be good? Same mana cost and you can attack with them immediately. They also can keep graveyards pretty clear for the zombie decks. Just a thought.

Neotrup on Supernatural Stamina and Magma Spray

2 weeks ago

No. Magma Spray doesn't exile it once it dies, rather it states "If that creature would die this turn, exile it instead." Because Supernatural Stamina requires the creature to die to trigger, and the creature does something instead of dying, it will never trigger. Also, Supernatural Stamina creates a delayed triggered ability, which means if the creature dies, the ability triggers and is put on the stack, so it could be responded to. Your opponent for instance exile Watchers of the Dead, and the creature would have to be chosen as one of the two cards you'd want to keep. Once the stack finishes resolving, you'd only have one card left in your graveyard, unless you were willing to exile the creature waiting to return.

Shadow12721 on Tamiyo's Summonings

3 weeks ago

I'd also cut Glimmer of Genius for Anticipate, Comparative Analysis, or something similar. You don't have any need for energy counters in this deck. Bounty of the Luxa is also great for card draw and mana ramp. For your sideboard, I'd move Fumigate there in favor of more creatures. Also add some artifact/enchantment hate. Maybe Dissenter's Deliverance or Forsake the Worldly. If you play against blue, Prowling Serpopard is a must-have. If you play versus a reanimator deck, Watchers of the Dead is great. Your main concern will likely be against creature-heavy decks.

Noctem on Cats.

3 weeks ago

Watchers of the Dead could be moved into the main to up the creature count and give you a main deck answer to delirium / recursion in general. Lots of decks in the new meta do graveyard shenanigans so being able to almost get rid of everything could be pretty useful.

Maybe drop down to 2 mimics, -1 Pouncing Cheetah for +2 watchers? Or you could keep the cats and instead do -1 Oath of Nissa, -1 Stasis Snare/Cast Out for +2 watchers.

Would you consider changing Stasis Snare to Cast Out in order to lessen your 3 drop slot? Cast out can hit every meaningful permanent (planeswalkers namely) instead of only being able to target creatures. It also gives you a 1 mana cycle in case you need the card draw in the early game.

acbooster on Watchers of the Dead...only from ...

3 weeks ago

It can only be done from the battlefield.

Abilities of permanents will only work from the battlefield unless otherwise stated or implied. For example, Champion of Stray Souls has an ability that lets you return it from the graveyard. Now of course it has to be in the graveyard to do that, so you can use that ability from the graveyard.

Bridge from Below has triggered abilities that only trigger from the graveyard. Watchers of the Dead say nothing about it being in the graveyard, so it can only be used from the battlefield.

Note that the card types do not matter. The ability is printed on the card so it will always have that ability regardless of types, name, mana cost, color, etc. unless something specifically takes that ability away.

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