The indestructibility of Zurgo Helmsmasher makes him a prime choice for a deck with more than 30 wraths. When all of your opponents' creatures have been wiped out, Zurgo stays standing. To go along with these is also a few land destruction cards to prevent your opponents from bouncing back, and mana rocks to help you stay in control as your opponents are decimated. This deck is a lot of fun to play, and feel free to leave any suggestions. I know Damnation is really good too, but this is a budget deck and there are plenty of other good wraths for less than $30.


Bearer of the Heavens , Deathbringer Regent , Sunblast Angel , Desolation Giant , Magus of the Disk , Hour of Revelation , Rout , Fumigate , Jokulhaups , Planar Cleansing , Akroma's Vengeance , Martial Coup , Planar Outburst , Deadly Tempest , Obliterate , Phyrexian Rebirth , Bontu's Last Reckoning , Day of Judgment , End Hostilities , Wrath of God , Decree of Pain , Plague Wind , Necromantic Selection , Sublime Exhalation , Crux of Fate , Extinguish All Hope , In Garruk's Wake , Kirtar's Wrath , Chain Reaction , Soulscour , Wildfire , Divine Reckoning , Nevinyrral's Disk , Worldslayer , Fated Retribution , Planar Collapse .

All of these cards wipe the board in some way or another in order to clear the path for Zurgo Helmsmasher to attack.

Land Destruction:

Wildfire , Armageddon , Desolation Angel , Jokulhaups , Ajani Vengeant .

Other Forms of Control and Uses:

Shatterstorm -Wipes out all artifacts. Crackling Doom -Easy way to deal with an indestructible creature like Purphoros or another Theros god. Rakdos Charm -Shuts down reanimator decks. Argentum Armor -Cleans up any permanents your wraths might have missed when Zurgo Helmsmasher attacks.

Utilizing Zurgo:

Assault Suit -Beefs up Zurgo and allows you to play politics by giving your opponents another powerful creature to attack with. Loxodon Warhammer -Buffs Zurgo’s already ridiculous high attack and lets him blow through chump blockers while gaining life. Whispersilk Cloak -Helps Zurgo slip past any indestructible creatures left behind after board wipes. Boros Charm -Protects Zurgo from any removal coming on not your turn. That Which Was Taken -Gives Zurgo permanent indestructibility. Inquisitor's Flail -Doubles Zurgo’s already insanely high attack stat, and the double damage in return is usually not a big deal. Kusari-Gama -In the rare occasion that you don’t have a wrath in hand this will wipe most of the board.


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