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Teysa Karlov "The Godmother"

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The Council Is Dead and The Godmother "Teysa Karlov" is released. I hope you kept up with you Protection fees cause she is here to collect. The Orzhov Syndicate demands your loyalty. All those who oppose may find themselves swimming facedown with the Simics "fishes".

What is not to like about the new incarnation of the much loved Teysa Karlov. She doubles death triggers and gives our tokens vigilance and lifelink. This deck was built around her doubling death triggers. It runs perfectly fine with or with out her on the board. She is just the extra nail in the coffin of the syndicates enemies.

After doing alot of searching and looking around on this site and EDHREC.com I have finally completed my deck for the new Teysa Karlov commander from Ravnica Allegiance. All comments are welcome if you see that improvements can be made.


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