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Minotaur Tribal (Need help)

Commander / EDH* BR (Rakdos) Minotaur



A prototype of a Minotaur tribal I've been working on. I need help to tweak it to be better.I use combat Celebrant as the only non tribal card to start a second combat phase.

Check the lists here for cards I'm already thinking about: (Coding is buggy and not adding the Didgeridoo into the changes and additions for some reason.)

Added Cover of Darkness to get fear on my Minotaurs.

Added Didgeridoo to get my minotaurs out quickly.

Flurry of Horns (Get 2 minotaurs out and have some presence)

Cut / Ribbons (Great card with Neheb, the Eternal or Black Market to spend excess mana and finish off multiple opponents.)

Anaba Bodyguard (Get a First Strike Minotaur out early and help keep some presence and block early attacks.)

Hurloon Shaman (Get out early and cause setbacks to everyone by removing a land from the field if it dies.)

Cruel Reality (Great card to curse someone who has a big lead over everyone.)

Black Sun's Zenith (To board wipe/remove those pesky creatures with indestructible or massive field. Work great with Black Market.)

Talruum Piper (Another minotaur. Expensive, but forcing your opponent's fliers to block him and not other creatures can be situationaly helpful.)

Minotaur Aggressor (An expensive minotaur, but as a 6/2 haste and first strike, it has the ability to block or destroy a good amount of creatures it battles with.)

Dictate of Erebos (Suggested by TheNocholas. A card I think would benefit the multiple attacks that my creatures will be doing, also makes opponents second guess what they want to block and can afford to sacrifice.)

Something else that you think is a good idea that's not here? Leave a comment below!


  • 8/14/18 I currently have a paper version of this deck, and been testing it out using some cards like Cut / Ribbons and Minotaur Aggressor . So far, it's a nice deck, but I'm always looking to improve on it. Thanks for the suggestions so far, I do appreciate them! Looking at Breath of Fury and Nemesis Mask , it does seem like a good combo, but I do not think I have enough creatures that I can afford to sack since I feel I'm already having a target on my back with all of the other cards that can cause double/greats amount of damage, and then be able to stay alive after that. Then again, I haven't played this yet, so I can't say if this deck will be much of a target to some.

Cards that were added into the deck:

Cut , Hurloon Shaman , Minotaur Aggressor

Cards added to Maybeboard: Lightning Greaves , Sign in Blood , Living Death , Urza's Incubator , Phyrexian Arena , Firestorm , Rakdos Charm , Gratuitous Violence , Anthem of Rakdos , Furnace of Rath , Mana Flare , Pain Magnification , Shared Animosity


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