my take on a windgrace deck i own 100% of the cards like most of my decks. if you like what you see or have a suggestion feel free to comment and upvote. thanks!

use lands to win lol. really though to take advantage of creatures like Omnath, Locus of Rage and Wayward Swordtooth and Crucible of Worlds to make playing lands and sacing them generate a more threatening board state. also, use cards like Death Cloud and Keldon Firebombers as a form of control.
in this deck we have the The Gitrog Monster and Dakmor Salvage combo, just not running a legendary eldrazi at the moment to it an infinite loop. we also have It That Betrays and Keldon Firebombers to make you sac all but three of your lands and i get those lands. also, a more tricky one to pull off is Cryptolith Rite with Perilous Forays with anything that generates a creature for a land etb trigger Nesting Dragon would be best. this way i can pull all my basic lands from my deck, having anger in the bin also helps with this combo.
ive only got to play test this deck once so im not really sure, but if i had to guess i would say 3 lands (a fetch lands would be nice) Crucible of Worlds and Sylvan Library with Wayward Swordtooth and some form of ramp like Cultivate . this would offer probably the most effective draw engine with Lord Windgrace .
heavy control decks or having at least two control decks, this deck is supper resilient so having control players is always a good way to manage this deck. heavy graveyard hate will stop this deck hard removing my lands from the bin will completely stop and form of this going off.


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taking out fortitude and adding in Sylvan Safekeeper . played a game and could have won if i had sylvan safekeeper



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