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Nightmare Cube: 05/07/17: 30%

By DoctorMckay

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DoctorMckay's Homebrewed Nightmare Cube

What do you fear the most, having to play unplayable cards or returning to the old set of rules? GUESS WHAT, this cube has both.

Even your local judge will be afraid of playing this, TRUST ME.

Brewing rules I'm following

3 Colour/Mono oriented.

  • 50 white cards
  • 50 blue cards
  • 50 black cards
  • 50 red cards
  • 50 green cards
  • 50 multicolored cards, with 2 of each Shard (the boss creatures) and 4 of each Guild combination.
  • 30 nonbasic lands
  • 30 colorless artifacts

No useless spells.

At least 5 legend/legendary cards per colour.

Best to three Round-robin drafts.

This can, and most probably will, change.

House rules

  1. Before the draft begins three coins are flipped.

    1.1 If the first one lands on "Heads" 5th edition rules will be applied to the draft's matches.

    1.2 If the first one lands on "Tails" 6th edition rules will be applied to the draft's matches.

    1.3 If the second one lands on "Heads" play as if R&D's Secret Lair is in play, no Oracle text's are valid.

    1.4 If the second one lands on "Tails" each cards text & effect is replaced by it's Oracle version.

    1.5 If the third one lands on "Heads" the old legendary rule will be applied.

    1.6 If it lands on "Tails" the new legendary rule will be applied.

  2. Must mainboard all nonbasic in the color combination you are in even if they hit it only once.

    2.1 Non-colored lands are treated as if they would have all the colours.

    2.2 Must mainboard all banding lands you get.

Point Based System

  1. A victory in a Round Robin style tournament is a +1 for your score while a lose is a -1.

    1.2 +1 and -1 points add up to create your overall score.

    1.3 Only the -1 rulings can be repeated more than once by more than one player in each game.

  2. +1 Starting a stack/batch that ends with more than 6 steps.

  3. +1 Placing the last spell on a stack/batch that has more than 6 steps.

  4. +1 Make the judge doubt about a ruling.


  • LRR's Strictly Worse Cube added to the mix, some cards will be taken from there

  • Point based system still needs reviewing.

As always...

any good suggestions will be added to the maybeboard and probably to the cube.

If you think of any other house rule that could be fun, leave it in the comment section below.

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Pack size 15
Cards 295
Date added 3 years
Last updated 1 year