Last Breath


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Common
Shadowmoor Common
Mercadian Masques Uncommon

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Last Breath


Remove target creature with power 2 or less from the game. Its controller gains 4 life.

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Last Breath Discussion

Draglord_Sim on Creatures? Never heard of them

1 month ago

To answer the Path to Exile v Last Breath, if life gain is what you want to give them, why not Swords to Plowshares?

Doonl on Creatures? Never heard of them

2 months ago

Piebye726, I looked at the advice you gave, and agreed with it for the most part, but I ended up putting in mostly different cards. For bounce cards, I put in Azorius Charm since it will give me a few more options, and is only 1 more mana. Similarly, for Last Breath I left it in over Path to Exile since I would perfere opponents getting life over mana, as by the time I am taking away life from them with this deck, I have won the game. Also, for larger creatures, I have board wipes that can get rid of those. Thanks for the advice, even if I did not listen to all of it.

Piebye726 on Creatures? Never heard of them

2 months ago

You're running control right? Let's buckle in the things that we need to nail down.


Since you're running control, I think that you should run more counterspells like Spell Snare or Mana Leak. (don't use Cancel. Cancel is bad) The best counterspells that you could put in this deck though is Cryptic Command, Force of Will, Remand, Mana Leak, and Spell Snare.

Supporting Cards

Because of the fact that you have no creatures, you have to keep in mind that you will lose to aggro decks, no matter how bad they are with this setup. To counter this, I would recommend using bounce cards in order to delay your opponent for the late game power spike. I think that Void Snare is a good one drop to buy you some team for a cheap price. Cards like Drag Under are great for the card draw, however, the cmc is not laughable at all. I think that the best way to remedy this is to use void snare, and another bounce called Unsummon. Keep in mind though that void snare is a sorcery, so you can't rely on it to counter a turn one Goblin Guide. I see that you also have removal, but I strongly encourage you to replace Last Breath with Path to Exile beacuse of the one mana removal. Path pushes control to a whole new level because of the tempo you usually gain from playing this card.


I see that your wincons are planeswalkers, which is great, but not preferred imo. I think that a good wincon would be Luminarch Ascension because oh my god this card is great.(if you can pull it off) Another great wincon happens to be a land: Celestial Colonnade. It's great. Believe me. Also on a side note: put elspeth out of your sb and put her on your main board.


Your mana costs aren't really that demanding with the exception of Supreme Verdict, but other than that, to be on the safe side, I would put in a few shock, pain, and fetchlands to ease the burden of mana.

Thats really it. Good deck! +1

P.S. warden of the first tree is a creature. get it right kiddo

HarbingerJK on U/W/R Control

4 months ago

I believe that match was standard at the time, but no reason why you can't make it modern. A few things to tweak: Mana Leak, Remand and Spell Snare are going to be some of the better options for counter spells than Syncopate or Dissolve.

Card draw you want to go with Serum Visions or Think Twice rather than Divination. Sphinx's Revelation isn't bad as a one-of or two-of.

Path to Exile is strictly better than Last Breath. You'll also want some boardwipes for the aggro and midrange decks, so Supreme Verdict or Wrath of God are best. But since you're running red Anger of the Gods or Slagstorm are solid too.

Lastly, your mana base is very slow. You don't want that many lands to come in tapped since you want mana open to play answers to threats. I'd say ditch the temples for some shock lands.

Not sure if you're looking to make this competitive or casual but I think you have a good start. Here's a link to my U/W deck if you want to check it out for ideas.

Also +1

Pieguy396 on Budgeted Ivan Floch Azorius Control, no Sideboard

5 months ago

If you're playing this in Modern, there are a ton of better options that what was available in Standard in 2015. Serum Visions can replace Divination, Flooded Strand for Azorius Guildgate and Temple of Epiphany, Path to Exile or Oust for Last Breath, Mana Leak or Remand for Dissolve, Wrath of God for Planar Cleansing, etc. etc. and so on.

The7thBobba on

6 months ago

Wicked! I've been wanting to do a deck with remedy myself for the longest time! You've nailed all the auto-includes, I think:) so I only have some plausible suggestions: Last Breath, Avenger en-Dal turns every card in your hand into a better condemn, Curse of the Forsaken if you target yourself :p Illumination? Swords to Plowshares although, it'll ruin the budget. Alabaster Potion = white fireball ;) Hope Charm for versatility. Laquatus's Champions hillarious! Misfortune's Gain for more removal? Reward the Faithful is fun. Soldevi Steam Beast for the lulz. Soothing Balm for the hurtz! Tonic Peddler turns every card in hand into a lava spike.

WolverineSR_71 on VAMPIREShaveALLIES

8 months ago

Really cool deck! I would add some kill cards in like Last Breath or Kill Shot.

TheVectornaut on White Angels

11 months ago

I like the lifegain plan that's worked in here, but I feel like it needs another way to capitalize on it. Sure you could just run Felidar Sovereign, but the card I was thinking of is actually Angelic Accord. It certainly isn't necessary to go this route, but since it was what jumped out at me, it's what I'll be basing my suggestions on. There are plenty of ways to gain life so the challenge is to find which ways are the most efficient while also providing other utility. The best strategy is to forego most of the big angels in exchange for cheap threats that work towards producing more tokens so you're never left without a board presence. This means that the slower cards of Guardian of the Gateless, Angel of the Dire Hour, Entreat the Angels, and Defy Death can probably go. If you really want some big hitters to finish the game, I'd try a few copies of Avacyn, Angel of Hope or Iona, Shield of Emeria. I'd also cut Angel's Mercy since it offers no additional benefit beyond the life.

So let's look at some heals. While I normally wouldn't recommend Scroll of Avacyn or Staff of the Sun Magus, I think they can actually work here since they both work towards that magic number of 4 life. Gaining 5 works by itself while gaining 1 lets a Cathedral Sanctifier finish the job. Some other creatures that do similar things are Arashin Cleric and Lone Missionary. You've probably already gleaned that these effects work very well with Emancipation Angel, but they can also be used with flicker effects like Cloudshift, Restoration Angel, and Eerie Interlude. Some other single heals that I've seen used are Children of Korlis and Swords to Plowshares targeting your own creatures. Another way to gain life is with repeatable effects like Soulmender, Ajani's Mantra/Nyx-Fleece Ram, and Wall of Essence. A less popular card that I think could actually work here is Trading Post. It may even justify running artifact lifegain like Bubbling Cauldron and Chalice of Life  Flip. Elixir of Immortality is another solid option there. The last obvious way to gain life is by using lifelinkers. In addition to Fiendslayer Paladin, Lone Rider  Flip, Alabaster Mage, and Serra Ascendant stand out. These cards will get the most value out of equipment like Godsend and enchantments like Sunbond. You don't necessarily want to run a little of everything from above. Sometimes it's best to choose a path and stick with it for the best chance at synergy.

The last thing I'd do is swap around some of the removal pieces to either provide more healing or provide more speed. I like that Exile can gain life, but the limitations make it seem more like a sideboard card to me. Last Breath and Solemn Offering fall in the same boat. One card that is probably good enough is Faith's Fetters as another Pacifism. For the early threats, Path to Exile has always been the white staple. Given the changes, I think board clears like Wrath of God are weaker, but it doesn't hurt to have 1 hanging around just in case. Armageddon, on the other hand, seems too limited since you can only afford to play it if you're already far ahead and if you're certain your opponent can't catch back up and wipe your board.

Anyway, I hope I didn't leave out anything that was here the first time I tried to write this. If you have any comments, just message me whenever.

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