R&D's Secret Lair

R&D's Secret Lair

Legendary Land

Play cards as written. Ignore all errata.

Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool.

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R&D's Secret Lair Discussion

TypicalTimmy on New Format? (Oakland Highlander)

4 months ago

In case anyone is wondering, there are currently 55 legendary lands in MTG. Following traditional rules and ban lists, we would have access to 54 as Tolarian Academy is banned.

Additionally, the 11 flip-lands would not be viable options as they start off as enchantments that must flip. This brings our total available number of lands down to 43.

From here, 2 more are unavailable to Commander as a whole. One is an unset and the other is a test card from Mystery Boosters. This brings us down to 41. Those cards are R&D's Secret Lair and Rift.

There are then three lands which produce no mana. One being Dark Depths, another being Eye of Ugin, though this would technically work for Eldrazi decks and the third being Paliano, the High City as you aren't drafting and therefore it yields no mana. However, in terms of Eye of Ugin, because the land can not tap for mana and it is a requirement of the format to use mana produced by your land to cast your Commander, this makes it no longer viable.

So while there are 55 Legendary Lands in the game, in reality only 38 are available for use.

ElTacoDude on Fuck Me Daddy

1 year ago

koylucumert, I don't know about the dog on Basilisk Collar . If they reprint it with new art, as just the collar, or a girl wearing it then sure. I do own a Bane Alley Broker , what would you cut for it? I really like R&D's Secret Lair , Ill put it on my to get list.

koylucumert on Fuck Me Daddy

1 year ago

Also if you are going for un cards why not R&D's Secret Lair

Dadada5717 on How to Get People to Buy You Drinks

2 years ago

There's an easier way to do this. Tamiyo, the Moon Sage's emblem+infinite mana+Ashnod's Coupon+R&D's Secret Lair is a bit easier to put together. Not complaining about the deck though, it's a great deck overall.

Cringy_Name on Unset Combos!

2 years ago

You Have Ashnod's Coupon So Why Not Have R&D's Secret Lair.

Skywatch on SALT.dec

2 years ago

You should play R&D's Secret Lair with Ashnod's Coupon to cause opponents to be force to pay for your drink.

Caerwyn on Rebel Rebel, How Could They Know?

2 years ago

Apologies for posting twice in a row. I had noticed this ambiguity after my first post was made.

I want to make a slight correction to what SufferFromEDHD posted. Crib Swap cannot be tutored by your commander. Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero has received a bit of errata. The text properly reads:

(X), Tap: Search your library for a Rebel permanent card with converted mana cost X or less and put that card into play. Then shuffle your library.

So, unless your playgroup allows R&D's Secret Lair, Crib Swap cannot be fetched. I would not cut the card though--it is still unconditional removal that nets you a 1/1 pseudo-rebel--a pretty good deal for three mana.

Neotrup on is there a way to …

3 years ago

So in black border land, no, you cannot stop Scorched Ruins from demanding a sacrifice. If you move to silver border land and toss in R&D's Secret Lair you can use the as printed text, which is a triggered ability you'd be able to stifle, though it's also worth noting in that case you'd be able to respond to the trigger by tapping it for four colorless mana before burying it.

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