Little Girl

Little Girl

Creature — Human Child

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Little Girl Discussion

ABadMagicPlayer100 on Just Chatting - Take 3

3 years ago

I'm working on a Gatherer database API as a hobby programming project. What are all your opinions on un-cards in the database? I have the conundrum of cards like Little Girl messing up my formatting, so I'm curious how often you would search for them so I can determine whether it's important to solve before release one.

Shay789 on Abzan Midrange-y

3 years ago

What u on man. KYS means 'Keep yourself safe' You chill out you Little Girl. See what i did there

FLATSO99 on Little Girls Extreme $101099934 Budget Deck!!!!!

3 years ago


Sorry for the slow response.

There is a cheap replacement for Little Girl just use Birds of Paradise as it only cost 1,000!!!

BLEATH on Little Girls Extreme $101099934 Budget Deck!!!!!

3 years ago

Got the rest of the deck...are you sure there isn't a replacement for a Little Girl? Pretty pricey on that one...

EastsideRock on M21 - Grixis Control

3 years ago

Hi Riculf, happy to hear that! Thx for dropping by!

Some people like TITI, some don't. Personally I'm not a fan because I don't want the trigger to affect the casting of my spells. I don't like situations where it's on the board with other of my dudes and I actually don't want it to trigger and bounce my Kalitas (for example)...or even worse let's say I am rumbling with some dudes and opponent casts something at instant speed, now if I want to interact with it, I lose my attack. Other than that, it isn't very resilient and is a pretty horrible top deck in late game.

That said I do recognize a lot of good things as well about it, but in the end I guess it just really comes to this essential question ''do I really need it?'', which the answer is no for me (I took out the sweet Demon of Dark Schemes for this reason as well, while powerful and useful, I simply didn't really need him as much as the rest of my threats which did a better and more consistent job for me). As long as I am surviving the early-game and start grinding opponent in the mid-game, he's not gonna have any ressources left anyway and my hand will still be full of answers, at this point even a Little Girl could finish the job! Sick 40 turn clock bro!!

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