Elite Arcanist


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 (M14) Rare

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Elite Arcanist

Creature — Human Wizard

When Elite Arcanist enters the battlefield, you may exile an instant card from your hand.

{{X, Tap}}: Copy the exiled card. You may cast the copy without paying its mana cost. X is the converted mana cost of the exiled card.

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Elite Arcanist Discussion

Loreshadow on Kaho, Minamo [Witty Joke]

1 week ago

Since Naban, Dean of Iteration is illegal, Kaho is definitely top pick for my own deck ideas. I only have store bought EDH decks so far.

Cerulean Wisps is great for turning your mana into cards 1 for 1 as Elite Arcanist or Kaho, Minamo Historian.

Quicken will let you play at the end of opponent's turn.

Back from the Brink will give creatures Flashback. Pretty useful for EDH I think.

Torrential Gearhulk will Flashback any instant. If you equip a low mana exile bounce card you can Flashback your graveyard instants as if they were in your hand. Double up on counterspells. Any creatures that return spells on ETB to hand also become very potent. Imagine tapping Elite Arcanist for 1 colourless each turn and getting back an instant or sorcery due to Archaeomancer. Crazy.

Quicksilver Amulet for gives creatures Flash. Saves on counterspells.

Fold into AEther if given to your commander will let you cast 1 mana spells just to counter. This will let you drop a creature down instantly as if they had Flash for 5 mana. If you can get Elite Arcanist to equip one then you can Flash creatures in regularly.

Other ETB creatures to take advantage of exile bounce triggers. Turns creatures into a reuseable spellbook.

Loreshadow on Awaken, Rinse and Repeat | Infinite Combo

1 week ago

Just Search Rules on site. Or ask it again. But you should be able to find my questions and answers given. Had Elite Arcanist and spell copying in question title I think.

So basically you exile a card twice. Then you have to pay for both each time in full but can choose if you want to cast either.

Scion_of_Darkness on Awaken, Rinse and Repeat | Infinite Combo

1 week ago

How do you come to the idea that Elite Arcanist can exile 2 instants and play both of them simultaneously? I understand the part about copying his triggered ability of exiling the card(s), but it doesn't appear to be worded to produce that effect. Can you cite precedence?

Loreshadow on The Dumbest Deck You Will Ever See (Primer!!!)

2 weeks ago

I like it! Go big or go home!Why else play Modern over Standard?

Working on something similar in a partial way. Gonna mill a portion of my deck with a single Surgical Extraction in mid game to give me far more reliable draw results of a combo I've been trying to work out in my head.

Pact of Negation

Simian Spirit Guide, Desperate Ritual, Reverberate

Quicksilver Amulet, Cackling Counterpart

Just some of the creatures I will be using for the finisher.

Elite Arcanist, Living Lore, Torrential Gearhulk

Along with sacrificial mana creatures in the early game as alternatives to the instants.

Definitely a work in progress. Keep remaking the deck from scratch as I discover more words.

Loreshadow on Does Cloning by Instant spell ...

2 weeks ago

So if I wanted to protect one of my creatures I could just have my Elite Arcanist cast Cackling Counterpart on a Siren Stormtamer, and pay the man to sac the toke, leaving my original target in once piece?

If I wanted to counter a creature and only have a Negate in my hand I could still use my same Elite Arcanist to copy a Silumgar Sorcerer and have it exploit itself to counter that creature in time?

Sounds like it. Cool. Thanks guys!

cdkime on Does Cloning by Instant spell ...

2 weeks ago

Let's look at the stack for both your examples:

Does a token copy still get made before an original is killed/exiled/returned?

Yes. Here is how the stack would look:

  1. They target your Elite Arcanist with a removal spell (let's say Terminate). The only spell on the stack right now is Terminate.

  2. While Terminate is on the stack, you cast Cackling Counterpart. The stack now looks like this: Terminate first Cackling Counterpart second. Elite Arcanist is still alive.

  3. Because Cackling Counterpart was put on the stack second, it resolves first. Terminate is still on the stack, and thus has not destroyed your creature.

  4. Cackling Counterpart resolves. Your creature is still in play and is duplicated. Now you have Elite Arcanist, a copy of Elite Arcanist, and Terminate is still on the stack.

  5. Terminate resolves. Your Elite Arcanist dies; your token survives.

Second question: Can a token copy be made and then have them activate a mana or self sacrifice ability to then counter the spell?

Yes, provided it would be legal to activate the ability.

  1. See steps 1-4 above.

  2. In response to the Terminate being on the stack. You can now activate a legal ability of your creatures token. However, your token Elite Arcanist will have summoning sickness, so this would not work. If you had a method of giving your creatures haste, this would be legal. However, if you had a card like Brine Shaman, you would be able to activate the ability. This is less useful than it seems--you could have activated your original Brine Shaman's ability and countered the spell, even if the targeted creature was tapped.

  3. The counter would go on the stack second, targeting the Terminate on the stack.

  4. The counter would resolve first; Terminate would be countered.

lastmoonflower on Does Cloning by Instant spell ...

2 weeks ago

It all depends on how "the stack" is ordered. Let's say Elite Arcanist is on the field with Fated Infatuation as its exile. If let's say a Shock were to target the Elite Arcanist you could respond and make a copy of the Elite Arcanist. Then the stack would resolve backwards, with the last effect to trigger triggering first, so you would get a token that's a copy on a creature you control. upon entering the battlefield the token's ETB effect if any would trigger and after that resolves the Shock would kill the original. Now if Elite Arcanist triggers first and Shock is cast in response Elite Arcanist would die before a token can be made. I hope that helps

Loreshadow on Does Cloning by Instant spell ...

2 weeks ago

Can I use it to trigger an ETB counterspell exploit before the original is killed and save the original?

Elite Arcanist + Cackling Counterpart is the goal.

Fated Infatuation as well. All the same questions.

Does a token copy still get made before an original is killed/exiled/returned?

Can a token copy be made and then have them activate a mana or self sacrifice ability to then counter the spell?

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