Spinal Embrace


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Rare
Invasion Rare

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Spinal Embrace


Play Spinal Embrace only during combat.

Untap target creature you don't control and gain control of it. It gains haste until end of turn. At end of turn, sacrifice it. If you do, you gain life equal to its toughness.

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Spinal Embrace Discussion

Gameover209X on Assisted Suicide: Your Right to Die

5 months ago

spinaltap, sorry for being so late to respond.

Spinal Embrace seems like it could be a savage finisher. Specially because the real weakness of this deck is that an opponent can beef up one creature and win. I might have to playtest it as a one of or 2 of.

Lats, thank you!


AlfrescoHotshot on First commander! need advice :)

11 months ago

Okay so this deck list is going 1000 different ways at once which from my perspective is fairly difficult to manage within esper. Basically the three major paths you can go down are the artifact decks such as Sen Triplets and Sharuum the Hegemon, Enchantment decks such as Zur the Enchanter and finally life gain decks based around Oloro, Ageless Ascetic. While other esper decks exist I wouldn't suggest going super obscure with your first EDH deck. Since you've chosen Oloro, Ageless Ascetic as your commander and based on your description of the deck I'm going to assume you are just wanting to go the life gain route but always remember you have the option of going chair tribal. If you do choose to go the life gain route, I would suggest cutting cards that don't necessarily benefit your goals. A prime example of this is Library of Leng you really don't have enough card draw to warrant running 4 no maximum hand size cards, unless you are running carddraw.deck you are typically fine with just a Reliquary Tower and a Thought Vessel. Another example is that you don't need 8 wrath effects, I'd recommend running around 4.Since a few other people preferred I do it this way, here is basically a laundry list of everything I'd recommend taking out. :Acquire Bident of Thassa Chalice of Life  Flip Elixir of Immortality Etherwrought Page Greater Auramancy Righteous Aura Spinal Embrace Sun Droplet Zur's Weirding Syphon Mind Underworld Connections Teferi's Care Web of InertiaLibrary of Leng Venser's Journal Children of Korlis Fleshbag Marauder Royal Assassin Dromar's Charm Repay in Kind Lethal Vapors Season of the Witch. Most of the removal you are running is fine just keep in mind things like Doom Blade have straight upgrades in EDH. Lastly Run Phyrexian Metamorph instead of Cryptoplasm it's a straight upgreade. In terms of looking for strong cards to put into your deck I'd suggest going to http://edhrec.com/ because it compiles all of the EDH decks on tappedout and tells you what most decks typically run. I'd also recommend running a copy of Aura Thief since you have Enchanted Evening.Finally I'll leave you with what I hear just about every time I go to my local shop to play EDH, Rhystic Study wins games.PS. Don't use Damnable Pact on an opponent... you aren't playing Nekusar, the Mindrazer

Siq6Six on Tasigur, the Golden Appropriator

1 year ago

So it was recommended to me that I pitch several "bad" cards, like Counterspell, Spinal Embrace, Psychic Intrusion, Talent of the Telepath & Mind's Dilation. Well, I don't think he sees the same vision I'm seeing for this deck. I went very deep in the "steal your shit" theme :)

I'll pitch Talent, it's whiffing too often. Maybe even Herald of Leshrac. I don't like the idea of them getting back the lands I stole. Counterspell is too good! Hold it to protect my key spells or to stop them from dropping their bombs (that I can't otherwise stop/steal). That and the threat of untapped mana symbol umana symbol u is often enough to stop your opponents from doing anything!

I'm going to be bringing in Memory Plunder & Havengul Lich.

He also suggested I ditch the tutors... To that I say, "Pffft!" If I do ditch them, they'll be replaced by a tutor in my "maybe" list. I could just grab Vampiric Tutor or Demonic Tutor, but I'm not sure I want to spend the money, or get that serious with the deck.

So funny story - last Friday, the Marchesa player was SO afraid of my stealing power he wouldn't recast his commander. Instead he attacked me over & over again to kill me (I wasn't drawing anything to board wipe either.). He lost the game because Mayael built up while he focused on killing me, so he could try to combo off & win. I was holding Desertion lol. I just needed a board wipe.

spinaltap on Assisted Suicide: Your Right to Die

1 year ago

This looks great... What about Early Frost... It could make demise of your enemy even faster... And Spinal Embrace could work very well here... It's not cheap, but later when your opponent manage to save some big monster and attack with it, you can steal it and use it against him...

Squirrel_of_War on He That Betrays

1 year ago

To stick with your theme, Spinal Embrace would fit nicely.

ArchangelAlchemist on Fury of the Necromage

1 year ago

They changed the way Lifeline works, it now works for all players so it helps your opponent too. How often do you get Sage of Hours to go off? Falkenrath Aristocrat seems wasted here I would go for Disciple of Griselbrand or Flesh Carver for good sacrifice outlets. Vela and Filth are conditionally good, I prefer Pyreheart Wolf and Archetype of Imagination. Spinal Embrace and Slave of Bolas are great steal cards for Marchesa as well. Ashling, the Extinguisher can deal with indestructible creatures and Steel Hellkite can get rid of hexproof things. I have two Marchesa decks posted if you want any inspiration.

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