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Welcome to my Commander deck featuring Rhonas the Indomitable ...Amonkhet's green god of brawling.

I was first drawn to making a commander deck out of him by his awesome invocation art and the fantastic keywords, Indestructible and Deathtouch. His mana ability proves useful also as both a mana sink to provide trample and power to our creatures. I have organized them above into what their main use is for the deck so I won't go into details on all cards in this deck as their uses should be quite apparent. I tried to get as many 4+ Power creatures in the deck to keep Rhonas online and ready for combat, hence the lack of common staple cards like Elvish Mystic and Sakura-Tribe Elder .

Surrak, the Hunt Caller 's 'formidable' ability will always trigger when Rhonas is about and brings some useful haste to the deck. Primalcrux also gets huge with a few cards on the field, adding great synergy with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . World Breaker brings out some much needed exile to the deck. Pathbreaker Ibex and Overwhelming Stampede are the main wincons of the deck. Tooth and Nail also helps with this, allowing us to search for Pathbreaker Ibex and either Surrak, the Hunt Caller for the haste or a huge power creature for Ibex to pump off of. Hydra Omnivore does some serious damage when paired with Rhonas and trample. Soul of New Phyrexia provides fantastic Indestructibility to permanents we control (much like Heroic Intervention ). This helps us solidify our board state when a wipe occurs.

The fight mechanic is a great way for us to abuse our Deathtouching God, effectively removing problem creatures of our choice. Pounce , Ancient Animus and Unnatural Aggression allow us to do this at instant speed, making up for the lack of creature removal in green. Momentous Fall can allow us to sac a huge creature when it's removed for value while Hunter's Insight can target after blockers for draw.

Other noteworthy cards in the deck include Sandwurm Convergence , which keeps the fliers at bay. Hall of Gemstone which helps control multicoloured decks. Lurking Predators often finds good value in the deck if it can stick and will get out of hand if left unattended and Genesis Wave is just good fun!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my deck and I hope I have inspired other decks out there. Any suggestions are welcome! If you like this deck, feel free to check out my other commander decks:

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Updates Add

I have made a few alteration to the deck!

Caged Sun - Mainly wanted this for extra mana. Replaced with Vernal Bloom which is 2 CMC cheaper and provides the desired effect.

Garruk's Horde - Replaced this with Ghoultree . May get put back in as this is a good card with great utility but I wanted more cards like Allosaurus Rider that are big and have way to be cheated into play at a low cost. Ghoultree fit this profile exactly.

Tornado Elemental - Never found a time I ever really needed this on the field and wanted it. Replaced it with Witherscale Wurm . Medium CMC creature for large stats. Will easily be able to punch through blockers with Rhonas' ability and remove any counters put on it.

Harmonize - 3 cards for 4 mana is quite underwhelming when my other draw sorceries are netting 5+ consistently due to Rhonas generally always being in play. Replaced with Stonehoof Chieftain .

Emperor Crocodile - Always a bit of a filler card and didn't do much outside of early game Rhonas activation. Replaced with Soul of New Phyrexia . Any other card that can provide all permanents Indestructible is always welcome.

Polukranos, World Eater - Same as the croc above, didn't do much. Replaced with Hydra Omnivore because this with Rhonas pump will hurt everyone!