Wave of Reckoning


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Rare

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Wave of Reckoning


Each creature deals damage to itself equal to its power.

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Wave of Reckoning Discussion

NobleGhost117 on Defenders of the Multiverse

1 month ago

I love the deck! If you find yourself needing removal, you could always run Solar Tide, since you can use it to wipe away all the high-power creatures. Other cards with similar abilities are Dusk, Fell the Mighty, and Wave of Reckoning

i24 on Less Haste, Master Meriadoc

2 months ago

Cool deck, definitely upvoted!

I would consider adding more board wipes, such as Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Wave of Reckoning and Fell the Mighty.

Can you please help (maybe upvote too?) my Doran deck:

Doran's Gonna Get Your Head Kicked In

Commander / EDH i24


NV_1980 on I'm here to tell you power doesn't mean anything

2 months ago

This is an awesome deck; very nice! I'd probably add Assault Formation for some redundancy with Doran. Great thing about this card is that it also allows you to boost toughness of your creatures in a pinch. Also, I'd consider swapping Wrath of God and Damnation for Fell the Mighty and Wave of Reckoning. In many situations, these wipes will just wipe the opponents' creatures while you get to keep yours.

In case you need any more ideas, look over my Doran deck; hope it helps.

PookandPie on Doran and the Treemendous Defoffense

2 months ago

Anguished Unmaking is better than Grim Contest. Unconditional- hits any nonland permanent. Opponent about to combo off with Sanguine Bond or Exquisite Blood? Not an issue, for 3 mana and 3 life, you just exiled one of them with the trigger on the stack, halting the combo in its entirety. Exile, hits more permanents, and it doesn't require you have a creature on board first. It's extremely good, and I don't recommend you go without it.

Aura Shards- you have 30 creatures. Extremely strong, as most artifact/enchantment based decks can't combo out or establish while it's on the board. It would do you a lot better than, say, Angelic Chorus, which is just life gain on casting a creature (you have Ikra and Trostani for this, you don't need more).

Get rid of the Angel's Feather, Demon's Horn, and Wurm's Tooth. They're terrible cards that aren't worth the slots they're taking up, as 1 life per spell of a specific color is slow, mediocre life gain in comparison to even Soul Warden in a 4 person Commander game. You can do better with those slots, like running Swords to Plowshares to actually kill the things that hurt you so you don't have to deal with them again.

Tree of Perdition is better than Kami of Old Stone, who is a vanilla meh creature. You can make it a 0/40 and drop someone to 13 immediately- it's a pretty solid card.

Treefolk Harbinger isn't bad. Low cost, and tutors up things like Sapling of Colfenor, Indomitable Ancients, or even Lignify, if you ran it.

Tower Defense is better than Corrosive Gale in this deck. +5/+5 and reach is great on the defense, but a +5 attack buff for only two mana is huge when you're attacking.

I would get rid of all of your +0/+3 equipment and run global buffs, like Oathsworn Giant or Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite who gives +2 and in the case of the former, vigilance to all of your creatures, not just one.

Wave of Reckoning is a Doran staple. Run it for sure, as it's basically a one sided board wipe with high toughness dudes.

I wouldn't exactly call this competitive, and you have a lot of room for improvement. Hopefully this helps you a little bit toward your goal though.

CaptSillva on Doran's Army

3 months ago

Have you considered any of these Meekstone, Wave of Reckoning, Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, and Warmonger's Chariot.

i24 on

3 months ago

Cool deck, upvoted!

What about Kin-Tree Invocation, Wave of Reckoning and Arachnogenesis?

Check out my Doran EDH, there are many more similar cards in there:

Doran's Gonna Get Your Head Kicked In

Commander / EDH i24


TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

5 months ago

Update focused on UW control

Supreme Verdict

Planar Cleansing


Wave of Reckoning

Some amount of sweepers will be needed to make the archetype playable and these are the ones that i feel gives the best direction

Wall of Omens

Guard Gomazoa

Wall of Essence

Wall of Frost

Fog Bank

To hold the fort until victory


Ghostly Prison

War Tax

I'm not in love with these but they might do something

Brago, King Eternal I think this guy is just good

Detention Sphere maybe

Karmic Justice good but maybe too narrow?


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