Thunering Herd! This deck is good at a few things depending on the Commander you choose to run. Selvala, Explorer Returned is good at card draw, mana ramping, and slow life gain. Opponents may not want to remove her from the battlefield as it helps them draw as well. Using Trostani, Selesnya's Voice as your commander is great for large life gain and creating new token Elephants if you already have one on the battlefield. There are many options for additional life gain and plenty of Elephants to deal large damage before or after you equip stuff to them. Kazandu Tuskcaller is a quick way to on turn three start getting Elephant tokens in play. Level her to six and double your Elephant token creation and with Trostani, Selesnya's Voice as your commander pull in your life gain turn by turn. Play your politics right and you could win with your herd of elephants.

If there are any changes or suggestions you think that would help out this deck feel free to leave a comment. This is my first Commander/EDH deck I made and I think a did a pretty good job.


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